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Today's growing hostility toward those who follow God

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"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." Tertullian, 1st century AD

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December 2002

Ex-FSIN chief praises Hitler in speech: "A respected Saskatchewan Indian leader said Friday Hitler did the right thing when he 'fried' six million Jews during the Second World War....  David Ahenakew, a senator with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), a former chief of the organization and a former chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), said in an interview Friday the Nazi leader was trying to clean up the world during the war." Preparing for Persecution

November 2002

Secretary of State Powell Takes Poke at Evangelicals: "It appears Secretary of State Colin Powell has launched a campaign to discredit those who would dare criticize the Muslim faith. ... Powell used the occasion [another Ramadan dinner] to denounce those who seek to, as he put it, 'divide and weaken us.' ... 'We must not listen to the siren song of the bigots and extremists who cloak themselves in false spirituality in an attempt to divide and weaken us.' Powell did not offer any specifics as to whom he was criticizing -- but last week the context was not in doubt. When asked about recent comments from evangelicals such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Franklin Graham -- who openly have linked Islam to violence and terrorism -- Powell responded: 'This kind of hatred must be rejected.'" See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values


Holocaust survivors share memories: "...Then Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Within a short time, his mother lost her job and he was sent to an orphanage that cared for many Jewish children whose parents could no longer afford to feed them. Sommer's voice begins to crack as he describes what began on Nov. 9, 1938, in what came to be known as Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass....

      "'The teachers made us go upstairs,' he says.... 'They came with torches, wearing brown uniforms. First they tried the front door. Then they tried the back. They were burning all the synagogues and they knew there was a synagogue in there. My teachers kept saying, `These are only children, these are only children!'''

      As Biblical Christianity becomes increasingly intolerable to the rising global management system around us, we need to be alert and ready to stand against pressures to conform. John 15:20-21 and Preparing for Persecution


Advocating for religious freedom: "The government of Belarus is presently considering introducing a highly restrictive religion law that would drive Belarus back into Soviet era oppression, crippling the numerous small Protestant evangelical and non-traditional groups that have revived, or come into Belarus, since Perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Prayer and advocacy is requested....

     "If adopted as drafted, the new religion law will outlaw unregistered religious activity and only those religious communities that consist of more than 20 Belarusian citizens will be able to gain registration. This will threaten smaller groups and make the founding of new communities impossible. Also, the leader of any religious organisation will have to be a Belarus citizen. This is highly discriminatory and will cause serious difficulties for many religious groups after so many years of Communist oppression.... Denying faith communities the right to train leaders or have foreign staff would make continuing existence impossible." John 16:2

October 2002

Preparing for the Underground Church by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand: "The Underground Church is comparatively unknown. We have it right next-door, but we are not ready to join it and we are not trained for it. ... Even if we do not pass through these tragic circumstances we have a duty to help and to instruct those who do pass through them ...

      "We have to know how to resist brainwashing. Brainwashing exists in the free world, too. ... The methods vary, but brainwashing in my Romanian prison consisted essentially of this: we had to sit seventeen hours on a form which gave no possibility to lean, and you were not allowed to close your eyes. For seventeen hours a day we had to hear, 'Communism is good, Communism is good, Communism is good, etc.; Christianity is dead, Christianity is dead, Christianity is dead, etc.; Give up, give up, etc.' You were bored after one minute of this but you had to hear it the whole seventeen hours for weeks, months, years even, without any interruption. ... It is one of the worst tortures. Much worse than physical torture. But Christ has foreseen all things because with Him there is no time. Future, past, present are one and the same: He knows all things from the beginning. Communists invented brainwashing too late! Christ had already invented the opposite to brainwashing - heartwashing. He has said: 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.'" See Brainwashing in America  and Brainwashing & How to Resist It.

The Bible as 'hate literature'? "A prison sentence for quoting the Bible in Canada? Holy Scriptures treated as 'hate literature'? That could happen if a proposed bill is passed by Parliament, according to opponents who believe it would criminalize public expression against homosexual behavior." Matt 24:9  

Christian Converts Persecuted in Egypt: "Before his disappearance on May 7, Ibrahim had been living with... a Christian couple active in an evangelical Coptic church in Cairo. Since March, the couple and their three daughters have been subjected to repeated harassment by both security police and local Muslim extremists. ...  the family received warning notes and dozens of obscene telephone calls, threatening to kidnap and rape their youngest daughter Sarah, 14. Repeated attempts were made by young Muslim men to convince Sarah she should run away, leave her faith and become a Muslim. Then on April 8, fanatic Muslims in the neighborhood managed to kidnap Sarah for four days. Although her parents located her and forced the captors to return their daughter, a similar attempt was made on July 28." Please pray for Christians who are willing to suffering for the faith rather than betray the God they love. 2 Corinthians 4:7


The Burnham's wonderful witness: "Martin always graciously offered to carry things for the Abu Sayyaf and other hostages. Martin was chained to a tree at night by an Abu Sayyaf guard. Every night for the whole year, Martin would thank the guard who chained him and wished him a good night...." Luke 6:22-23   For background information, see the first two links in Persecution .

