The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 21

Possessing The Land

Joshua 10 - 24


Joshua 21:45 or Deut. 33:27




"The Eternal God is your refuge and dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He drove out the enemy from before you."  Deuteronomy 33:27

 Father, we too long to bring all the "land" totally and continually under your Lordship. Train us to fully abide in You,  follow Your way and conquer each foe to faith  and victory by Your mighty power. Thank You.

I. Read Joshua 10:1-15
A.       1. What is God's message to Joshua in v. 8?

2. (Personal) Are the forces of darkness arrayed against you in some way? A circumstance? A person? An attitude? What is God saying to you in Rom. 8:31-39?

B. What did God do to bring about victory in vs. 10-11?
C. Joshua had the boldness and faith to ask for an incredible disruption in the order of nature. How did our God -- the Creator of the universe -- respond?
Note: In Isaiah 38:8 we see a similar event where the earth's movement relative to sun was halted by God for another specific period of time. Today's astronomers have discovered correlating gaps in ancient records which could be explained by these two historical events.
2. Read Joshua 10:29-43
A.       1. List the instances where you see Joshua's obedience to God. (Remember the command given in Deut. 7:1-6)

2. Why was Joshua victorious? (See v. 42.)

B. (Personal) What are some of the inward and outward battles you face in your life? How are these battles won? (See Deut. 20:3-4 and I John 5:4)
3. Read Joshua 13:1-8, 33
A. What is God's promise in v. 6?
B. (Challenge) Study a map showing Palestine divided among the 11 tribes and see how Joshua obeyed God's command in vs. 6-8. (Most Bibles have a map in the back.)
C.      1. How did God show His special love and care for the tribe of Levi? (Also Josh. 21:1-3)


2. Which is the richer inheritance - God Himself or His blessings? What do you want for yourself? (Ps. 27:4, 8)

4. Read Joshua 21:43-45
A. What had God accomplished for His people?
B. How do you as a believer enter the rest of God? (Heb. 3:19 and 4:9-12)
5. Read Joshua 23 - 24
A. What were God's instructions to Israel in the following verses?  Apply each to yourself.
B. State the consequences of turning from following God and His ways.
C. Describe God's faithful work on their behalf as seen in the following verses:
D. How did the people respond? (See 24:16-24)
6. Read Deut. 33:27-29
A. Look at your Lord and King in these verses. How do you see Him?
B. Because of your covenant-relationship with Him you may apply these words to yourself. What special privileges are yours? (Let's give Him thanks and praise for all that He is to us!)


SUGGESTED HYMN:  Trust and Obey

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