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From Skyechell: Hello to Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

(PLEASE feel free to use this message and or edit it accordingly for posting on websites as you deem necessary. The point is to get the word out. To go directly to informative links please scroll to the bottom of this e-mail message- Thank you).

This message is to bring awareness. It seems that Child Protective Services (CPS) does "target" Christians with the threat of removing children from Christian homes. "Christians" are labeled as teaching "hatred" to children. They especially seem to frown upon Christian families that homeschool.

Below are some facts, questions, quotes, links etc... to help you understand this disturbing trend. Please note that there ARE children in the U.S. that are being abused and DO need help....however, the current system (CPS) actually puts children at greater risk, destroys innocent families and seems to have an agenda of eventually making all children "wards of the state" to further, perhaps, a New World view.

#1 Child Protective Services (CPS) has VAST power. This power can be weilded against any parent simply by an anonymous phone call to CPS. Anyone that doesn't "like you" and or doesn't agree with your beliefs... can report you and then start a basic inquisition style "witchhunt" similar to what occurred in the middle ages.

#2 "There is a strong anti-Christian sentiment among many CPS workers. Christians are known to believe in corporal punishment, which is tantamount to abuse in 'child-saver' circles. Christians are also seen as rigid and intolerant, unfit to rear children for the New World Order. Homosexual case workers, aware of Christian teachings regarding their lifestyle, are often hostile to parents who display their faith. The New York State Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies (CFCCA) warns that parents who...display an "over involvement in religion" are suspect". (Brenda Scott- "out of Control").

#3 "These are not isolated incidents. Every year, it is estimated that over 1 million people are falsely accused of child abuse or child neglect in this country". (*Brenda Scott-Investigative Reporter- from her book "Out of Control").

#4 Most case workers for CPS are not parents and many are homosexual. They are not interested in helping families (as they claim). They only get funds from the government if the child is removed from the home and placed in foster care...some 12 billion dollars per year.

#5 "Religious" families tend to be targeted...especially if the parents teach their children that homosexuality is wrong. Case workers tend to see that as teaching children to "hate" and then claim the parents are psychologically abusing their children and then can infact remove the children from the home.

#6 If CPS comes knocking at your door, there is a 40% chance they will take your child regardless if you have done anything wrong or not.

#7 It IS a HORRIBLE thing for children to be abused or neglected...and children that are experiencing abuse or neglect DO need help. However, many children who are NOT abused or neglected ARE taken out of the home thus destroying healthy families and traumatizing children unjustly.

#8 MORE abuse, sexual abuse and neglect occurs while in foster care than in the original home. Thus, the system that is supposed to be helping children actually puts children at risk. See :

#9 Hillary Clinton, in her book "It takes a Village" often quotes Dr. C. Henry Kempe...(see website The New American) :

"We must remove the children from the crude influence of families," Soviet Communist Party educators were instructed at a conference in 1918. "We must take them over and, to speak frankly, nationalize them." Dr. C. Henry Kempe, the most influential American advocate of home visitation programs, subscribed wholeheartedly to that concept."  (From Beware the Child Protectors by William Norman Grigg at  <> )

#10 The general public is under the FALSE assumption that children are only removed if there is evidence of abuse or neglec t. 

#11 Social workers are allowed to violate constitutional rights. 

#12 Innocent parents may appear on computer registers and be branded "child abuser" for life. 

#13 In many states if a child is in foster care for 18 months then the child is placed for adoption...meanwhile due to redtape and slowness by CPS case workers it may take longer than that for the innocent family to prove themselves innocent. Unfortunately, MANY families who are proven innocent STILL lose their parental rights even though there is no evidence and the case has been written up as "invalid". 

#14 CPS is empowered to intervene into a home if they feel a child is at "risk". Making "at risk" assessments is arbitrary and unsupervised. A Norman Polansky risk assessment worksheet may be used...for example it is a strike against a parent if there is no television in the home. If a parent makes a comment about the "trash" on television these days then it is a strike against the parent etc... (Brenda Scott, "Out of Control"). Also dolls must be available to boys and trucks must be available to girls or it is a strike against the parent in this "at risk" assessment. 

