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"The idea that this world is a playground instead of a battleground has now been accepted in practice by the vast majority of Christians. They are facing Christ and the world.... The ‘worship’ growing out of such a view of life is as far off center as the view itself...." A.W. Tozer, This World - Playground or Battleground?


December 2014


Disney goes goofy over mention of 'God': "A 10-year-old North Carolina girl is publicly shaming the Disney Channel after the network said her thanking God on its website was tantamount to profanity. Lilly Anderson of Angier, North Carolina, was online Sunday for her birthday answering the Disney Channel’s question about what she was thankful for. 'God, my family, my church and my friends,' Lilly wrote. But her answer was not allowed to appear..." See Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning


June 2014

'Killer virgin' claimed video games changed 'innocent, happy self': "...quotes from his final YouTube video announcing his murderous intentions seem to come from the Warcraft character known as Garrosh Hellscream.... In his last YouTube video, Rodger stated....'If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you to mountains of skulls and rivers of blood....'" See Toying with Death

November 2013

Who’s to Blame for Battlefield America? Is It Militarized Police or the Militarized Culture?  "It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is responsible for the growing spate of police shootings, brutality and overreach that have come to dominate the news lately.... [T]he fact that we are a society predisposed to warfare, indoctrinated through video games, reality TV shows, violent action movies and a series of endless wars that have, for younger generations, become life as they know it..." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

September 2013

Future technology, in films, can be ominous: "The ominous specter of Big Brother in George Orwell's 1984 is on full display in the unfolding National Security Agency [NSA] flap, where big collections of data were exploited in the name of state security..." See Orwell's 1984

June 2013

Latest Kinect sensors allow games to feed off your fear: "Microsoft’s depth-sensing camera will gain unprecedented information about us while we play, allowing games to adjust their difficulty in response.... This will allow the new Kinect to bring emotional gaming to your living room. Games can use the biological data to orchestrate your experience by adjusting the difficulty or intensity in real time, depending on how excited the system thinks you currently are."


Children's Network Launches Transsexual Superhero Show: "Nothing says 'child-appropriate material' quite like gender-bending underage superheroes. At least that’s the theory over at the Hub, the network co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro, which is trotting out its latest soon-to-be-dud, SheZow. That show follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy who uses a magic ring to transform himself into a crime-fighting girl.... When Guy says the magic words...he becomes SheZow, wearing a purple skirt and cape..."

May 2013

Children's Network Launches Transsexual Superhero Show: "Nothing says 'child-appropriate material' quite like gender-bending underage superheroes. At least that’s the theory over at the Hub, the network co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro, which is trotting out its latest soon-to-be-dud, SheZow. That show follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy who uses a magic ring to transform himself into a crime-fighting girl.... When Guy says the magic words...he becomes SheZow, wearing a purple skirt and cape..."

December 2012

Politics From the Dark Side: "...Britain’s most recent census figures... show that almost 180,000 people in the UK identify themselves as 'Jedi Knights' (from the Star Wars films), making this the most popular faith in the 'Other Religions' category on the Census and the seventh most popular 'religion' overall.  ...it served to remind me of an analogy that sprang to mind with regard to the Star Wars phenomenon and America....

     "Despite all of this subterfuge and the fact that America’s gravitation toward socialism was taking place long before Barack Hussein Obama came on the scene, it is still intellectually difficult to reconcile the fact that so few Americans can see what’s playing out before them as clearly as if they were indeed watching Star Wars.... Millions are aware of his sinister executive orders, his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the communistic underpinnings of Obamacare, and his ploy to undermine the Second Amendment via the Fast and Furious gun running program, which became a political botched abortion of titanic proportions....