August 2002

Fundamentalism Education Project: "The growing influence of fundamentalist religious movements poses a challenge to our mainstream religious communities, civic freedoms, and our safety and well-being. This phenomenon is of concern to mainstream religious leaders and their congregations because fundamentalists create sharp divisions among communities of faith and pull believers into their fold with fear tactics and inaccurate truth claims. Religious clergy and lay people have immense interest in understanding and exposing how fundamentalists distort the inclusive messages within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

          "....fundamentalists often portray themselves as rescuing their tradition's authentic and original 'fundamentals' from the onslaught of secular culture, but this 'ancient theology' they purport to re-claim is often fabricated and non-existent.... [It's all in the Bible - see Psalm 119:11 ]

   "Understanding and countering this phenomenon is important for all of us.... The Texas Faith Network is organizing the Fundamentalism Education Project to provide resources for clergy, lay people, activists and others about religious fundamentalism, and to energize and organize religious leaders to rightfully reclaim the compassionate and tolerant foundations within their respective religious traditions." This fits right into UNESCO's Declaration on the role of religion.

Could it happen here? "Here's some of what's been happening at the University of Chicago: A car drove up to a Jewish student on campus and a passenger screamed: 'Death to Jews. Hitler should have finished you all off when he had the chance.' On a public listserve in the Humanities Department, a pro-Palestinian graduate student joked openly about Auschwitz. A Jewish senior was told by a university-appointed preceptor that he couldn't be 'bothered' reading her B.A. paper because it focused on topics relating to Judaism and Zionism. ... Such is life for Jewish students at a major U.S. university." If this is happening to Jews, it will happen to Christians as well. Both are becoming intolerable to our emotional, reactionary  postmodern culture. See Preparing for Persecution and Romans 1:22-32

Christmas book banned from class: "Last December, Laura brought a book entitled 'The First Christmas' to school in response to a class assignment. The second graders were told to bring a book to class that represented their Christmas traditions. According to McCarthy, Laura was the only student to bring in a religious-based book and was told she could not share her book with the class." Brave children who have faced persecution

July 2002

Why 9-11? "How could we have been so blind? That's the question everyone asks with regard to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.... Back in 1999, well after the first attack on the World Trade Center, after the Oklahoma City bombing and after the downing of TWA Flight 800, the Clinton administration's FBI put out a report on terrorism. It was called Project Megiddo. And it explained... that right-wing Christian terrorists posed the gravest danger to the republic and were most likely to incite violence in the months and years ahead. This was the mindset of the Clinton administration. Right-wing Christians were the perceived threat. They were the enemy. Islamists got short shrift in the FBI report." John 16:2 and Preparing for Persecution

Health care firm guilty of religious harassment: "An Indiana firm, viewed by its founder as God's home health care agency, was found guilty of harassing six employees who did not share the owner's fundamentalist views. A nine-person jury in U.S. District Court awarded about $270,000 in compensatory and punitive damages to six former employees of Preferred Home Health Care and a rejected job applicant.... Witnesses for Preferred testified they never saw any employees demoted or penalized on the basis of their faith.... Employees at Preferred were told it was a Christian company and signed an agreement to abide by its faith-based values.

      "For at least some Christian businesses, the jury's ruling could prove troubling. 'If I hired someone and they weren't Christian, I would do everything I could to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,' said Bruce Richardson, the president of Exodus Promotions, which publishes a Christian business phonebook.... 'Who's to say that I'm not going to be next?'" See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Britain's Jews express outrage over Wales synagogue attack (Scroll down to title): "Vandals broke into the synagogue, destroyed a Torah scroll, drew swastikas on the wall and tried to burn the building down....'There was a big sign saying 'T4,' which we believe is a reference to the Nazi euthanasia program in the concentration camps...." See Preparing for Persecution

Kazakstan Christians persecuted and fined believers rounded up across former Soviet Union: "The seven or eight Protestants were rounded up in May after a female village resident received a Christian magazine through the post from Kiev. They were ordered to swear an oath on a copy of President Saparmurat Niyazov's 'spiritual book' Ruhnama renouncing the Bible and their faith in Jesus.... Human rights workers remain concerned that the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, did not bring the freedom many churches in the region had expected." John 16:2

June 2002

Anti-Religious Campaigns: "The Soviet Union was the first state to have as an ideological objective the elimination of religion. Toward that end, the Communist regime confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated atheism in the schools....

