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Carina's Favorite Books

 I am 11 and a half years old and I love animals (though my hopes of being a vet have faded! ). I have a bunny who is at the time pregnant !!!  She is an orangish color, her name is Pumpkin (Pumpy for short) and is considered part of the family !!  I'm a homeschooler and my hobby is reading as you might have guessed !! My other hobby is going to the library (of course !! ) 


The Mayflower Secret is about a thirteen year old girl named Elizabeth Tilley who hides a secret about Governor's Bradford's wife. 

     The Pilgrims and the other passengers on the Mayflower face storms, hunger and illnesses. When they finally reach Plymouth, Dorothy Bradford is out on the deck alone at night. Elizabeth happens to see her but doesn't want to disturb her. She returns to bed only to find, the next morning, that Mrs. Bradford has disappeared. Should she have tried to save Mrs. Bradford? The question torments her.


By Dave & Neta Jackson (Bethany House/Trailblazer Books, 1998)  

Reviewed by by Carina Rittener,  3-2-02.



The Drummer Boy's Battle. Robbie Robinson and his older brother, Peter, are fighting in the Crimean War (1850s)to earn a living for their family. At first, army life is exciting and even fun. But then the Light Brigade (which Peter served in) is doomed by a misunderstood command, and thousands are killed. Since Robbie's hand is swollen with a bad infection, he is sent to the Barracks Hospital in Scutari, Turkey. He hopes to find Peter, but instead he finds the brave Florence Nightingale!!

       Robbie becomes her right-hand man as she fights against the officers and doctors who don't seem to care about the filth and the bad food at the hospital. Will Robbie and Florence find a way to succeed?


By Dave and Neta Jackson (Bethany House/Trailblazer Books, 1997)

Reviewed by by Carina Rittener, 3-2-02.  See a picture of Florence Nightingale


The Journey of Hannah. One of ten children of the cook at Riceland Plantation, ten-year-old Hannah is sold to a kind Georgian couple to care for their coming baby. The young slave soon feels loved and accepted, but everything changes when the baby dies in childbirth and the heart-broken mother dies soon afterwards. The desperate husband sells Hannah to a cruel master and mistress who own a tavern. They often beat her, and she would have been brought to despair if she hadn't met Miss Rachel, the kind but lonely neighbor.  When Hannah's mistress forces her to commit a sin, Hannah runs away. Pursued by hounds, the frightened slave knows that her life is in danger. Will she escape?  Finally, who is the mystery person she is to meet on her journey? 


 By Wanda Luttrell

 (Colorado Springs: Chariot-Victor Publishing, 1999)


A Father's Promise - Historical Fiction of Young Readers


Hitler's threats seemed distant to eleven-year-old Rudy at first. But when Nazi soldiers enter Warsaw, Poland, and force him and his father out of their apartment, the war becomes very real. When Rudy attempts to sneak into his old apartment, he is nearly caught but learns a valuable lesson. And when his father is sent to a death camp, Rudy must find ways to survive on his own in the nearby forest. He learns to trust in God, who finally fulfills his father's promise.    


By Donna Lynn Hess   (Bob Jones University Press, 1987)

Paula. "Into the home of an interesting but self-centered family in old France comes Paula, a young orphaned cousin, from the little village of Villar.... Though living very simply, tending cows, goats, sheep and rabbits, Paula has been brought up to know and love the Lord Jesus and...she can no more keep this good news all to herself than she can stop breathing or eating. This causes a good many complications, for her cousins' home was one where 'religion' was a forbidden subject." (Copied from

by Eva Lecomte (Vendor: A.b. Publishing, 1997)

What Katy Did.  “Sometimes there isn’t anything to make the best of,” remarked Katy, dolefully.

     “Yes there is, always! Everything in the world has two handles. Didn’t you know that? One is a smooth handle. If you take hold of it, the thing comes up lightly and easily, but if you seize the rough handle, it hurts your hand and the thing is hard to lift.  Some people always manage to get hold of the wrong handle." [A longer excerpt]

By Susan Coolidge  (Burlington, England: Peter Haddock Ltd., 1886)



 By Johanna Spyri

 (New York: Baronet Books, 1995)



The Birds' Christmas Carol

Kate Douglas Wiggin
(Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1886)

The Tinker's Daughter
A story based on the life of Mary Bunyan

"When Mr. Bunyan is arrested for unlawful preaching, young Mary travels the streets of Bedford each day, bringing soup  to the prison. She resolves to prove she is independent and not hindered by her blindness. Only when she realized she needs help does she turn to the Lord, the source of all strength."

