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February 2018

Google Patents Reveal Plan For Total Big Brother Home Surveillance: Newly unearthed patents reveal how Google plans to spy on children and families in the home and then issue verbal instructions on how they can improve their behavior. ...Google imagines how it can “take control of your parenting, your relationship with your children”.


Donald Trump: Charge The Broward County Sheriff & Deputy With Criminal Negligence For Parkland Shooting: The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had been brought to the attention of the Broward County Sheriff's office many times. Reports indicate Broward County deputies had been called to his house 39 times.

    ...evidence has emerged that the Broward County school system may have participated in a criminal conspiracy with the Broward County Sheriff's Department to cover up crimes in order to meet political quotas... The FBI was notified in January by a person close to Cruz that he was a danger to murder people. ...the Broward County school system did not expel Cruz despite his long history of fighting and threats.

October 2016

Criminalization.  The Path to Total Dictatorship: America's Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup: Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law. Say hello to America’s shadow government. A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country.... the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry. See Why "Hate Crime" laws ban Biblical Christianity

September 2016

 Is Charlotte Our Future? Celebrating the racial diversity of the Charlotte protesters last week, William Barber II, chairman of the North Carolina NAACP, proudly proclaimed, “This is what democracy looks like.” Well, if Barber is right, so, too, was John Adams, who warned us that “democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” ... In the first two nights of rioting, the mob injured a dozen cops, beat white people, smashed and looted stores, blocked traffic, shut down interstate highways.... This was mobocracy, a criminal takeover of Charlotte’s downtown... See Ban truth - Reap tyranny

WikiLeaks has released a memo proving that Hillary Clinton sponsored the Arab Spring whilst serving as Secretary of State in order to destabilize the Middle East: Hillary secretly pursued a controversial program that encouraged activists to violently protest for regime change in various countries across the Middle East, according to a memo that Clinton aide Huma Abedin sent to her boss. WikiLeaks has released a memo proving that Hillary Clinton sponsored the Arab order to destabilize the Middle East. See The Power and Perversions of Law

August 2016

Posting a Bible verse – a federal crime? She was court-martialed after refusing to remove a Bible verse she had posted in her work cubicle. Now the former Marine is hopeful the Supreme Court will hear her case. Last week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) upheld the court-martial and dismissal from the service of former Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling who continued to post a Bible verse at her desk...  See Spiritual Warfare    

July 2016

ISIS Kill List Names 15,000 Christian Americans targeted for Death: According to a report recently made public, early this year, ISIS specifically identified 15,000 Christian Americans for death and instructed jihadists already in America to begin widespread murder. See War

Iran Is Ready To Attack Israel: ‘The tension between Israel and Iran appears to be heightening. Hossein Salami, deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), recently said: “Hezbollah has 100,000 missiles that are ready to hit Israel to liberate the occupied Palestinian territories if the Zionist regime repeats its past mistakes." See Signs of the Times

June 2016

Plan B is going into effect to stop Trump because the elite cannot hide Clinton’s criminality from the masses: For 15 months, I have known that the Clinton Foundation had participatory ties to state sponsored terrorism, alliances with known enemies of the United States.... Retired Department of Homeland Security (DHS) security agent, Philip Haney, is reporting that the mosque that Omar Mateen attended several times every week is the exact same mosque protected by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. (Read the rest online. It's important!)

August 2015

John Kerry's staggering admission that US will defend Iran against Israeli strike: "The audacity of Obama that he would dare work a deal in which the United States would be obligated to defend the terror-state of Iran is mind boggling.... The only way to explain how the American people would ever tolerate this nightmare is that God has blinded us as a nation..."

May 2015

In Schools: No Discipline, No Peace: "The program preaches... that standards of good student behavior are a function of 'white privilege'; holding black children to those standards, therefore, is racist. The result chaos and anarchy. Students skip classes, use vulgar language, destroy property and disrupt classes.... ‘You can assault somebody and we’re gonna let you come back here.’” See Why "Hate Crime" laws ban Biblical Christianity

Police Seize 10 Children from 'Off-Grid' Homeschool Family [in America! "The nightmare story began when sheriff’s officers set up a blockade around Joe and Nicole Naugler’s rural property before entering the premises. Eight of the kids were out with their father but Nicole and two of her oldest children were at home.