      "After Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union in 1941, Joseph Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church to intensify patriotic support for the war effort. By 1957 about 22,000 Russian Orthodox churches had become active. But in 1959 Nikita Khrushchev initiated his own campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church and forced the closure of about 12,000 churches. By 1985 fewer than 7,000 churches remained active. Members of the church hierarchy were jailed or forced out, their places taken by docile clergy, many of whom had ties with the KGB....

      "Attacks on Judaism were endemic throughout the Soviet period, and the organized practice of Judaism became almost impossible. Protestant denominations and other sects were also persecuted." Preparing for Persecution


Rebels Force Churches To Close in Colombia: "In mid April, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia forced 11 evangelical Protestant churches in Arauquita, a town near Colombia's border with Venezuela, to suspend public worship services. ...some 2000 Christians are affected by the closures. Many of them are presently meeting in private homes for prayer and Bible study." 2 Cor 4:7


Sweden Moves to Criminalize Opposition to Homosexuality: "The Swedish Parliament has moved to within one step of changing the nation’s constitution to ban speech or materials opposing homosexuality and any other alternate lifestyles. If the amendment becomes reality, violators could be subject to prison sentences. ...
       "That means people coming from (the homosexual) lobby group could sit in our churches having on the tape recorder and listen to somebody and say, 'What you're saying now is against our constitution.' She said anyone convicted of violating the constitutional amendment could spend six months to four years in jail."
      "'The Swedish example should be a wake-up call to the rest of the world that the real intent is to criminalize Christianity,' Knight said."
2 Cor 4:7

April 2002

Berlin police: 'We did not advise Jews not to wear Jewish attire': "According to the report, police specifically advised against the wearing of skullcaps and the Star of David. Despite the denial, Army Radio's Igal Avidan insisted his report was accurate and that it was based on remarks made by the Berlin police spokesman, Lars Sunman, who was reported saying that the recommendation was 'a blow to freedom of religion, but the police cannot protect every single Jew.'" Preparing for Persecution 2 Cor 4:7



EU law 'could ban' ... the Old Testament (BBC News, 24 April, 02): "People who distribute stories about fictional children's hero Biggles ['a World War I flying ace'] or the Old Testament could be criminalised under a European anti-racism law.... Lord Scott told peers that a proposed framework directive for the harmonisation of EU member states' laws against racism and xenophobia 'would almost certainly cover Biggles'. 'It would probably cover the distribution of the Old Testament as well,' he said...

      "Lord Scott was speaking during a debate on proposals for a Europe-wide arrest warrant. He said: 'If any member state creates offences on these lines ... and prescribes three years' imprisonment as a possible penalty, we in this country would be expected to extradite the accused under a European arrest warrant.' Categories of offences such as racism or xenophobia needed to be made 'much more specific'. Plans for a Europe-wide arrest warrant were agreed by ministers in the wake of the 11 September US terror attacks for introduction by 2004.....

       "According to Lord Scott, the European Commission's proposals for an offence included 'public dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material containing expressions of racism or xenophobia'. 'So distribution of, for example, literature containing expressions of belief in race, colour, national origins etc as a factor determining aversion to individuals or groups would be a criminal offence,' Lord Scott argued." See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values. But remember, our God still reigns!


Hatefest on the Mall: "When does anti-Semitism become an even darker form of Jew-hatred? If this weekend's demonstrations in downtown Washington D.C., particularly those on Saturday, didn't answer that question, they demonstrated the perilously thin line between dark and darker. It wasn't the endless chants of 'Free Palestine, Free Palestine' or the sea of black, red and green flags. That's fair enough. But it was the other things — the posters of Israeli flags with a swastika substituting for the Star of David, the coterie of members of the New Black Panther Party calling for 'Death to Israel,' the kids with white headbands written in Persian, looking like children bent on suicide." 2 Tim 3:1-14


Oxford poet 'wants US Jews shot': "Tom Paulin... who appears regularly on the panel of the BBC2 arts programme Newsnight Review ... [and is] a lecturer at Hertford College, Oxford, was then quoted as saying: 'They should be shot dead... I think they are Nazis, racists, I feel nothing but hatred for them.' Earlier in the interview, he was quoted as saying: 'I never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all.'" Preparing for Persecution


Judge Orders Ten Commandments Plaque Covered: "The initial ruling came after a two-day trial that included testimony from theological scholars and members of the Freethought Society, which describes itself as a group of atheists, agnostics, humanists and others. ... The plaque was donated to Northampton County in 1955 by the Bethlehem and Easton Area Jewish Communities...."


