Who is Reading Your E-Mail?

Legalizing Illegal Government Snooping

by Berit Kjos - 2000 AD

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"The [British] measure... would give the government new powers to require Internet service providers to install 'black box' surveillance systems that would sort and send a range of data and e-mail to a monitoring center controlled by the domestic security service, M.I.5.


"Such systems are also being used in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where the technology is known as Carnivore because it is able to extract the 'meat' quickly from vast quantities of e-mail messages and other communications between computers." [1]

"British Authorities May Get Wide Power to Decode E-Mail", New York Times International, 7-19-00

A few years ago, an ordinary Canadian woman received an extraordinary visitor -- a government investigator with a shady mission. He had come to question her about a recent telephone call. Apparently, Canada's Communication Security Establishment (CSE), working covertly with Echelon, the secret surveillance system established by a partnership between the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand,[2] had picked up several trigger words during her conversation with a friend. Two of the words were "shot" and "killed." Never mind the innocuous context -- glib clichés such as "he shot himself in the foot" and "I could have killed him."[3]  The computer system wasn't partial to usage.  In the end, her explanation satisfied the CSE investigator. But what about the words you and I use in our email and telephone conversations?

Growing systems of government surveillance.  To bypass domestic laws protecting the privacy of their own citizens, the Echelon partners have been spying on each other's citizens for years. It's simple. Since U.S. laws supposedly protect our individual privacy, our government cannot officially monitor domestic phone lines. But, like England and its other partners, it can freely spy on the citizens of other nations. Then it simply shares the coveted information with the corresponding government. The others return the favor.

Similar secret surveillance systems have already been established in Western nations as well as in Russia and China. On the British isles, this digital spy, "may soon be required by the British government to be connected to the networks of Internet service providers."  It will be "capable of 'sniffing' traffic between the ISP and citizen's computers, gleaning information upon demand."[4]  

Don't think it couldn't happen in America. Earlier this week, when President Clinton announced his campaign for privacy protection, he never mentioned the FBI's secret spy system, Carnivore. This intrusive surveillance program continues to wiretap the Internet, hidden from public scrutiny by a blanket of deceptive White House promises. 

True, Janet Reno says she will keep an eye on Carnivore. "I'm taking a look at it now to make sure that we balance the rights of all Americans with the technology of today,'' she promised.[5] But don't clap yet. Many of her promises have proven every bit as hollow as those spoken by our president. 

Yet, there is hope. According to an article titled, Big Brother in the black box, (link has become obsolete) "Some ISPs are vowing to resist the FBI's new Carnivore surveillance system, which has the potential to keep tabs on all of the communications on an ISP's network." (Emphasis added) 

Legalizing the "black box".  Most people want to keep the government out of their private communications. Yet, their leaders around the world are determined to move ahead with their agenda for social control. So, to win public consent for unpopular laws, they have perfected two totalitarian strategies: crisis management and propaganda. The two go hand-in-hand. Both need the public media to deceive and persuade.  

The British government argues that vast Internet surveillance is needed to combat "sophisticated modern crime" such as pedophilia, drug smuggling, and terrorism.  "The powers in the bill are necessary and proportionate to the threat posed by 21st century criminals," says Charles Clarke, the Home Office official in charge of the controversial bill. 

The public, bombarded with scary media messages, feels the problem and wants a solution. But while the government's answers may calm the crisis, it also strengthens the arm of the government and creates new and larger threats to freedom. Consider the dangers hidden in the solution to this particular problem. If passed, the measure, titled Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill, would:  

The new law, which is expected to pass, would allow the British government "to tap into and monitor electronic communications for a host of reasons." The New York Times mentions three:

Threatening our freedom. The hidden dangers in this system cannot be fully understood unless we look at the comprehensive meaning of "national security" and "well-being" -- the first and second points listed above.  In today's global context,  well-being points to  "mental health" and "solidarity." Human resources as well as communities around the world will be "assessed" based on their lack of conflict, willingness to conform, and participation in politically correct consensus groups and community service. (See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

In the same vein, UN references to "national security" or "public order" refers to the absence of dissent or conflict. These words and phrases echo through the texts of human rights treaties. (See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules) Their vision is solidarity and their mission is to create utopian community oneness based on shared values defined by globalist leaders. To them, anything less than social solidarity in every community could stir conflict and incite violence. In this context, dissenters become foes; facts or beliefs that clash with its vision of unity become threats to peace; and the uncompromising truths of biblical Christianity become intolerable, even dangerous to public safety.