      "There are dark days ahead for the USA, and when we pass into that period, most Americans will be caught completely unaware, and this could prove to be quite dangerous." See Hope, Hate & Human Nature

October 2012

The 'New Normal' Christianity?  "NBC's sitcom 'The New Normal' isn't just trying to remake society for the Gay Left. It's trying to remake Christianity, which is to say, destroy it. ...As the plot unfolds... [Brian] cracks gay jokes in his mind.....When the priest suggests there are churches 'geared to your community,' Brian shoots back 'I don't want to be forced to use a separate water fountain. Why can't the church just accept all people?' ...(Unsurprisingly, Murphy is a huge Obama backer...')" See God's Warnings for our Times


Too much TV, computer can ruin your child's mental health: "...pre-teen children who spend a lot of time in front of television and computer screens every day are at a heightened risk of developing psychological problems, even if those children also participate in physical activities. Based on an analysis of over 1,000 children between the ages of ten and eleven, researchers found that children who spend at least two hours a day in front of a screen are 60 percent more likely to have psychological problems than children who spend less or no time." See Toying with Death

July 2012

Batman Colorado shooting: James Holmes fixated by altered states of mind: "James Holmes, the alleged 'Joker' gunman, described his fascination with altered states of mind in a lecture to other students, and dosed up on prescription medication before the atrocity.... After the massacre Holmes calmly told detectives he had taken 100mg of the prescription painkiller Vicodin.... The same drug was found in the system of actor Heath Ledger when he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in 2008. Ledger played The Joker in the previous Batman film The Dark Knight."

Holy Smokes, Batman! 3 Men Arrested After Making Threats in Separate ‘Dark Night Rises’ Incidents: "At least 3 men accused of making threats during or after watching the new Batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents, underscoring moviegoers’ anxieties and heightened security.... [In Maine, a man] was arrested when he told authorities that he was on his way to shoot a former employer a day after watching 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

     "...moviegoers around the country still flocked to theaters to see the film, which was the final installment of the phenomenally successful Batman trilogy. Warner Bros. reported that it brought in $160.9 million over the weekend, making it the third highest opening weekend ever, after 'The Avengers' and ' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...'” Ponder the dark consequences of such depraved stimuli: A Devious Plot for a Blinded Nation -- A deeper look at the Batman shooting


October 2011

Rash of 'Twilight'-induced seizures prompts warning: "Shaking, sweating and swooning are par for the course among the passionate young fans of the 'Twilight' series. But reports that a scene in 'Breaking Dawn' has been sparking seizures in theaters nationwide has epilepsy experts on the alert and parents thinking twice about letting their kids see the movie." See Twilight Obsession

September 2011

Some cartoons bad for kids' brains: "Some children's television shows may be bad for young kid's brains.... It appears that children may not concentrate and focus very well after watching fast-paced programming. ...The pre-schoolers who watched the fast-paced shows did much worse on the thinking tests than those in the two other groups, who scored about the same. " See The Power of Suggestion

July 2011

The Fast and the Spurious: "Videogames that allow a 'player' to sit in front of a monitor for hours—and hours—obliterating realistic images of people are a protected form of 'free speech.' Thus sayeth the Supreme Court last week, 7-2. On First Amendment grounds, the decision overturned a California law forbidding the sale to minors of violent videogames, generally called shooter games, that give players the option of 'killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being.'...

      "That coarsening's history was written some years ago by Rochelle Gurstein....she argued that its cumulative effect on the culture over time is not so harmless—'the common world becomes literally shameless.'....You don't have to be a Baptist parent to feel embattled by the culture today. Social media, nonstop marketing and digital technology are like massed armies against the average mom and pop....

     "In his concurring opinion, Justice Samuel Alito cited a recent news story about a planned videogame...which lets players re-enact the Columbine or Virginia Tech massacres. Gamers themselves have criticized 'School Shooter,' but they also seem to believe that so long as the victims are fictional, no amount of slaughter is off-limits. It's just a game, unless it's about real people." See  Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

June 2011

(Learning to crave violence and depravity).  California Cannot Ban Sales of Violent Video Games to Kids: "The high court agreed Monday with a federal court's decision to throw out California's ban on the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Sacramento said the law violated minors' rights under the First and Fourteenth amendments. " See Toying with Death

November 2010

Toy Pig Removed From UK Farm Playsets to Avoid Religious Controversy : "The animal was missing from the Early Learning Centre’s (ELC) HappyLand Goosefeather Farm when a mother bought it as a gift for her daughter’s first birthday. The set did contain a cow, sheep, chicken, horse and dog, but the pig sty was empty – even though there was a button that made an 'oink'noise.

     "What? No accommodation for Hindus who might find a farm cow offensive? When the mothe... complained, she was told in an email the pig had been removed in case it upset Muslim or Jewish parents."