Florida Lawmakers Dispute Religion Code: "A special legislative session called by Gov. Jeb Bush to pass a sweeping education measure ended in chaos Friday over a provision allowing students to pray and speak about religion in schools. ... 'The opposition spread like wildfire,' said Senate President John McKay, a Republican. 'It was almost spontaneous combustion.' ... The religion provision would give students the right to pray, express their religious believes in homework, distribute religious literature and speak to other students about religion." Isaiah 30:9-11

March 2002

Anti-Jewish attacks prompt heightened security in France: "A gunman opened fire on a kosher butcher's shop in southern France — the fourth anti-Semitic attack over the weekend — drawing pledges for increased security at Jewish sites and appeals for religious tolerance. ...The shooting came amid a rising number of anti-Semitic attacks in France and during the weeklong Jewish holiday of Passover. Also Saturday night, vandals set fire to the front doors of a synagogue in the eastern city of Strasbourg ...The wave of anti-Jewish violence broke out after Israeli-Palestinian fighting escalated in the Middle East...." Preparing for persecution

Rabbi Ordered To Stop Home Prayer: "All we wanted to do is share my Saturday meals with friends," Konikov said. "All we wanted is to be allowed to practice our sacred traditions in a peaceful manner. I hope Orange County will grant us the freedoms of the Constitution. The freedom to worship, freedom to assemble and the freedom of speech. Konikov must comply with the board's decision by May 19 or face fines." See Preparing for Persecution

"Red Cross apologizes - Says excluding patriotic songs from program 'was a mistake': "The national office of the American Red Cross has issued an official apology after the organization excluded a student music group in California from performing for a Sept. 11 volunteer-recognition event last Sunday because it planned to sing songs mentioning 'prayer' and 'God.'.... Red Cross spokesperson Patricia Johnson told her those songs were inappropriate for the event, since 'religious words … will offend some.'" Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

France Passes Controversial Anti-Cult Law: "A Sunday morning church service in Mulhouse, France where thousands gather in the eastern corner of the country to worship, pray and hear from God is a familiar scene repeated weekly across this country and around the world. But here, where the constitution states: 'France shall respect all beliefs'-- evangelical churches like this one, are under suspicion. Such scenes of absolute devotion to God are increasingly viewed as fanatical, irrational. Some even call this church, the largest charismatic church in the country, a cult. ...

      "Now in France, it is very difficult to preach the Gospel," said Peterschmitt, who is pastor of the Full Gospel Mission Church. ...Section I of the anti-cult law makes 'mental manipulation' a crime. Anyone found guilty of causing: 'a state of psychological or physical subjection resulting from serious and repeated pressures or techniques designed to alter judgement faces five years imprisonment,' Picard said. Courts can dissolve religious groups and impose heavy fines....

       "Easterman continued, "if we want to have children's church, Sunday school, that can be seen as influencing minors. If we do work for old people, it's preying on the vulnerable." See Matt 24:9 and Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values and the next item.


Chirac lays out plan for Federation of Europe: "President Chirac [France] called yesterday for a 'federation of nation states' in Europe with its own constitution, president, and a parliament elected from regional districts that cut across national boundaries." See also the first two items in Global Management

February 2002

Have we shamed the face of Jesus? (Voice of the Martyrs): "How many of our brothers and sisters must be beaten, tortured, burned or decapitated, before we realize that Christians and Muslims DO NOT serve the same God? We love the Muslims. Many of our co-workers put aside their own safety to reach them for Christ. We print special literature in their languages; we produce and broadcast special programs into the Middle East. We are willing to give our own lives to win the soul of a single Muslim. But.... we will not prostitute the gospel for a politically correct peace. Should any of us do otherwise?" See Phil 1:20-21 and Preparing for Persecution


President Bush Meets with Chinese President Jiang Zemin: Question: "President Jiang, if I may, with respect, could you explain to Americans who may not understand your reasoning why your government restricts the practice of religious faith, in particular, why your government has imprisoned more than 50 bishops of the Roman Catholic Church? ...

      Jiang Zemin: "I want to explain that since the founding of People's Republic of China, all our constitutions, various versions, have provided for the freedom of religious belief. In China there are many religions which include Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam and a typical Chinese religion, Taoism. And their religious faiths are protected by our Constitution. I don't have religious faith. Yet this does not prevent me from having an interest in religion. I've read the Bible, I've also read the Koran, as well as the Scriptures of Buddhism. I often have meetings with the religious leaders in this country. For instance, when we are about the celebrate the new year or during holiday season, I would have meetings with them and exchange views.

