JOSHUA - Lesson 11: More than Conqueror

Joshua 13, 23-24

   “Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased, and you inherit the land. " Exodus 23:30

That which is good may be the most dangerous enemy of God’s best.. Satan’s lies usually consist of half-truths that may sound right and appeal to godly intentions. But they are designed to draw our hearts away from God and His perfect chosen path for each of His beloved ones.  Only minds that are "renewed" through God's Word and led by His Spirit can discern the difference.

    Beloved Shepherd, I trust you to guide me through this day. In myself I have no true discernment and am easily deceived. But when I seek your will, wisdom, grace and strength, “nothing is impossible."  You have possessed the land, and I choose to occupy it with you.

    Thanks be to God who always leads me in triumph in Christ!


1. Read Joshua 9:1-6 and Deuteronomy 7:1-6.  Why  were the neighboring nations -- traditional rivals -- now joining together?


2. Why did the Gibeonites meet with Joshua at Gilgal?

3. How did the Israelites initially respond to these strangers?

4. Why was Joshua reluctant to make a covenant with the visitors?

5. How do God's instructions in Deuteronomy 7:1-6 apply to us today?  (Remember, the Old Testament Levitical laws were fulfilled by Jesus through the cross and resurrection, but God's moral law still stands. See Matthew 5:17-20)

6. Read Joshua 9:7-15.  What did the Gibeonites request? Why was this so important to them?

7. What was the Gibeonites main strategy?


8. How did Israel respond?       Why?


9. What do you learn about deception -- and how to resist it -- in the following verses?

10. Judges 1:27--2:4 and 17:6 show us some of the consequence of compromise with the "enemies in the land." What happened to Israel? What is God's warning to us today?

. Read Joshua 9:16-27.  Having discovered their failure, God's people were forced to look at their alternatives. According to verses 19-20, what choice did they make?


Why was this right? (See Numbers 19:11-12; 30:1-2 and Deuteronomy 23:21-23)

12. Bound by an unfavorable agreement, the people faced another choice.  What were their options?  What “good” resulted from their initial failure?

13. Read Joshua 10:1-15.  In this next battle, who were the antagonists? Why did they attack? Why were God's people involved?

14. What words of encouragement and comfort did God speak to Joshua?

15. How did their Lord win the battle on behalf of Israel?

16. After the battle, God continued to manifest His greatness. What amazing miracle did He perform in the sight of all?
(In Isaiah 38:8, we see a similar event where the earth’s movement relative to the sun was halted by God for another specific period of time. Today’s astronomers have discovered correlating gaps in ancient records which could be explained by these two historical events.)

.  (Personal) What is your response to your Lord and King?


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