By Wendy Lawton
(Chicago: Moody Press, 2002)

Mighty Mustangs


 By Sharon Hambrick

 (Greenville, SC: Bob Jones University Press, 1997)

"Arby's troubles at camp are just beginning. Not only is he separated from his best friend, but he also has to share a wagon with Stuart, the kid who called him 'Four eyes" on the bus.... Then one day Arby catches Stuart breaking camp rules, and life suddenly gets a lot tougher."

Jessica's First Prayer


 By Tesha Stretton

 (Waverly, PA: Lamplighter Publishing, 1997)

These old and rare books, freshly printed, are Berit's favorite. Great for family reading, they will touch your hearts and draw you closer to Jesus. Just go to Lamplighter Publishing and browse their catalog. We hope to start posting reviews soon.


The Little House by Boston Bay. Little Charlotte Tucker is growing up just outside the town of Boston. She would grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother!! What exciting things to do: there's Mama's garden to tend to, schools for the first time, and her new friend Susan. Born just a generation after the United States of America was born, she and her country are young and have a lot to learn!!


by Melissa Wiley (New York: HarperTrophy, 1999)

Reviewed by by Carina Rittener,  3-2-02

The Potato Story. This collection of missionary stories for children (ages 4-11) tells about children and adults in Africa, South America and other parts of the world. Taught to worship pagan gods (or demons), they find peace and freedom from oppression when they learn to trust Jesus. 


(Camp Hill, PA: Christian Publications, 1992)  See note below:

Bare, Beautiful Feet and Other Missionary Stories for Children. These exciting stories tell how God works through missionaries to change lives and bring hope to those who hurt.

(These books are now out-of-print, but the publisher -- Christian Publications -- gave us permission to rewrite and some of the stories. For an example, see No longer slaves. More will be added to this folder: Missionary Stories.)


Twelve Youthful Martyrs


 By Esther E. Enoch

 (Salem, Ohio: Schmul Publishing Co., 1995)


Little Women


 By Louisa May Alcott

 (Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 1997)




Trapped by the Mountain Storm


by Aileen Fisher

(Crockett, KY: Rod and Staff Publishers, 1992



Mrs. Rosey-Posey and the Treasure Hunt


by Robin Jones Gunn

Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, 1991




The Little Girl's Treasury


compiled by Annie Brooks

Conrad, MT: Triangle Press, 1996,


The Little Medicine Carrier

Conrad, MT: Triangle Press, 1990,


Gerrit and his dog - and the Royal Law

Conrad, MT: Triangle Press, 1990,



Shala: the little girl that nobody wanted


by Allegra McBirney

P.O. Box 654, San Carlos, CA: 1988.



Choice Stories for Children


selected by Ernest Lloyd

Wheeler, MI: Angela's Book Shelf: 1988.


        The following books may be fun to read, but they include messages and models that bend God's guidelines and compromise His Word. For example, the constant name-calling and derogatory phrases in the early books could leave mental suggestions and desensitize young readers to sibling spitefulness and malice.

        A key villain in this Focus on the Family series is a Puritan pastor whose self-centered and legalistic ways discredits the faith and courage of the early Puritans. 

        In contrast, Joseph Putnam - a wise and lovable model to the children - views Native Americans as his "family" and praises the magic charms made by Indian friends. It all makes sense in the context created by the author. Some readers might easily be tempted to reject God's guidelines as intolerant and to embrace today's more popular pluralism and multicultural tolerance.


The Rescue by Nancy Rue


Ten-year-old Josiah lives on a Puritan farm in Massachusetts during the beginning of 1690. While Josiah's father and other villagers struggle to keep peace in the divided village, Josiah seeks someone who can explain the confusion. He finds a Quaker widow (an outcast because of her beliefs) who can answer his questions. Unlike his sister, Hope, she sees Josiah as a young man needing a friend, not as "a brainless boy" and introduces him to an Indian boy.  Will others accept this relationship? Will there be peace in the village? And will Hope survive a serious illness? 


Minneapolis: Focus on the Family/Bethany House Publishers, 1995



The Stowaway by Nancy Rue

Minneapolis: Focus on the Family/Bethany House Publishers, 1995















The Guardian by Nancy Rue

Minneapolis: Focus on the Family/Bethany House Publishers, 1995






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