     "Nicole attempted to drive away but was subsequently stopped and arrested for resisting (attempting to prevent officers from taking her two boys away). The sheriff then demanded Joe Naugler turn over the other eight children by 10am the next day or face felony charges, an order with which he complied.

     “They are an extremely happy family,' said family friend Pace Ellsworth, who asserts that the Nauglers were targeted because of their 'back to basics life' and their decision to homeschool their children." See The Power and Perversions of Law

March 2015

Judicial Watch: 165,900 Criminals Aliens into US Population through April 2014: "Nearly 166,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens were released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as of April, 2014.... The criminal illegal aliens include rapists, murderers and kidnappers." See The Power and Perversions of Law

February 2015

British police accused of catastrophic blunders after file of 2,000 child abuse suspects was handed to them by Canadian investigators but ignored for TWO YEARS: "Extraordinary details have emerged of how some forces and a top anti-child abuse unit failed to act after being given a ‘customer list’ of perverts who used a child porn website.... British suspects were left free to continue offending for up to two years..... Britons were among the top ten most frequent customers, but... none had been arrested in Britain."

October 2014


Troops on London streets amid fears of terror attack: "Armed soldiers have been stationed in Whitehall amid fears that terrorists will try to attack ceremonial guards in the wake of the shooting in Canada.... There are growing concerns that British jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq will return to this country and carry out terrorist acts."

August 2014

Ben Carson: Obama officials 'acting like Gestapo': "I believe we are dealing with an extremely corrupt administration,' he said. Dr. Carson himself became the subject of an IRS audit after criticizing Barack Obama’s policies.... 'I’ve never undergone this kind of scrutiny before.... They’re harassing my family. They’re harassing my colleagues. And they’re not finding anything – so that just makes them dig a little deeper....

     "Dr. Carson is the latest high-profile public figures to express deep concern about what they see as, in the indictment of author-scholar-filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, the administration’s misuse of the criminal justice system for political payback.” See From Freedom to Servitude - Part 1: The Power and Perversions of Law

May 2014

Will the UN Criminalize the Pro-Life Movement as “Torture”? "Last week, questioners on United Nations Committee Against Torture called pro-life speech 'torture.' This move is part of a broader push by the radical abortion lobby to essentially criminalize the pro-life movement. ...

     "The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) – an extremist international abortion syndicate that is spearheading the anti-life push – sent a letter last month to the U.N. body on torture claiming that Church leaders in the pro-life movement have 'perpetuated torture' by taking a stand against abortion. In a deadly irony, an organization that promotes the indiscriminant slaughter of defenseless babies is urging the U.N. to view those who promote life as committing torture." See Why "Hate Crime" laws ban Biblical Christianity

April 2014

Sweden: Police attacked by 50 'youths' in Muslim-dominated area: "Extremist imams, patrolling Muslim father groups, and homemade sharia courts can operate safely in Europe’s Muslim-dominated areas, while non-Islamic authorities are regularly attacked." See From Freedom to Servitude - Part 1: The Power and Perversions of Law

March 2014

Sleep Soundly, America: 81-Year-Old Lady Jailed for Feeding Birds: "That’s right. Eighty-one-year-old Mary Musselman was first arrested last month for feeding bears in her backyard. ...the Fish and Wildlife Service said the bears might learn not to be afraid of people anymore and then get aggressive.

     "...A judge gave her probation at the time, and made it clear: Do it again, and go to jail. She did, was arrested in January, and the case ignited controversy when Musselman was held without bond.

     "Apparently where it got really serious is when officers recently went by to check on her home (as they reportedly did over and over) and found bread crumbs in her yard one day: ...officers issued a new arrest warrant after checking on her home and seeing that she was leaving bread out for crows. ...She was arrested and put back in jail." (More information HERE)

August 2013

U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans: "A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans."

