JOSHUA - Lesson 10: Victory after Failure

Joshua 7-8

Be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16

"I am the Lord your God. You shall therefore consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy; for I am holy." Leviticus 11:44

        Jesus, mighty Conqueror,   only by your grace can I live by your Word and walk by your Spirit. The moment I lose confidence in you, step out of your will and take matters into my own hands, I begin to lose ground. The consequences can be devastating,  for you tolerate neither compromise nor disobedience in our holy presence.
       Thank you,  Holy King,  f or your desire to purge my life of everything that is contrary to your will and purpose, so that I might share your victory each day here on earth -- and your glorious eternity forever.


1. Read Joshua 7:1.  What do the opening words imply? What has taken place so soon after the great victory at Jericho?

Read Deuteronomy 11. Our Lord longs to give His people the very best, yet all too often we fill our hearts and lives with a lesser “good” --  things that distract and hinder us from receiving the greater riches of His kingdom. As you prayerfully read this chapter, find


a. God's loving guidelines to victory


b. The choices we face here on earth



c. The rewards of obedience



d. The consequences of disobedience

3. Read Joshua 7:2-9. What seems to be the attitude of the returning spies toward the coming battle? Whom were they trusting for the victory? (Ask God also to search your own heart for a similar focus. Which circumstances in your own life might you perceive in the same way?)

4. Describe the outcome of the battle. How did the people react to that outcome?



5. How did Joshua respond?


6. Read Joshua 7:10-26. What steps of action led to freedom from the crushing obstacles to victory?



7. What did the people learn about God's sovereignty and standard for holiness?


8. (Personal) What might prevent the full release of God's victorious grace in and through your life? (Do you covet or hide any “accursed” or “banned” thing, take what is His, or act out of presumption and pride?)



9. What additional insights do you find in  Rom. 12:1-3, 9?



10. Read Joshua 8:1-8.  Once again the people prepared for battle against Ai. This time, how did God encourage Joshua? (Pray that the Holy Spirit enable you to hear and receive His encouragement for your own battles.)

11. How did Joshua encourage the people?


12. Read Joshua 8:9-27 and Deuteronomy 7:1-10. Which commands in Deuteronomy were fulfilled in Joshua 8?

13. As you look back over the failure at Ai, the ultimate victory and the collective worship and affirmative ceremony which followed, what
did you learn about...


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