     "Whatever religion people believe in, they have to abide by the law. So some of the law-breakers have been detained because of their violation of law, not because of their religious belief. Although I'm the President of this country, I have no right interfering in the judicial affairs, because of judicial independence."

     Of course, China's laws forbid religions that fail to conform to the government policies. There is no religious freedom. Christians who worship God outside the controlled 'Three-Self" churches become "law-breakers." Certain Biblical teachings are banned; the people must put their hope in Communism, not eternal life with God. But communist leaders prefer to hide their hatred for Biblical truth. So, to save face before a watching world, they hide behind their cruel laws and condone torture to gain written "confessions" from the innocent. With no evidence, they execute their victims for politically correct crimes (such as rape) that were never committed. See Brainwashing and "Education Reform" and read about "confessions."

China scorecard by Jesse Helms: "It has become a custom for the Chinese leaders, just prior to an American president's visit, to take long-overdue actions — and here they go again: the Beijing government released Hong Kong businessman Lai Guangqiang after having jailed him for "smuggling" Bibles into China. This fakery — pretending that Communist China might, at long last, be relenting on its religious persecution — did lead a few critics to hope the Beijing regime was at last getting set to adopt a more permissive approach.

      "Such hopes were of course false — it was merely fantasy land all over again. Indeed, several explosive documents came forth detailing the Chinese government's strategy to crush religion in China. A document dated October 2001 blew the cover of the highest levels of the Chinese government. Another document exposed tactics such as monitoring, infiltration, outright force and coercion of church members by spies planted in the congregations. This issue is close to President Bush's heart but has fallen into a favorite trap of U.S. diplomats — e.g., the sad routine of having a "dialogue" with the Chinese government." See Matt 10:16, Brainwashing in America and Changing China


Chinese Church Member Martyred: "...the Public Security Bureau (PSB) informed family members of sister Zhong Ju Yu last summer that she was beaten to death while imprisoned in Hubei Province. 'The family was given the equivalent of $8,000 and threatened with arrest if any family member shared news of the death with the public.'

      "Zhong Ju Yu was arrested during a round up of South China Church members last May. At that time 63 church members were jailed. Another 500 are now being monitored closely by the PSB. 

      "...another South China Church member—Xuequei Gu—was possibly martyred last fall while imprisoned in Hubei Province. Gu was arrested September 20th 2001 and was last seen being taken away in a prison van on October 10th. Family members haven’t heard from him since that day. South China Church leaders say they have received information that Gu was severely beaten and died from injuries sustained during his torture.  

     "VOM has yet to receive word on the fate of Lai Kwong Keung... a member of evangelical “Church in Hong Kong,” known elsewhere as the “Little Flock,” said to be the fastest growing church in China, with 500,000 members. In May 2001, Mr. Lai was one of a group of three arrested by the Chinese authorities for allegedly “using an evil cult to undermine law enforcement.” It is alleged they were caught smuggling more than 30,000 Bibles into China. If convicted, Li faces a death sentence." John 15:20-21


Suit filed for cross-wearing employee: "The suit contends that Kimberly Draper, who was hired to work at the front desk of the library, was given a dress code policy that read: "No clothing depicting religious, political or potentially offensive decoration is permitted." Manion claims such a policy infringes on employees' constitutional rights. ...It is unbelievable that you can be fired from a job for wearing a cross necklace," said Manion. "That is exactly what happened in this case. The public library system violated the free speech and free exercise of religion rights of our client." Luke 6:22-23

January 2002

'Ganging up on the 'religious right': "One way the bias shows up is when people of faith are portrayed in news reports as sharing similar, conservative values. That’s why a recent Lexus search showed 651 uses of the phrase “religious right” in the last three months of 2001. “Religious left” was used only 10 times. Does that mean there are no religious liberals?

     "When the phrase 'religious right' is used, it’s often given a negative spin. One way that’s done is to lump everybody on the 'religious right' with its most extreme members. ...... In the mainstream media, too often it’s acceptable to make negative comments about Christians that never could be made about any other religious group." See The Mainstream Media and Preparing for Persecution

Demonizing religion: "Democrats will accuse the Republican Party of being out of the mainstream because it is under the control of the "religious right," a force within America that mirrors the bigotry of the Taliban.... As vicious as this seems at first glance, it should come as no surprise. For more than 40 years, the heathen left have successfully executed a systematic, step by step dismantlement of a structure of morals and values carefully put in place to protect the history, heritage and cultural identity of America.

