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Atlantis Rises Again

by Berit Kjos <>

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New August 22

From Sherry Halvorson:  Your article on Atlantis was very interesting.   

What is also interesting is that I see this search for mysticism in the emerging and existing Christian churches today.  There appears to be a constant search for signs and wonders and the desire for man to have God's power so they can chase out devils, instantly cure people and some have even tried to raise the dead.
And there is a constant proclamation of the power of prayer.  God has the power and he uses His power to answer prayer.  People do not increase God's power with their prayers.  But I have even heard that God's power can be increased when more people pray.  Then people thank people for their prayers instead of thanking God for answering them.
How ever did Scripture get so misinterpreted?
Oh if one would only truly look at a new-born baby and see the intricate wonder of God's magnificent creation.  All of God's creation is a wonder to behold.  What more does man need for proof?  Mysticism, self-power, supernatural--is Satan in these? 
Keep up your great work.  America sleeps.

Thank you, Sherry.

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