Berit Kjos
2Ti 1:7 - 9 "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but one of power, love, and
self-discipline. Therefore, never be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of
me, his prisoner. Instead, by God's power, join me in suffering for the sake of the
gospel. He saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our own
works but according to his own purpose and the grace that was given to us in
Christ Jesus before time began. "
We greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom we are truly
one family.
During the last few months my family have experienced more and more "unexplained"
resistance from all sides; at work, at church and even from friends. We obtained 7 copies
of your book - Brave new Schools, with the help of my uncle Christo Pretorius. These copies
are specifically distributed amongst friends and co-workers in a planned and controlled
manner. We also use E-mail to forward bookmarks to a view Websites, including
Crossroads to everyone the Lord sends our way. We have become actively involved in
a local evangelical church.(Active in the sence that the Lord opened doors for us to
share to FULL gospel of Christ to a searching audience, within a organization so set
in it's ways it doesn't think anything's wrong!) I became involved in a weekly committee who's
responsibility it is to plan for each Sundays services, including comments and research
preparation for the pulpit ministry. When I started attending two months ago it was simply
routine planning, who brings the flowers, who makes the tea? Not much attention was given
to the actual message, and I was shocked to find how little importance it was to them.
Two weeks ago the subject for the Sunday was prophecy. I listened as the minister quoted
some unknown author saying that there were only 8 prophecies in the Old Testament fulfilled
during Christ's first coming. And the odds of that happening is over 4000 years is 1 X 10▓│.
Doesn't matter what he said the odds were because the fact is there are 109 literal prophecies
relating to Christ's person and even more circumstantial prophecies. However I used the opportunity
to comment on this issue by just sharing the above, but also that there are 8 times as much
prophesied in the Bible about Christ's second coming, which meant that the fact that Christ's first
coming was actually fulfilled, is proof that He's coming again 8th fold! (Ref: Clarence Larkin's -
Dispensational Truth They were amazed, all of them including the minister.
Everyone wanted to know more about the subject of fulfilled Bible prophecies. So I prayed
and prepared a presentation based around The Lord's supper (1 Cor.11:26) I made an appointment
to share this with the minister two days later. The Lord promised His Word will never return empty,
and it didn't! That Sunday morning He opened His Word in our ministers hart in a beautiful new way.
The very next day the enemy started striking back in all directions. It was to be expected and we
were not caught off guard, me and my wife CornÚ that is. We have come to know that Eph.6 is now
more true than ever. The seeds that was sown that morning  are view, but they are growing every day.
There are more and more people around us who are asking more and more questions about the
Bible. All kinds of questions. There is a hunger for the truth that has been withheld from them for so
many years. Our minister is a true born again child of Christ, but she grew up in  the same web of
deceit we all did. Here in South Africa most white people grew up in a Church denomination that was
like the National church. The Dutch Reformed Church.(N.G. Church also known as the 3 sisters churches)
Before 1994 when the ANC government took over everyone was in some manner connected to it. We had a primarily white parliament and most of them was part of it. Also a "coincidence" that stated to surface recently
as peaces of the puzzle fell in place, was that most of them belonged to the "Broederbond" another word for "Masonry"!
The same church led the way for South African churches to join first create the S.A. council
of churches and the join the World Council of religion. Ministers study at various Universities. But their
qualification is strictly academically in nature. The primary controlling body is the university of S.A.
or better known as UNISA ( On deeper study of their subjects and the contend
thereof you will find that they have been the primary agent for conditioning the people of S.A. for the
new world order. CornÚ is in the process of qualifying to become a teacher thru UNISA, but last weak
she had to cancel some of her subjects because we simply cannot approve the contend any more. Up
till now it was still possible to work your way around the mountains of growing new age contend. But
it can no longer be done!
One specific subject is "The Bible in Africa" - The study material teaches that the Hebrew faith
originated in Africa, and that the Jews are therefore not the original keepers of the Biblical truths! They
than continue to say that witchcraft and sorcery is part of the African culture and should find it's
rightful place in Christian dogma, as it is actually the true origin of religion. We still have these text
books, but we are using it to show others the true nature of these studies. UNISA is sponsoring OBE
in overdrive, I could recommend you study their site to find more info for your research. The people
who are in control of this organization are people who feature frequently next to names like
Robert Muller during these World Summits witch are held more and more here in S.A.The
frequency at which the new world order is moving things into place are increasing
with a tremendous pace. He is scared! Time is running out, so he's coming out from
all the dark places into the open. Isn't it wonderful to know you're on the winning side,
watching the enemy run around for scraps of glory!