Baby killed for interrupting mom's Facebook time: "A north Florida mother has pleaded guilty to shaking her baby to death after the boy's crying interrupted her game on Facebook. She told officials she shook the boy, smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook him again." See Toying with Death

September 2010

Depravity. "Dexter" Killer: Andrew Conley Says TV Character Inspired Him to Strangle 10-Year-Old Brother: "Police say Andrew Conley identified himself with 'Dexter'a television serial killer in the popular Showtime drama by the same name. The 17-year-old told investigators strangling his 10-year-old little brother satisfied a craving like a hungry person eating a hamburger. ...The Indiana teen told investigators his brothers last words were 'Andrew, stop.'...

      "Conley ...showed no remorse or emotion as he described choking to death Conner....Conley said he dragged his brother's body to his car before driving to see his girlfriend, who told investigators the teen 'seemed happy, more happy than she had seen him in a while.'... The teen told investigators he had had fantasies about killing someone since he was in eighth grade, including cutting somebody's throat....

     "The slaying comes six weeks after 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante told Missouri authorities she strangled, stabbed and cut a 9-year-old neighbor's throat because she wanted to know what it was like to kill someone." See Toying with Death

Computer games may be spawning reckless drivers: "Driving-based computer games like the Grand Theft Auto series may be encouraging adolescents to drive recklessly when they take to the roads for real, a study of teenagers' attitudes to road risks suggests. With around 1000 people under the age of 25 killed on the world's roads every day, Kathleen Beullens... in Belgium wanted to find out if simple racing games and more reckless 'drive-'em-up' games might encourage real-world speeding and risk-taking. ...'some drive-'em-ups give you points for driving into cars or even pedestrians'.

     "...reckless attitudes to both speeding and risky driving were significantly linked with having played driving games at the age of 16 and 17." See The Power of Suggestion

August 2010

Entertainment. Music Industry Sexualizes Your Children: "Nearly every major pop star produces pornographic music videos and pushes them to your children through Facebook fan pages...and YouTube videos, plus MTV. Live concerts are often worse....

     "Wildly popular with the pre-teen set, [pop star Katy Perry] has long left her Christian roots behind. In her latest album, 'Teenage Dream,' her nearly naked, pornographic romp flashes between beach flirtations and sex in a hotel room....The same Katy Perry was just featured on Nickolodeon’s 'Kid’s Choice' music awards, guests on Sesame Street this fall, and appears in the 2011 kids’ movie, The Smurfs....

      "Music videos multiply the effect, imprinting pornographic images in our children’s minds that replay every time they hear the song. Even with 'neutral' lyrics, the stored images continue to do their damage." See The Power of Suggestion

April 2010

Pullman risks Christian anger with Jesus novel: "British author Philip Pullman risks offending Christians with his latest book, a fictional account of the 'good man Jesus'.... The...outspoken atheist, angered some members of the Catholic Church with a thinly veiled attack on organised religion in his hugely successful 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, But 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ' is a far more direct exploration...." See The Cross of Christ Feared, banned, trivialized... yet Triumphant

February 2010

The Mind-changing Myths of AVATAR -- Blending Hinduism, Shamanism and Goddess Spirituality: "Largely patterned after today's idealized views of Native Americans, they draw viewers into an unforgettable encounter with the 'illusions of oneness.' Remember, behind the 'beautiful side of paganism' lie the same human tendencies that bring pain and destruction to all parts of the world: greed, violence, competition, and war."

Avatar's Color Controversy: "The movie studio that produced the mega-blockbuster, 'Avatar,' had no problem with the film's alien race being blue -- but it turns out they were initially concerned about the Na'vi being too green. ...Cameron recollects the studio's warning as being: '...is there a way to not have so much of this tree-hugging, 'Ferngully' stuff in it?'...  I said, 'Not with me making it.... 'Because that was my purpose in making the film." See Avatar

'Satan's video game' makes Super Bowl appearance: "The Super Bowl ad claimed, 'Hell awaits,' and players who fire up 'Dante's Inferno' on their Xbox 360 can dive right in to slay all sorts of demons and dark lords to save the girl from Satan's grasp. There's even a level where players can take on knife-wielding unbaptized babies. Kill enough of them, and players will unlock an 'achievement' called the 'Bad Nanny' award." See Toying with Death

