Made White as Snow


Letter from our dear friend, Thomas Faunce, missionary, photographer, and Vietnam War Veteran

This Christmas, I wanted to share some thoughts. My heart is filled with excited anticipation, also with sorrow. This New Year could be the one in which our Lord return, or the year that anyone of us who bear His name might finish our race, complete the course.

This is such a time for us to rejoice, to be filled with the wonder of His love, I feel this joy, as though I can hear the trumpets ready to sound their blast, to announce the coming of our King. However, there is the sadness within for the many I know who have heard His great truth, tasted of His goodness, yet still trample aground His grace.

It is hard for me to understand why so many reject the Saving Life Of Christ, why so many turn from such goodness and mercy. Not only do many turn away, their hearts are full of hatred towards the name of Jesus. Pride has blinded their eyes, arrogance their way of life. From the so called White House to many a pulpit, the Lord is mocked and rejected. How long will the nations rage, how long will they plot against the Risen One, before their folly is their end? I believe, as the Word says, many hearts are waxing cold. Men are lovers of self and pleasure, turning away from the only hope to set them free. 

This Christmas Eve, reminds me of what He has come into this world for, His Amazing grace. Our Lord found in this world no place to lay His head, no place to find rest. We are the ones who find rest for our weary souls in Him. Jesus will never be accepted in this dark world, nor all its dark religions. Only those who come to the cross, who humble themselves, come to understand the truth of the Christmas gift will find the true meaning of life. 

Angels appeared out in the field, to the poorest of poor. Shepherds heard their voice, not those sitting in castles. So it is today, only the broken and contrite of heart hear the good tidings of peace and joy. Though this world may sing the songs of Christmas, the truth they bear are far removed from their heart.

I am looking forward to this New Year, it may be the year of His return. Even though He may delay, it is another new year for us who know Him, to proclaim the truth of His goodness and grace. This is Christmas Eve, a special place in the Christian's heart, it is a time for us to look up and rejoice, for our King is near. This is our time to stand in Him, to proclaim too those who have an ear to hear the wondrous truth of the gift He gave.

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour,

which is Christ the Lord." (Luke 2:11 KJV)


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