May 2013

Afghanistan: Pro-Sharia lawmakers block law criminalizing child marriage and banning prosecution of rape victims for adultery: "...the Sharia supremacists block a law banning child marriage. This is because Muhammad consummated his marriage with Aisha when he was 54 and she was 9, and he is the supreme example for conduct (cf. Qur'an 33:21), so his example is normative and cannot be questioned. And the law also would have prevented the prosecution of rape victims -- one of the most noxious manifestations of the fact that in Islamic law, men are not called upon to exercise any self-control at all. Their conduct is entirely the woman's responsibility. If she gets raped, it is her fault." Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

Judge goes off deep end to shut up Christians Suppression of speech fine if Muslims threaten violence: "A federal judge has issued a startling ruling that suppressing Christian speech is allowed when Muslims threaten violence because they’re upset over the message." See The Power and Perversions of Laws

Belgium Erasing [or trading] Christianity for Islam: "Under the guise of letting go of the Christian holidays, this text provides Muslims with a waiver to add Islamic holidays…. Six Belgian senators introduced a draft resolution in the Belgian Parliament that would make 'Islamophobia' a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. A person would be guilty if he 'considers Islam to be violent, threatening or supportive of terrorism…' or 'considers Islam to be a political ideology, used for political and military purposes to establish it hegemony.' If passed, the law would pose a devastating blow to the exercise of free speech in Belgium." See Hating Truth and Primed for Deception!

March 2013

Farmer Fined for Displaying Political Billboards Critical of Marxism & Obama on Private Property: "Attorneys for the Rutherford Institute have come to the defense of a Michigan cattle farmer who was cited and fined for displaying political banners critical of the Obama administration on a farming truck parked on his private 40-acre lot. The banners mounted by Vern Verduin on his farm truck proclaim 'Marxism/Socialism = Hunger and Poverty' and 'Obama’s ‘Mission Accomplished,’ 8% Unemployment, 16 Trillion Debt.'” See The Power and Perversions of Law

November 2012

Man tasered by police calls it "brutal": "(Florida) "Daniel Jensen...was trying to protect his home from burning up. Yet, Pinellas Park Police tasered him in the process. ... He said being tasered by police has not only impacted him, but it also impacted his children, who saw it all happen. He described the Pinellas Park Police officers actions as 'brutal.' He said they showed 'no compassion.... All I remember is laying in water, being electrocuted for saving my home."

December 2011

Pastors charged after telling 'gays' about sin: "Their sign warns those who are 'Drunks, homosexuals, abortionist, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, witches, idolators' that 'Hell awaits you.' Their hearing will be in Houston Municipal Court, which is run by Barbara E. Hartle, who, according to the Dallas Voice, is listed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund as 'one of only a few out members of the Texas judiciary.' She was appointed to the position by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, identified by the Los Angeles Times as 'the first lesbian to head a major American city.' ...the fact that the ministers were handcuffed and ticketed... sent a chilling message about free speech regarding religion and homosexuality."

September 2011

World German Intelligence to Spy on…’Islamophobes?' "Officials in Germany will meet tomorrow to decide whether right wing groups who are vocally critical of Islam– so-called 'Islamophobes'– will be placed under domestic intelligence agency scrutiny alongside other extremists....The German states of Bavaria and Hamburg have already started to view 'Islamophobes' and other 'right-wing populists' as extremists who pose a threat..." See Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

Unser case shows something is horribly wrong in the U.S. Forest Service: "Unser and his friend came perilously close to dying, but ultimately made it out. That's when their real trial began. After being lured by an offer of help from the Forest Service in finding his snowmobile, Unser tried to describe as best he could the most likely location for the vehicle.... Check out this video just released by The Heritage Foundation's Over-Criminalization Project." Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

Police fight cellphone recordings: "Simon Glik, a lawyer, was walking down Tremont Street in Boston when he saw three police officers struggling to extract a plastic bag from a teenager’s mouth. Thinking their force seemed excessive for a drug arrest, Glik pulled out his cellphone and began recording. Within minutes, Glik said, he was in handcuffs. ...'my phone was seized, and I was arrested.’ The charge? Illegal electronic surveillance."