Edu-tainment?  Italian teen stabs father in PlayStation row: "Police said the argument broke out when the 46-year-old storekeeper offered his son advice on tactics to improve his play, and then turned the television off in response to his son's behavior. Fetching a knife from the kitchen, Mario stabbed his father in the neck.... The game had been given to Mario a few days earlier, as a birthday present." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

January 2010

Social media giants survey their growing kingdom: "Seven of the 15 most trafficked Web sites in the world are social sites.... 'We now spend between five and six hours per day on media and that is the second biggest human activity after sleeping!' ... Facebook enjoys something like 130 million unique visitors per day, while Twitter has around 25 million visitors....

     "Last year Facebook came under fire from bloggers and rights groups over its decision to adjust its privacy settings, a move which would dramatically increase the amount of personal information people expose online. ....'these changes are especially worrisome because even something as seemingly innocuous as your list of friends can reveal a great deal about you." See Don't conform

January 2010

Movie Alert: Avatar could tempt millions to accept “Ancient Wisdom”: "Avatar has a strong shamanistic, spiritual component and a message that clearly portrays the mystical and the goddess spirituality." See Is Earth our Mother?

December 2009

 Outrage over the computer game which glorifies suicide bombing: "A computer game in which players assume the role of a suicide bomber and try to kill as many men, women and children as possible has provoked outrage.... Players move a terrorist of Arab appearance along a busy street to get as close as possible to the most civilians. Players of Kaboom adopt the role of a suicide bomber who must try to kill as many civilians as possible They then click their mouse and the bomber opens his coat to reveal grenades strapped to his body before exploding in a shower of bloody limbs. The more men, women and children are injured, the more points the player receives." See Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Corruption

November 2009

Smash "Twilight" sequel enters record books: "The 'Twilight' sequel scored the third-biggest opening weekend of all time at the North American box office on Sunday, as millions of young women swooned over the complex love triangle involving a high school girl, a vampire and a werewolf.... Exit-polling data in North America indicated that women accounted for 80 percent of the audience and half the audience was under 21. ... 'New Moon' revisits the dangerous romance between high school student Bella Swan... and vampire Edward Cullen.... Reviews were largely scathing.....

    "...the stars have become sex symbols whose real-life romances with each other... have long been gossip-column fodder." Please discourage your children from seeing it! Read our review: Twilight Obsession

October 2009

Christian Music? Not so much: "...many of these people know perfectly well that what they’re putting out there isn’t fit for Christian consumption. They don’t care! One excuse they use is that in today’s market CCM has to be edgy to make it to the top of the charts. Truth is, many in the Christian music industry are driven by greed." See Popular Music with Pagan Roots

March 2009

Stealthy gamer Gazillion aims for gazillions with Marvel, Lego deals [You may need to copy & paste the url: <www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_11928516?nclick_check=1>: "Gazillion Entertainment... announced deals with both Marvel and LEGO... in a the lucrative market of so-called 'massively multiplayer online' (MMO) games. The goal is to replicate and surpass the success of Blizzard's popular 'World of Warcraft'.... Gazillion's strategy is to focus on pre-teens and young teenagers first. As players grow up, Gazillion hopes to move them to other games it would develop.... The online game industry, he said, has recorded double-digit growth despite the recession." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

Game for 6-year-olds pushes same-sex marriage: "...even children can download and play a free trial version of The Game of Life, the first game ever created by Mr. Milton Bradley in 1860. ...the game invites players to choose a spouse, regardless of the potential spouse's sex. ...