The above is background to the nature of most Churches in S.A. it has been hidden so well for
so many years, growing in front of us without anybody knowing what has been going on. Most
Churchgoing people in S.A. don't know about things like the Rapture (1Cor.15:49-54) or about
the Tribulation in Revelation, etc. The N.G.Church teaches that we are living in the Millennium and that
all are saved through baptism as an infant, thru the grace of God. Thus Salvation thru repentance, and
acceptance of Christ's blood is rarely preached from it's pulpits. This truth about the true nature
of S.A. churches has been well hidden for many decades. Those of us who learned the truth never
knew just how far the conspiracy extended, and were it was going. But know we can see that S.A. was
prepared to fulfill a primary roll in the new world order. Most people here are more than ready to accept
the new world government. We are on the verge of national elections, but nobody seems to have any
resistance for the Communistic party leading our country. The brains for the new United parliament
of Africa is seated in S.A. We are to "lead a united Africa towards a global unity".

    To return to my initial story about the sermon on fulfilled Bible prophecies, all the above is proof of that.
But while doing my research I stumbled across a  whole new area I did not expect.......
Rev.11:9-10 refers to two witnesses who would be seen by all, rising from the dead in Jerusalem.
Have You heard about "NASA's Project Blue Beam"?
The following link is not a Christian site but a good starting point to give an outline of what it's about.
One evening fifteen years ago, me and my father were discussing some of the Bible prophecies of the
end times. He then told me that the Lord gave him a vision ten years earlier about a technology that
would be developed which would enable the Antichrist to project his image from the atmosphere, like
a 3D hologram. The image shall be seen from many countries all over the world, and it will speak to
each in his or her tongue. He was told, when this comes to pass the end is very near!
Two weeks ago on CNN they proclaimed a breakthrough in hologram technology that could do just this!
So I started to search for more info on the CNN website, and eventually stumbled across "Project
Blue Beam"
There are endless site that list info on this topic. Just search for the subject with Google and you will
find more than you expect. But what I came across were some UN sites were they referred to the success
of the project, and the readiness to launch the proclamation for the new world order. Not only that but
they mentioned the unexpected response to "The Passion of the Christ", Mel Gibson's latest movie! It was referred to as a necessity to test the worlds willingness to accept a messianic figure, but also to condition
and change the world's perception from abstract to personal, in expecting Martraya.
As it goes the bookmarks I made of these sites "mysteriously" disappeared from my computer. But it doesn't
matter because I now know what I'm searching for. What did interest me though was the connection to
" The Passion" and it's proclaimed origin.
The same site mentioned "Digital Angel" and it's progress to implement a central control system for mankind.
I investigated this source and found yet another link to a fulfilled Prophecy, namely Rev.13:17 The mark of the
Beast. I don't think this is THE mark, but the technology is definitely in place. Type in "Veri chip" in
Google search and you will find lost of links to this item. It is a personal ID chip as big as grain of rise, implanted
in the right hand or the forehead, but they don't warn the recipient of all the small writing on the contract.
There are endless topics that could overwhelm us with time-consuming waste, while keeping us busy with
endless circles of deceit and conspiracy. It is important to know your enemy, especially knowing his plans of
deceit. He is a master of bending the truth, and this tops them all. Project Blue beam runs parallel with 
countless Alien conspiracies, with one aim - The rapture of 1Cor.15 ! What will they tell the world when
everybody's disappeared, to prevent chaos?
What are we telling those around us that won't be ready for the rapture? What will they remember, and what
will they believe when we are gone! Rev.7:9-14 refers to a multitude who stood before the throne, martyrs who
died during the tribulation. There is hope until Christ returns, the rapture's not the end! It is the beginning
of Daniel's seventh week. We have got a window of opportunity here! We can warn people about the truth
about the rapture, and when it happens they will remember the truth as they see it unfold before them, as
it was written in the Bible 4000 years ago. Right now we are witnessing the time of Laodecea, people will
resist. But I read of many who will die for their belief's later.
We are witnessing to this amazing truth found in the Word of  God, I beleive that the time is here. And it is also
time to take action.
I would love to hear from you soon
Your brother and sister in Christ
Henk & CornÚ Wagener