JOSHUA - Lesson 8: God's amazing grace!

Joshua 5:10 - 6:5

"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."  Galatians 2:20

Thank you, my Lord,  for having brought me out of Egypt, through the wilderness and across the river.  Like the stones buried in the river bed, my old self has died with you. Now, as a brand new person (1 Cor 5:17), I have risen with you to a heavenly life in our kingdom. Continue to teach and train me to live as a citizen of your Promised Land of peace and victory. I need your strength, wisdom and sufficiency every moment, for you are my very life!  Thank you, most glorious King!


1. Review Joshua 5:10-11, Exodus 12 and Psalm 36:9.  The Passover has a rich depth of significance for Christians as well as Jews in our times. What did this special Old Testament feast commemorate?  Why would it continue to encourage God's people?



2. In light of the sequence of events in the first five books of Joshua, why was it so appropriate to celebrate Passover at this time (after crossing the Jordan, after circumcision....)?


3. Many Christians continue to celebrate God's mighty deliverance with the historical Passover meal each spring. But we have countless other reasons for delighting in God's amazing grace. What might God want you to celebrate with Him today -- or every day?



4. Read Joshua 5:11-12 and Exodus 16:14. How had God provided for His people in the past?



5. What do His temporary provisions during the wilderness journey tell you about His loving provision for you today?


    What can you count on? (What promises do you remember from the first 5 chapters in Joshua?)



6. While God promises to meet our needs, He may not answer all our prayers. What do Romans 8:16-18 and 26-28 show us about God's ways and provisions for us?



7. How might you express your gratefulness for all His seen and unseen gifts of grace?



8. Read Joshua 5:13 - 6:5 and Exodus 2:1-8.  Joshua will face many battles in the years ahead, but the first one lies well within sight. What will be his first challenge? 



9. As Joshua prepares for that battle, whom does he meet?  


10. In what ways does this encounter correspond to Moses' experience in Exodus 2?



11. God always knows and meets the needs of His faithful servants. What does that encounter tell you about Joshua's need and God's sufficiency?



12.  How did Joshua respond?


13. What is God showing you about Himself in through this encounter? (What is your response to Him?)



14. Read Psalm 23.  In what ways do you see the beautiful truths of this Psalm expressed in the lives of God's people as they wait and feast near the doorstep into Jericho.



15. Our Shepherd will do no less for His people today than He did thousands of years ago. How have the truths of Psalm 23 been realized in your life this week?



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