The Invisible War: Chapter  

The Mysterious Cabin          

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Hey, I see lights ahead," shouted Colin. "Someone lives up here."

"Is this the cabin we were looking for?" asked Tom.

"No, but that doesn't matter. Maybe they can give us some food." Colin's voice sounded confident.

"And show us the way home," added Peter.

The boys started running again. They jumped over bushes and rocks that they could barely see in the dim shadows of the setting sun. When they came to the cabin they stopped to catch their breath.

Tom looked at Colin. "Why don't you knock on the door?" he suggested. Something about the place made him feel creepy.

"Sure," said Colin. "Wait here."

Tom was happy to wait. He didn't want to get any closer.

About five minutes later, when Colin returned, the sun had disappeared. The moon was up and lit his face enough to show a big smile.

"They want us to come inside," he announced.

"Who are they?" asked Tom.

"Two men and a girl. They're from my country, and they can help us find the way home."

"How?" asked Tom. He wasn't sure he wanted their help. This whole place seemed spooky.

"They are spiritists," answered Colin.

"What are spiritists?" asked Peter.

"Channels, mediums or shamans."

"What do they do?" Peter sounded curious.

"They talk with spirits and do a bunch of rituals."

"What kind of spirits?"

"The spirits of the mountain or the trees. Or some wise spirit person or animal."

"How do they talk to them?"

"They chant special words and meditate until they feel super relaxed. Sometimes they use drums and drugs. When they get into a trance, the spirits come and talk to them."

"What do they talk about?" Peter was fascinated.

"All kinds of things. Spirit beings are very intelligent and know all kinds of things we don't know. Sometimes they even tell us about the future."

"Are they always right?" asked Tom. This spiritism stuff didn't make a lot of sense. And it sure didn't fit what he knew about the King.

"Sometimes. But not always. I think they know more than we do. So we better listen to them!" Colin was heading back to the front door.

"The King once said that if a prophecy doesn't come true, that proves the person is a false prophet," said Tom. He felt pleased that he had remembered something important from the Book of Truth.

"A guy can't always be perfect," shouted Colin.

"But the King can!" shouted Tom back. "When my King says something, He's always right!" He hurried away from the cabin, pulling Peter with him. "We need to talk, Peter. This is serious."

"Okay, okay. What's the matter?"

"I remember something else the King said. This morning, he mentioned people who talk with those strange spirits."

"Yeah. I remember that, too. They talk with spirits and do magic."

"Those are evil spirits. They hate the King."

"They do? You mean they're part of this war?"

"They are! And if they hate the King, they'll probably hate us too. Peter, we've got to get out of here!"

The door to the cabin opened and a man came out. "Hi, boys," he shouted. "Come on in. Do you need something to eat?"

"Tom, I'm really hungry," said Peter. "So what if they're spiritists? They can at least keep us from starving--and maybe even help us get home."

"No. Don't go near them," whispered Tom, grabbing Peter's arm. "I think they want to trick us. They are not on the King's side, remember?"

"Well, I'm not afraid," said Peter. "I'm going in. You can stay out here by yourself."

"Wait, Peter. You can't go in. You're not even wearing the King's armor. Remember what the King said this morning?"

Peter stopped. "No, what?" he said impatiently.

"Since we belong to the King, we're holy and special. He told us not to have anything to do with the evil Baron or his spooky spirits."

Peter hesitated.

"Please don't go in, Peter." Tom was pleading with his friend. "Let's try to put on the armor. The King's Spirit is good and His Spirit is in us. He'll help us remember."

Both stood quietly for a moment. Suddenly Tom burst out, "I think I know what to do! We put on the belt of Truth by remembering what the Book of Truth tells us."

"I know lots of stuff from the Book of Truth. What should we remember right now?"

"I just thought of something. It says, 'You who belong to the King have already won, because the King is far greater than any other power.' He'll keep us safe. The Baron's people will only get us into more trouble."

"Let's get out of here then," whispered Peter. "I think I see a path." He grabbed Tom's hand and the two ran as fast as they could in the moonlight.

"Hey! Wait for me," cried Colin. "I'm coming, too."

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