 Schools Prepare Pupils to Accept a Police State: " 2003 an honor student in Arizona at Safford Middle School named Savana Redding, an eighth-grader with no disciplinary record, was pursuit of nonprescription ibuprofen tablets. Ibuprofen is the equivalent of the pain-relieving ingredient in Advil, Motrin, etc…and never known to provide a 'high' or to be addictive. ...Today, under the absurd 'no tolerance' drug policies in schools, no type of medication, from aspirin to Alka-Seltzer and Pepto-Bismol, is allowed unless it is given to the school nurse by a parent, and then dispensed by the nurse to the student. In other words, it is easier for a child to secure an abortion referral from a K-12 educational facility than it is to relieve a headache....

     "Savana’s case went to court (Redding v. Safford Unified School District) and two of the three-judge panel...decided that the degrading search did not violate the girl’s Fourth Amendment rights....The principal said he 'didn’t think the strip search was a big deal'—because 'they didn’t find anything.'....What they are learning, however, is to accept and even endorse a police state. ...Schools disseminate intimate questionnaires with the expectation that pupils will divulge disparaging tidbits about their relatives....Whereas schools used to discourage 'tattling,' today they encourage students to report on each other..." See Your friendly community spies

August 2011

Ohio Business Owner Terrorized & Shot for Being Non-Union: "We’ve all heard the stories of shakedowns and bullying that occurs to many non-unionized workers and private business owners. However, the thuggery might have gone beyond the pale recently when one Ohio business owner was repeatedly harassed, then shot and almost killed, for allegedly being non-union." See Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

July 2011

Increasing police power warrants scrutiny: "Cellphones and cameras with video-recording capability have become ubiquitous. This has led to an increase in the filming of police officers....Cops have begun arresting those who film them, on charges such as interfering with an investigation — even when the filmer is not interfering and the officer is not investigating. In one now-famous example, motorcyclist Anthony Graber's helmet cam was rolling when Graber was pulled over last year by a Maryland state trooper. The trooper came out of an unmarked car in plainclothes, yelling, with his gun drawn. Graber...posted the video on YouTube. In short order he was arrested and charged with felony wiretapping."

Warrants Let Agents Enter Homes Without Owner Knowing: "A special type of government search warrant that allows authorities to search homes without informing the owner for months is becoming more common.... '(They) search through your home, your dresser drawers, your computer files'... These search warrants don’t involve knocking on doors or any type of warning..." See Homeland "Security" and the Transformation of America  

March 2011

Young Girls BANNED From Selling Girl Scout Cookies On Their Own Front Lawn: "Once upon a time in America, if you were a couple of little girls and you wanted to sell lemonade or girl scout cookies at a little stand in front of your home nobody would give you any problems....

     "...according to the city of Hazelwood, the girls were violating a city ordinance that bans 'the sale of commodities' from a home.... We are all being taught to be suspicious of each other and to 'inform' on our neighbors." See Your friendly community spies

February 2011

Walnuts, Milk and Global Tyranny: "Global food and drug management is only a small part of today's methodical march into the New World Order. But this single issue helps us see the bigger picture: the massive and menacing web of control that's fast spreading over the nations.

    "Keep in mind, our anonymous international rulers intend to micro-manage virtually every part of our lives. Are we prepared with the facts and faith needed to face the coming battles with confidence?

    " a dispute with a country that has adopted the Codex standards it is highly probable that America would lose and be subject to heavy sanctions.... Harmonization [conforming to international guidelines] may be beneficial for the large corporations and international bureaucrats that control the WTO but it would be a disaster for American consumers of dietary supplements!" See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

November 2010

Cops called on 13-year-olds for selling cupcakes: "A politician in a New York suburb called police on two 13-year-old boys for selling cupcakes and other baked goods without a permit. ...the boys, Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff, had a brisk business selling cupcakes, cookies, brownies and Rice Krispie treats for $1 each in a Chappaqua park.... 'I am shocked and sad for the boys. It was such a great idea, and they worked hard at it,' [said] Laura Graff, Kevin's mother."

September 2010

'Lockdown' searches of students challenged as illegal: "A lawsuit is being filed against a Missouri school district after officials there announced a 'lockdown,' ordered students to leave their classrooms without their backpacks and then had sheriff's officers search personal possessions while the students were detained.... 'The lesson being imparted – one that goes against every fundamental principle this country was founded upon – is that we have no rights at all against the state or the police.' The complaint explains that such mass searches of students and their possessions violate the United States and Missouri Constitutions."      

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