#15 Sexual education is taught in schools, but, if a child "knows" about sex or repeats similar things as to what they heard at sex ed, then the parents can be brought into questioning and end up losing their parental rights.

#16 Families are known to be a stumbling block to educating children for a global community. Again, government funding is not given to CPS if the case worker tries to "help" the family...but, rather money is only given if the case worker removes the child from the home. 

#17 "Throughout America, an average of 3,000 children a day are stolen from their homes and placed in foster care to fuel a multi-billion dollar money-making machine." See: National Outrage- 

#18 "The Federal government provides tremendous financial incentives to maintain foster care programs. See: 

#19 Abuse is widespread within foster care homes, so why are they taking children from innocent families and placing these children in homes where they will probably be abused or neglected for the very first time? 

#20 "Child protective agencies nationwide are forcibly removing more children from their homes even when the agencies' own investigations establish that the children have not been abused or neglected, according to reports submitted by state agencies to the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN).... Once in foster care, state agencies further reported, children were much more likely to be maltreated than they are in their own homes." See: 

#21 "America's child protection system has immense power.  It operates in secrecy. It enjoys total immunity.Parents and children have few meaningful rights.  Under current law, the system created to protect children has become America's greatest source of family and child abuse". See : 

#22 Many interrogations include strip searches, even when there has been no substantiated evidence of any wrong doing by a parent.  See : 

#23 "According to Hillary Rodham Clinton, "There is no such thing as other people's children." One must respect a certain consistency in the First Lady's moral perspective: After all, as an attorney at Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Mrs. Clinton was a legal adviser to Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, a financial institution whose motto might well have been, "There is no such thing as other people's money." However, by laying custodial claim to all children in the name of the state, Mrs. Clinton is promoting a doctrine that is much more dangerous than financial fraud: parens patriae, the "parenthood of the state." See : 

#24 "Parents will find the numbers reported by their own government alarming," said Cheryl Barnes, Director of CPSWatch, Inc., an organization that monitors child welfare agencies. "The public is under the impression that children are removed from their families only in cases of severe and life-threatening abuse or neglect." See: 

#25 "These folks are fed by a child abuse industry to the tune of well over 12 billion dollars," said Susan Jackson, a family advocate and member of CPS Watch. "Cash harvested by social workers, diagnosticians, attorneys, foster homes and group homes, to name a few..." See : 

#26 "Pennsylvania, Kansas and New Jersey led the states, where nearly half (43%) of the foster care placements in 1998 came from families where child protective services (CPS) workers unsubstantiated allegations of child mistreatment ".(percentage removed even though unsubstantiated for abuse or neglect) See : Two 

#27 ""Our investigators discovered that children are eleven times more likely to be sexually abused in state care than they are in their own homes." See : One 

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From Mariah Diaz:  I finished reading Skyechell's comments on CPS. He is correct in some of his comments and gave out some good sites. I want to give people encouragement about how to fight back.

The most important thing we can do is know our rights. Even though CPS is allowed to violate constitutional rights, they have lost when those cases have gone to the higher courts. There is a website, run by a retired detective who had 20+ years of experience. He is a Christian and is dedicated to helping families fight CPS. His site is where I got my information.

CPS must have a search warrant to enter your home. Sometimes they force their way in, but if they come to your door without a warrant you should refuse them entry. Keep record of their visit either by video or tape recorder according to your state's laws.

When it comes to strip searches or removing your children from your home they can not do that without a written order by a judge. They also can not talk to your children without a parent or attorney present because that is a violation of your children's rights.

Most CPS workers and some police officers do not know the law, are ignorant of the law or think it does not apply to them. They are wrong. They have no obligation to tell your rights either.

The best thing we can do is educate ourselves and exercise our rights. It is also helpful to think about what you would do if they come to your door so you are not caught in the moment and you alteady have a plan of action in place.

At the site I mentioned he has written a book and in the back of the book he has all the state laws pertaining to child abuse. In his home state there is a law that states that if parents don't control their children, they are breaking the law. I don't have the book yet, but I have a feeling that most states have a law similiar to that one.

