The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 5

God’s Covenant with Abraham

Genesis 15-20


Genesis 18:14a



Like us, Abraham was a man of human strength and weakness.  God didn't ask Him to be powerful and  perform great feats - only to trust, obey and follow Him.  Then as now, God's desire was that His people live by faith - faith in God's love and sufficiency; faith in His great promises.

Father, "hide your Word"  in our hearts.  Make these truths alive and active in us as we look to You.  Thank you.

I.    Read Genesis 15

A. Since God is faithful to meet all out needs, we can discern true needs by what God provides.  Read God's comforting words to Abram in v. I (Do you hear Him speak this to you also?) and state what Abram's need might be.

B.       1.The scope of God's promise is gradually being revealed to Abram.  He still sees only in part, but what is his response to the "light" given to him? (vs. 6a)


2. What does the great basic truth in v. 6 and also in Rom. 4:1-5 mean to you?


C.  God is now preparing Abram to receive and keep some very important infor­mation and to know that He will do all that He has promised.  

1. List each part of the prophecy given in vs. 13-16.


2. See how perfect our Father's timing is!  What two coinciding factors would determine when the Israelites would leave Egypt and enter the Promised Land?  



3. Define "covenant."  


4. How did God seal His covenant with Abram?


II.    Read Genesis 16

A.        1. Describe Sarah’s faith in and understanding of God's promise of an heir.



 2. How did Abram respond to her plan of action, and what were the consequences?



  3. (Personal) As you relate this incidence to your own life, what insight and warning do you gain concerning your relationships and your power to influence others?  



B.       1. God lovingly comes to Hagar in her need.  How do you know that He Himself is with her and speaking to her?



2. (Challenge) Which Person of the Triune God is visibly present with her ­the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit.7 (See John 1:18; Col. 1;15; I John 4:12, 14)



III.    Read Genesis 17:1-14.  Again God’s promise is enlarged and His covenant revealed more fully.

A.     What does Abraham's new name signify? (Read Rev. 2:17 concerning your new name.)  



          B.     Describe the terms of the "everlasting covenant. See also II Cor. 6:16-18)



C.     (Challenge) Read Col 2:9-13 and explain how the covenant of circumcision applies to us who are Abraham's "children of the promise."



IV.    Read Genesis 17:15-27

A. In vs. 17-18, what is Abraham's attitude toward God's promise of a son?


B.     What attribute of God (His character) do you see in His answer to Abraham?


C.     How did Abraham then show his obedience and love for God?



V.    Read Genesis 18:1-19

A.     Write the beautiful affirmation of God's omnipotence in v. 14a.  What does this mean to you, as you consider the “impossible situations" in your life?  How do the words, "at the appointed time" show you God's perfect way?


B.     What does the awesome statement by our God in v. 17 tell you about the relationship He desires to have with us? (See also I. Cor. 1:9)




  VI.    Read Genesis 20.

A.     Here we see a recurring area of weakness in Abraham.  What "mistake” does he make?



B.     (Personal) Try to identify with Sarah in her circumstance.  Is there a weakness in a person you love which might in any way jeopardize your comfort and security?  Can you trust God in that situation as Sarah did? (See I Pet. 2:21-23 and 3:1-6)



C.     Take time now to reflect (meditate) on God's character as seen here.  How do you see His love, His mercy... ?



D.     (Personal) Remember that the same God who was a Shepherd to Abraham and Sarah is your Father and Lord.  Give Him thanks as you write down the peace and comfort you receive from this wonderful fact.



VII.    Read Psalm 123:1-2.  Describe the beautiful attitude pictured here.  Where do you see this in Abraham's life, and where is it missing. (When do you exhibit this attitude?)





  SUGGESTED HYMN: 0 for a Heart to Praise My God

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