       "Our books, movies, art, television and music are a unified chorus of smut and anti-social messages. We curse in public places; the media make celebrities of serial murderers; our children are taught about condoms in the third grade; the Boy Scouts are under attack to embrace atheists and homosexuals; the family is being legally undermined; churches are pressured to rewrite scriptures to accommodate those who are proud of their transgressions... and bewildered taxpayers are told they have no choice but to pay for liberal propaganda, blasphemous art and pornography on public television.  ...anything having to do with religion, particularly the symbols and ideas of the Christian religion, has been treated like an unhealthy contamination, and systematically exorcised out of what has come to be called the public (as opposed to the private) sector." See Matt 24-9  and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Anarchist website targets Christians: "The American Family Association is likened to Afghanistan's fundamentalist Taliban movement at the website, which describes itself as 'your online anarchist community.' Also listed is the Family Research Council, whose Washington, D.C., address is detailed with the comment: 'We don't advocate that you do anything to their lovely building.' The groups are spotlighted, along with the Christian Coalition and Promise Keepers, on a page offering "practical advice for the free person who wants to stop religious hate groups from running your life.' It invites visitors to 'join us as we kick some dirt into their graves, burying their hideous fascism once and for all.'" Matt 24:9

Redefining 'terrorism' threatens our liberty: "In the Dec. 17 Newsweek, Anna Quindlen draws first blood in her column 'The Terrorists Here at Home.' What 'terrorists' does she refer to? Abortion opponents, whom she characterizes as ultraviolent. Quindlen writes: 'There's no real ideological difference between these people and the people who flew planes into the World Trade Center....'  By blurry implication, she tars the entire pro-life movement as violent ...  She tells us that abortion clinic workers face "a single-minded cadre of men who believe that their religious convictions justify violence, destruction and the murder of those whose choices they abhor.' ...
    "Americans must scrutinize the anti-terror measures this nation legislates. Only individuals committing or planning violent acts should be targeted – never individuals who are nonviolent but hold some kindred views. Guilt by association is tyranny's scythe."
Luke 6:22-23

Christianity Under Siege: The Stones Cry Out: "...It is revealing to think that Democrats could even consider attacking Republicans because of their purported association with the Christian right. For the left and the leadership of the Democratic Party to insinuate that the Christian right is comparable to the Taliban is typical and unconscionable. These folks will never understand that such a policy is a misuse of free speech. In their politics and policies they really do believe that the end justifies the means. How Hegelian, how like all the "isms" that destroyed millions of people in the 20th century.
      "The trouble is that they will not see any evil in what they do. They are, after all, the enlightened. As long as the end result is 'good,' anything goes. The 'enlightened' now include the mainstream press, progressive politicians of both parties but especially Democrats, academe, multinational tycoons like Ted Turner and George Soros, and the coterie of globalists who look upon organized and orthodox Christianity as evil and in the way. ...
      "Conservatives and most Christians are loath to challenge them lest they be painted with the broad brush of newspeak and political correctness. Names like racist, sexist, homophobic or whatever works are used in order to silence Christians. That kind of intimidation has worked before and it is working again in our own time.
       "A little name calling, however, is actually good for Christians. It makes them grow stronger. But persecution never just stops at name calling. That is the way real persecutions begin.
       "Around the world, Christians not only are being subjected to name calling, they also are being denied basic rights. They are being killed or forcibly converted to Islam. In the United States they are one way or another being forced to convert to a brand of secular humanism gleaned from Hegel, Marx, Freud, Marcuse, Gramsci, Dewey, Maslow, Rogers and Darwin and the entire pantheon of secular gods. If they are not converted, they are silenced in a thousand subtle and not so subtle ways. ..."
 See Preparing for Persecution, Luke 6:22-23 and The Mainstream Media

December 2001

Christians a 'hate group': "Much of the manual prepared by President Bill Clinton's attorney general, already used to indoctrinate an untold number of law enforcement agencies in this state, has stirred disquiet in the ranks of the West Virginia Family Foundation.... Under 'hate group ideology' identification, for instance, it is written, 'Homophobia recently has been added to their agenda.' ...The same section identifies some hate-mongers as those who 'blame the federal government, an international Jewish conspiracy or communism for most of this country's problems.'
      "What disturbs McCoy and people like him most is the next sentence: 'Some groups include apocalyptic Christianity in their ideology and believe we are in, or approaching, a period of violence and social turmoil which will precede the Second Coming of Christ.'  Unless Reno and Sheridan can show otherwise, McCoy takes this to mean anyone with a literal interpretation of the Bible, especially in regard to scriptures on prophecy, is part and parcel of a hate group....
      "Under motivation, the manual says hate crime offenders feel led by 'a higher order,' and, in parenthesis as examples, God is grouped with Adolf Hitler and the Imperial Wizard.... McCoy said the lumping of hate crime law opponents with Nazis and Klan groups is advocated by homosexuals in a book, 'The Overhauling of Straight America.'"
      "Another catch phrase which has crept into the vocabulary of hate crime law advocates is 'domestic terrorism.' An 8-hour course, billboarded on the West Virginia State Police Academy, is titled simply 'Domestic Terrorism,' and topics advertised are 'philosophies of hate and anti-government groups,' and threats such people pose."
See Preparing for Persecution and Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