He also has many other recommendations for how to deal with CPS. I encourage everyone to go to his site and the others recommended by Skyechell so we can educate ourselves and fight back. Knowledge and application of the law is our best defense.

I hope this provides encouragement to your readers.

Thank you, Mariah, for this important link. I haven't read everything on the website your recommend, but I really appreciate the article on this page The following excerpt reminds me of all the horror stories of parents who have been intimidated by angry and aggressive social workers.

Fighting Back: "On February 20, 2001, the Erie County Department of Job and Family Services received an 'anonymous' tip that the children of a home educating family were neglected and their home was 'cluttered.' Two social workers decided to go to the residence to investigate. ....When the mother answered the door, she refused to allow the social workers into the house, even though several techniques were used to try to convince the mother that the social workers were 'required' to enter the residence (something I have been warning you about). At one point, one social worker told the mother that if she refused them entry into the home, she would declare an 'emergency' and forcibly remove the children from the home (this is another claim often used by social workers). The mother still refused entry."

From C. E.: A young woman who is a customer of mine works for a local hospital. She reads the charts with all the observations that the nurse and doctors write into the medical records. They record any little scratch or bruise found on a child.

She shared with me her fears about her 18 month old who on two separate occasions was bruised...once falling down, and the other bruise on the arm she has no idea where it came from. Her fear is such that she is scared of taking the baby to the doctors if any bruises are on her child's body. To add to her fears, is that she was abused as a child and she is aware of the bad PR surrounding adults who were abused as children.

Another friend confided that a doctor asked her grandchild if he is ever spanked. The church they attend has asked all parents not to spank their children while on the church property.

It is very sad that it has come to this. I can feel "them" closing in....where not an inch of privacy will be left and all things will be open to "wicked reasoning."

The very same evil that claims to protect our children are also vaccinating our children with poison.

From Dawn F.:  The social worker mess hit home. Our family has faced the same kind of battle. Did you also know that not only they, but their families as well profit from their federal protection. We have a caseworker that lives less than 2 blocks away from us. When all hell broke lose here, literally, 3 years ago, I recognized her face but couldn't put a name or location to it. My eldest son made the connection for me. She is the mother of a boy who threatened violence and extortion against my son in an incident about video games. In elementary school he had bragged that his Mom grew pot for them to smoke (I heard this from more people than my son). 

This boy was in Day Treatment twice for problems at school.  My son said he never wanted to get into a fight with this boy because he fought "gang style" using anything deadly available to him and the other boys that went to fight along side him.  My son said the talk at school was that this mother's middle daughter did amateur boxing during the evenings at a nearby Cafe with one of the rules being "dress as skimpy as possible when boxing." while in early Sr. High, a close friend's daughter said "Her oldest daughter is nice--if she didn't smoke so much dope." Other neighborhood kids (reliable kids and families) said "the _____kids lockers are always checked first in the school when there's a locker inspection (drugs). Had enough yet? 

This woman has torn apart my family and put my husband in jail with false accusations. But, during the past year I have been watching God bring about the vindication and fulfilling other promises.  He has given me many encouraging Scriptures during this mess. I'm glad I'm on God's side and under His wing, and that my husband also belongs to Him.

Once they decide you've done something wrong, even before a trial, you're put on your state's "Bad Parent List". My husband went to jail (got out after his minimum # of days) and is still on probation, because we ran out of money and ways to get more. We didn't have the last chunk the lawyer wanted in order to take the case to court, and our state law is worded such (as far as my husband understood) that you can be charged with indecent assault for tickling your child--if they don't like it. CYS WON'T back down if they think they have any chance of putting a "kill" or "brownie points" in their "Bad Parent" book. 

I have been in a holding pattern for the past 3 months, probably longer until God is done what He wants, just to be still and watch. It's scary enough dealing with these "Child Catcher's" (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), but it's infuriating to realize they can do as they please in anyone's home, while they protect and allow their own family to do almost anything. So I've been there, dealt with that, and am waiting and watching for the end results. God is not done yet. As Job said, "I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Thank you for sharing your story, Dawn. What a trial you have faced. I am so sorry. But I also rejoice in the victory He is showing you week by week. I'm so glad our God reigns in the midst of all this!

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