Stolen From My Arms

Stolen from My Arms

By Katherine Sapienza with Zach Taylor

A young mother crosses international boundaries

to get her child back…a true story


Review by Ivanna Hernandez

Index: For the family

The day started like any other day for Katherine Sapienza. Who would have thought that on the day June 10, 1992 her son would be kidnapped by her divorced husband?

After Katie’s son graduates from kindergarten, Alex leaves with his father Massimo to Italy for six weeks - at least that’s what Massimo and Katie agreed on. Once six weeks have gone by Katie excitedly calls Alex only to discover from her ex-husband that he’s staying in Italy and not returning to the U.S., and it was planned the whole time, Katie implores Massimo not to take Alex away from her…but to no avail.

Katie’s world falls apart by the seams. She travels to Italy to legally struggle to have her son returned to her and in vain presents a request for Massimo’s arrest. But the Italian court will not arrest Massimo nor will they permit her custody of her own son.
Desperate, depressed, frantic, and heart-broken Katie turns to alcohol and drugs to keep her going throughout the days and sedatives to sleep at night not knowing of God’s love and saving grace.

After legally trying three years to get her son back, she begins to finally grasp the fact that she can’t get her son back, but there’s still one more plan of action. She’s on the edge of panic and hysteria when she finally remembers a phone number that an attorney gave her some time ago.

She decides to contact a team of covert operatives who specializes in rescuing kidnapped children. There’s only one way to get Alex back, hazardous it was bound to be, dangerous yes, but she’ll do anything to get back her child that was stolen from her arms.
This agonizingly painful, heart-broken mother reaches out for a love that can fill her whole life; will she ever find that love in the midst of confusion, disorder, and chaos?

One of my favorite parts in the whole book is when she comes to know the Savior’s bountiful love!

I would suggest this book for teenagers and adults, since there are some parts in the book that are not for the young readers.

You can get a copy of this book just by clicking on this link:

This is one of those books that is a must have! The way it was written seems like it’s a fiction book, except that it is a true story, written by Katherine Sapienza herself! She really draws you into the story. I felt like I was there, absorbed into the story! As an end result, I’m delighted I have this book read over and over again!

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