November 2001

The unreal war (Joseph Farah): "The ideology we are fighting, according to Friedman, is not Islamism; instead it is 'religious totalitarianism.... a view of the world that my faith must reign supreme and can be affirmed and held passionately only if all others are negated.' The ideology Friedman calls 'pluralism' is actually a religious view more accurately called 'secular humanism.' It doesn't, as he suggests, 'embrace religious diversity,' but instead attempts to impose its own religious ideology on the world in the name of 'pluralism.' It is every bit as intolerant as bin Ladenism.... 

          "Whether he realizes it or not, what Friedman actually did in his essay is declare war on Christianity – including the very biblical Christianity responsible for the true pluralistic society America established under the authorship of the founders. More specifically, he declared his own humanistic jihad on Jesus Christ Himself. By Friedman's definition, Christ would have to be characterized as a 'religious totalitarian,' because it was Christ who said in John 14:6: 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.'" Matt 24:9 and the first item in Media Bias

October 2001

Birthday In Court: "Our daughters were taken away from us totally against our wishes and without our consent (which is illegal !).  At that moment ALL our parental rights were taken away.  That is not what they tell you.  They tell you that all you need to do is cooperate with them and maybe you will get your kids back.  They smile and tell you its all in the best interest of the child, and they are just there to help… all smiles and cute, cuddly toys.  IT IS A LIE!  The law states they cannot terminate parental rights before one year has passed.  In reality they do it the moment they take your child."

June 2001

An iceberg is out there of religious intolerance : "In certain areas of the Pacific Northwest, churches cannot construct new buildings or even expand their facilities. An Orange County, Fla., ordinance does not allow for a religious gathering of any kind in a residential area. Thus a small prayer meeting cannot be held in a private living room. Recently, a Vermont couple was denied their request for vanity license plates. The reason, their choice of ROMANS5 and ROMANS8 might be offensive to others.... If the seeds of persecution are being sown in the humus of present intolerance, why do so few seem concerned? There are no easy answers, but at least three possibilities exist: Acceptance, Preoccupation and Complacency."   Matt 24:9.   See also The Travesty of Tolerance


Questioning the motives of home-schooling parents: "America's most famous home-schooling parents at the moment are Andrea Yates and JoAnn McGuckin. Yates allegedly drowned her five children in a Houston suburb. McGuckin was arrested and charged with child neglect in Idaho. Her six kids barricaded themselves in the family's hovel when child-care workers came to remove them....

       "Perhaps the time has come to question the motives of some home-schooling parents. Are the parents protecting their children from a cesspool of bad values in the outside world? Or are the parents just people who can't get along with others? Are they 'taking charge' of their children's education. Or are they taking their children captive?

      "Yates and McGuckin are, of course, extreme cases and probably demented. But a movement that insists on parents' rights to do as they wish with their children gives cover for the unstable, for narcissists and for child-abusers."

      As one might expect, the media will use these two tragedies to limit parental rights and speed public approval for more state control.  See Comment and  The Mainstream Media---Forging a New Consciousness (also posted in "control" and "media")

Religious Coalition Warns of Free Speech Threat: "A coalition of Orthodox Jews and Christians warns that freedom of speech and belief is being destroyed in the name of tolerance.' There is an old Stalinist tactic of adopting terminology for political purposes,' said Lapin. 'And tolerance has been turned into the ultimate virtue.'"
John 15:20 See  The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Home prayer breaks county Ordinance  "What's ironic, the same people could meet and watch Monday Night Football and that's ok," said attorney John Stemberger. "...if  this Rabbi and his family can't meet at his house in the privacy of his own home to worship and speak freely then none of our rights are safe and this has much wider implications than this fellowship here."