These "human rights" restrictions are already filtering into American culture with the consent of a nation persuaded that we indeed face a crisis in values. But the government solution doesn't fix the problem; it only uses the problem to manipulate public opinion. For example, any Christian website that promotes biblical standards for right and wrong could be targeted for censorship by Cyber Patrol, the world's most powerful Internet thought police. Owned by The Learning Company, America's "premier developer of educational software," it has formed some powerful "partners" around the world. These include AOL, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, CompuServe, IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Scholastic Network, and others. Its website shows the categories in its CyberNOT Block List, a list of offenses that determines which websites should be screened to protect schools and families that buy their service. These dangers include Violence/Profanity, Nudity, Sexual Acts, Intolerance, Satanic/Cult, Drugs, and Militant/Extremist.

Notice "Intolerance" amidst the more obvious threats. CyberPatrol warns us that "any picture or text that elevates one group over another" would be considered intolerant. Their filters now "protect" children and schools across the country from visiting American Family Association and other Christian websites simply because they present God-given warnings and view Christian truth and lifestyles as superior to pagan alternatives.

An international "Declaration on Principles of Tolerance," prepared by UNESCO and signed by its member nations, defines the new global standard for right and wrong. Notice that all nations would be responsible for fulfilling this international contract through "analysis of root causes and effective countermeasures, as well as research and monitoring...."

Though the U.S. didn't sign this anti-Christian Declaration, our leaders are fueling the transformation. Consider how these UNESCO's decrees would undermine our Bill of Rights:

We are facing a second American revolution. This time, its leaders aim to reverse everything that made America sovereign and free. In their new world order, constitutional rights and Biblical absolutes would be considered obsolete, dangerous and divisive -- even prohibited in many instances. Every human resource would be pressured to conform and monitored for compliance.

Those who expose the strategies behind this re-invention of our government, nation and world will be watched, inconvenienced and eventually silenced. (See The Enemy Of The People and A Terrorist? Me?) It has happened before. When America forgot the lessons of history, it opened the door to the downward slide that brings oppression and tyranny. 

It's time to take a stand. Let's pray for God's mercy, remember the warnings of our founding fathers, and fight the battle of faith for the freedom they won for us because they loved truth and liberty more than their own lives.


For more information, read the first four footnotes below and A National Information Systesm: Executive Order #13011.


[1Sarah Lyall, "British Authorities May Get Wide Power to Decode E-Mail", New York Times International, July 19, 2000.

[2] According to the CSE website, Canada's Communications Security Establishment, which corresponds to the U.S. National Security Agency, works together with the other four Echelon partners: 

"Strictly speaking, CSE is only part of Canada's SIGINT effort. A civilian agency of the Department of National Defence, CSE processes SIGINT, produces analyses, and disseminates reports to Canadian and allied consumer agencies. The actual collection of the SIGINT, however, is conducted by the Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System (SRS), a component of the Canadian Armed Forces that operates under the direction of CSE.

"CSE and the SRS in turn work in close co-operation with the giant American and British SIGINT agencies, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Australia's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), and a number of other SIGINT agencies in a global intelligence alliance known informally as the UKUSA community. CSE maintains permanent liaison officers at NSA HQ at Fort Meade, Maryland (CANSLO/W) and GCHQ in Cheltenham, UK (CANSLO/L)."

[3]This privacy-invasion happened in a small Canadian town.  A concerned Canadian Member of Parliament (who prefers not to reveal his name for obvious reasons) reported the incident to Carl Teichrib, a respected Canadian researcher who relayed the story to Berit. To learn more about human resource management in Canada, read Carl Teichrib's report: A New World Agenda: Canada's Role in Sustainable Development.

[4] From  Big Brother in the black box. For more information, see Technology of FBI's 'Carnivore' still a mystery

[5] From FBI's Carnivore under surveillance.

Lyall, see [1]

[7] Ibid.


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