The Invisible War: Chapter 22





It was too late to cross the river that evening, so Dad and Tor decided to sleep overnight in the house. With the sofa, blankets and chair cushions, they turned the boys' prison into a bedroom for seven.

"This sure beats sleeping on the wet ground outside," said Peter.

Odin and Rama had disappeared. Even so, Dad asked the King to protect them against any interference from the Baron's forces.

Cozy under a warm blanket, Molly thought about a song the King's people often sang in the morning: "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies..." That's what the King did for us tonight, she thought happily as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, they headed for the river. Tor knew just when the boat would cross. So at noon, the seven of them shared the deck with the crowd of travelers from Lucidia. They even talked with some of the strangers about their wonderful King.

"Isn't it strange that these people have no idea how great He is?" whispered Molly to Star.

"They've only heard lies about Him," explained Star. "The Baron keeps telling them lies. If they heard the truth, many of them would trust the King instead of him."

Tor found his horses waiting for them. Tied to the tree, they neighed happily when they saw him. "They can hardly wait to start up the hill," he said. "Like many of us, they feel far more comfortable near Troth than near Lucidia."

"That's good," said Molly, "since they'll be carrying double loads going back."

On the trip up the back of the mountain, Molly sat in front of Dad in his saddle. Star and Colin rode together. So did Peter and Tom. Tor insisted on walking.


"That's the least I can do for my King," he said. "Look what He's done for me!"

Happy, stiff and hungry they arrived in the Kingdom that evening. Mom and Peter's parents had prepared a feast for them.

"The King wants to see you tomorrow morning," said Mom. "He'll meet with you right after breakfast."

The next morning Star and Tor came to the King's garden for the first time. They, too, heard His exciting message from the Book of Truth. Breakfast with the King was wonderful, but the best part of all was meeting Him in His beautiful throne room again.


"Welcome back, my dear soldiers," said the King.

"Oh, King, thank you for making us your soldiers," said Tom.

"And for showing us how to wear the armor," added Molly.

" that we can stay close to you and never be afraid," continued Tom.
Now that they had seen His great power, they could share in His battles for freedom and truth.


Tomorrow I'll tell Lucy all about Him, thought Molly. "Our King is so wonderful!" she cried. Everyone agreed.


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