French Religious Groups Under Attack from Gov’t, Media: "As The Washington Times notes, even some media outlets in France have joined the campaign which seems to be driven by an anti-American paranoia promoted by anti-religious socialists. For example, one popular journal recently called the growing presence of groups such as Baptists, Adventists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, an American “Trojan horse invading France.” Matt 24:9

May 2001

Judges rule against home-schoolers: "The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled in a split decision that the parents of a 2-year-old "streaker" should have complied with a social worker's demands to enter the home and privately interview all their children." In light of today's unjustified removal of children from homes by social workers across the country, this ruling is frightening. Once taken by the state, children are kept in foster homes for months and years while parents have little power to reunite their family. See License to Seize our Children and Psalm 32:7

White House: No-pray zone. "Secret Service boots out students who asked God to bless president."

Report details global religious persecution. Matt 24:9 

April 2001

Poster With Picture of Jesus Lands Kindergartner in Court: A kindergartener "was assigned to draw a poster relating to his class' study of environmental issues. He drew people picking up litter, children holding hands around the globe and a picture of a white-robed man kneeling in one corner." The teacher censored it. "He didn't follow the teacher's instructions despite given two opportunities to do so," said the school's lawyer. "It's unfortunate, but the school has particular curriculum standards it must enforce." Interesting that the new "curriculum standards" bans drawings of Jesus. Luke 6-22-23

The Myth Of Mental Illness. "The disease approach denies the spiritual dimensions of the whole thing. People in the church may be afraid to take a different stand...." While organic dysfunction can effect the mind and behavior (as in the various forms of schizophrenia), it is now also used to justify sin and condemn Christian values which produce genuine guilt. See also The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

March 2001

Eight-year-old should have "checked her religion at the door"

Hostility Toward Religion: Can the Lions Be Far Behind? "In San Francisco, the government officially pronounced the Truth in Love campaign, which shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with homosexuals, [to be] hateful rhetoric." See  Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values  [" will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake." Matt 24:9

School rejected girl's religious valentines: "A school that allowed students to exchange valentines featuring Britney Spears and boy band 'N Sync violated a second-grader's constitutional rights by rejecting her homemade cards celebrating Jesus."

Febuary 2001

Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU. (I'm having difficulty accessing this site today, perhaps because of increased traffic). The author writes, "The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties. (See the rest of this important summary)

Texas seminary ordered to pay damages. Court rules theology school violated state law in issuing degrees

Watch or Go to Jail: Students locked up after refusing to watch Channel One. Link has been fixed.

Founder of French Seminary Speaks Out On Pending Legislation to Outlaw Evangelical Christian Work: "...someone came on our Bible college campus and put a rag down one of the student's gas tanks and lit it on fire. Four cars blew up.  ...some of the students have not been able to get bank accounts. We wanted to build a church on our own property, our Bible college property, and the government refused us..."   [John 15:18-21 explains why.]

Febuary 2001

U.N. Feminist Policies Undermine Traditional Families. To understand the international feminist movement's hatred for Christianity and Biblical values, read chapter 9 in  Twist of Faith.Christian Aid Responds to Horror in the Moluccas

January 2001

French Legislation Threatens Religious Freedom

Some 165,000 Christians Will Die for Their Faith This Year

December 2000

"We see this persecution as natural," the source inside Laos told Baptist Press. "We're not praying that the government will change. We're just praying that they (Christians) would have moments during this persecution when they can have fellowship with other believers, maybe in jail. Pray for God to give them an extra measure of His grace during this time."


Persecution linked to the United Nations (May 2000):  When the United Nations declared Luang Prabang, Laos, a World Heritage City many local people felt proud of the honor. Now the world would celebrate their local history. What's more, they would receive the international as well as local funds needed to restore the old Buddhist temples, cultural relics and spiritual traditions. But since the government views Christianity as a threat to their culture, it is now "forcibly removing Christians from this area using the United Nations as an excuse....


"The authorities approach a village and block the entrances and exits. They then determine who is a Christian in the village. Those they find are forced to recant their faith in Jesus or compelled to leave their villages. They are denied their possessions and livelihood...."   ( The Voice of the Martyrs Magazine, November 1999)

A world blinded by the deceptive promises of globalist leaders has little appreciation for Memorial Day, American sovereignty or the freedom God gave us in America. The United Nations has planned changes that will change all the rights and freedoms we take for granted. Some of the new rules, regulations and "responsibilities" will be announced at the Millennium Summit ( September 6-8). For a preview, you may want to see the preparatory report from the UNA-UK Millennium Hearing.


Remember, the mastermind and official UN reformer behind  Kofi Annan is Maurice Strong. (See the last part of World Heritage Protection" - UNESCO's War Against National Sovereignty) To understand the meaning behind nice-sounding UN terms such as Human Rights, read Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

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