The Invisible War: Chapter 20     

 Sasha's Owner        


"Wait! That dog! Where did it come from?" Tor's shout pierced Molly's sleepy mind.

"Stop!" Without waiting for Odin to slow the carriage, Tor jumped out.

With a jolt, Molly sat up. She watched Tor roll on the ground, then lay still -- but not for long. A little white dog, barking wildly, was trying to run toward him but kept falling down. Tor got back on his feet and ran to the little dog, picked it up and held it in his arms.

Odin swore as he yanked the reigns and swung the horse around. Then he changed his mind. Madly whipping the horse, he turned again and sped out toward the main road.

Dad was wide awake too. "Stop," he shouted.

"Don't tell me what to do!" screamed Odin, madly whipping the poor horse.

"In the name of the King, I tell you to stop!"

This time Odin began to slow down.

"Now turn around."

Odin obeyed, but his body shook with rage. Molly moved closer to Dad.

Odin drove the horse back into the yard, threw the reigns over a post, and stormed into the house. Dad ran after him, and the girls followed close behind. They stopped when they reached Tor.

"Who is that dog?" asked Dad. "It seems to know you, Tor."

"It's my dog, Kaya, who's been missing for weeks."

"Could it be the same dog that Tom and Peter tried to return? If it is, you're the person they went looking for you."

"You mean, they came all this way looking for me?" Tor looked surprised.

"Well, I'm not sure that was the only reason..." started Dad.

Tor didn't seem to hear Dad's words. "They got into all this trouble to help me find my dog," he said, as if thinking out loud. "That's awesome!"


He looked at Dad. "I want to help you find those boys -- even if it makes the Baron furious."


He put Kaya back on the ground and spoke to her. "Kaya, where's Tom? Go find Tom."

The little dog perked up her hears, whimpered and looked at Tor.

"Go find, Tom," Tor urged again. Kaya limped a few step toward the house and fell down. "She's hurt," cried Tor."

"How did she get out here, then?" wondered Molly.

"She must have heard me whistle earlier, and she used her last bit of energy to find me."

"Can we ask the King to make her strong again?"

"I don't see why not," said Dad. "Let's ask Him together."

Molly closed her eyes and prayed. "Dear King, we know that nothing is impossible for you. Would you please make Kaya well? And would you let her help us find Tom? Thank you, King."

Sasha lay still for about five seconds, then she began to jump up on Tor trying to lick his face. "Is she well?" asked Molly.

"Wow! I think she is!" said Tor. He watched Kaya race in a big circle around all of them. "Your King amazes me!" He looked at Dad. "Does He always do what you ask? Does He always heal?"

"No," answered Dad. "He always wants us to ask Him. But He knows better than we do what's best in the long run. Sometimes He uses our illnesses to train us to trust Him more."

"Maybe He made Kaya well, so that she could help you all get back safely," said Tor. He whistled again, and the little dog raced back to him and flopped down at his feet. Her tail wagged ecstatically.

"Go find Tom," said Tor, pointing to the house.

Kaya raced up to the front door and stopped. Tor turned the latch, but the door was locked. He knocked. No response. He pounded, and finally Rama came to the door.


She looked angry. "Why are you still here?" she yelled. "I told you that the boys went into town. They're not here!" She tried to slam the door, but Tor put his foot in the doorway.

"You're a dead man," she hissed at him. "Just you wait!"

"I'm more alive than I've ever been," answered Tor. He seemed to be laughing. Then he called to his dog, "Kaya, go find Tom!" The little dog flew past him and raced down a long hallway. Dad pushed the door wide open and all four ran after her.

Half way down the hall Kaya stopped. She started jumping up on the door, whining and barking. "They must be in here," cried Dad, "but the door is locked."

"Tom, are you in there?" shouted Dad. No one answered.

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