Excerpts from

Practical Spirituality

How to Use Spiritual Power to Create Tangible Results

by James Arthur Ray

Emphasis added in bold letters



Notice how James Ray turns all God's truths into occult lies. It's not surprising that he, like the author of The Secret: 'A New Era for Humankind," has been promoted by both Oprah Winfrey and Larry King.

     "Authentic power is an awareness and level of consciousness that transcends yet includes the physical plane.... You cannot control the waves, but you can learn to surf. ... Truly unlighted sages are masters of their own universe, and they recognize that every time consciousness is raised, the externals of life change accordingly....

     "Whether you study Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or any [vii] other sage, you will find their lives filled with discipline, rites of passage and struggle between their divine and human selves.... From Eastern thought we learn, 'As is the macrocosm so is the microcosm; as is the cosmic mind so is the human mind. In the West, this thought was also expressed by Hermes Trismegistus: 'As above, so below.'

     "Evolution and the escalation of power at greater degrees are the reason every living entity enters the physical plane....

     "For anything new to live, something first must die. Birth and death are partners in the eternal dance....

     "...we have developed a religious belief about Jesus rather than of the Christ. Likewise, there are many beliefs about Siddhartha rather than of the Buddha.

     "...we have come to treat Christ or Buddha as the actual name of the individual, rather than the level of consciousness they obtained. A study of history proves there were many Christs, virgin births, miracles and resurrections years before the followers of Jesus claim they occurred.

     "The true person of power is the individual whose objective is to step into full Christ or Buddha consciousness.... [viii]


"You even have this book for reason: you have it because you are supposed to. There is a purpose for you in reading this page at this time in your life and at this time in history. There are no accidents, and you are most probably already on the path....

     "This book contains twenty-nine principles to realize your infinite self..."[ix]


"There is a movement of power beginning to build in our world. The existing ways of thinking have run their course, and a new breed of spiritual warriors are pursuing and practicing timeless truths.... Our call is to tap that which is timeless and apply it in today's world....

     "The warrior's path of power is a mystical and practical advancement of the individual and collective consciousness.... Welcome to the path of power!


Principle Two: Erase your Personal History

"All great traditions, including the Essences, the Druids, the Brahmins, the Gnostics, indigenous shamans, Christian mystics, and multitude of others, have had death rituals as a cornerstone to advancement. In the words of Jesus, 'Except one must be born anew, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.' (John 3:3). Contrary to popular dogma, this is not a ritual of confessing your sins and accepting someone outside yourself as your savior. You must be your own savior.... God is an energy field (Spirit), and so are you: 'The kingdom of heaven (expansion) is within.' So how is one truly enabled to tap into the spiritual power within their very being? .... disenabling your past is a powerful step."

"Your past is ultimately illusion and exists only in your mind.... In your journey of power, one of the most important activities in which you can be involved is the erasure of your past...."


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