     "'My daughter noticed right away (even before I did) and clicked on one of the girls instead of one of the men and then asked, 'Mom, how come I can marry a woman?' And then that led into a lot more questions that, quite frankly, I was not ready to talk to my 6-year-old about.'... 'I went back to the web site and left a very respectful review of the game just stating that this kind of thing should be left out of kids' games, and the Shockwave.com administrator removed my post, stating it was inappropriate.'" See Cultural Corruption

February 2009

Teenagers 'spend an average of 31 hours online... "and nearly two hours a week looking at pornography....They spend... around two hours on YouTube and in chat rooms. Just over an hour is devoted to looking up cosmetic surgery procedures... an hour and a half is spent on family planning and pregnancy websites.... One in four teenagers of the 1,000 polled said they regularly spoke to strangers online.... One in three admitted trying to hide what they were looking at if a parent entered the room. But children also use the internet to help them with homework..." See Brainwashing in America

December 2008

Kids learn that killing is fun at the army's lethal new theme park: "The Army's new recruitment tool lets high-tech video game centers desensitize, condition, train and even enlist America's youth.... The video kicks in with a roar of rotors. ...'Enemy on the right!' 'Look out, RPGs straight ahead!' Bad guys are shooting at me from the alleys, the shadows, the rooftops, but I am wasting them. One after another, they get caught in my crosshairs and -- bam! -- their bodies lift and sprawl in haphazard death. We're slammed by an IED and momentarily engulfed in flame. My hand is getting numb from the rifle recoil, but my lizard brain has taken over." See Toying with Death

Scientists ask: Is technology rewiring our brains? "Do all those hours spent online rewire the circuitry? Could these kids even relate better to emoticons than to real people? ... While violent video games have gotten a lot of public attention, some current concerns go well beyond that. Some scientists think the wired world may be changing the way we read, learn and interact with each other." It does. See Toying with Death

Edu-tainment. Chill out, parents: "The $3.3 million study... found that youths use online networks to extend friendships, acquire technical skills, learn from each other.... In what researchers call 'hypersocial' behavior, media at the fingertips enable teens to always be connected. And instant messaging, text messages and Facebook have changed dating as well: Couples 'telecocoon,' creating a full-time intimate community even while physically apart....

     "Teens view adults lurking online as awkward, creepy and violating trust, researchers found....The study found that youths perceive erecting barriers — like limiting computer time — 'as raw and ill-informed exercises of power.' And teens, being teens, develop 'workarounds,' ways to subvert those barriers."

      No respect for parents? No submission to authority? Kids simply teach each other to do as they please? See Don't conform to the ways of the world

November 2008

Teen Vampire Film, 'Twilight': Based on the first of a series of novels by Stephenie Meyer, "Twilight" cost just $37 million to make, yet performed at the box office like a comic-book property driven by special effects, thanks in large part to a core audience of enthusiastic -- if not crazed -- teenage girls. The movie's draw led to a disappointing debut for Walt Disney Co.'s computer-animated "Bolt," which also was vying for family-entertainment dollars. ....Basking in the glow of "Twilight" box office, Summit announced on Saturday that it would begin production on a sequel, called "New Moon," also based on one of Ms. Meyer's books." See Toying with Death


'Twilight' Barely Sips at Juicy Vampire Genre: "Edward is, as he explains to Bella patiently, the vampire equivalent of a vegetarian. ...he and his family restrict their diet to animal blood, though they still consider the human variety a treat to die for. ... Edward clashes with the slavering scion of a carnivorous vampire family... for the custody of Bella's soul. 'Twilight' has targeted the collective soul of teenage America, and will surely have its way."


Outrage over the computer game which glorifies suicide bombing : "A computer game in which players assume the role of a suicide bomber and try to kill as many men, women and children as possible has provoked outrage.... The Suicide Bombing Game, which is freely available to all age groups on the internet, ‘devalues human life’ and should be banned. Players move a terrorist of Arab appearance along a busy street to get as close as possible to the most civilians.... The more men, women and children are injured, the more points the player receives." See Toying with Death

June 2008

A Planet Without People: "It's appalling all right.... Few major studio releases are so thoroughly pro-death, so deeply anti-human. We have arrived at a strange moment in American pop culture when movie-goers spend two hours in the theater being informed that we all deserve to die.

     "The 'happening' is millions of men, women and children killing themselves, usually in creative ways....The genocide, we are told, is condign punishment for our ecological crimes. The conceit extends a metaphor Al Gore proposed in his 2007 Nobel lecture: If 'we have begun to wage war on the Earth itself,' why wouldn't the Earth fight back? By the end of the film, the dwindling band of survivors... repents, and is thus spared hideous death." See Green Lies and Saving the Earth

March 2008

Mind Games: Dungeons & Dragons Immersed Players in Another World: "...Dungeons & Dragons, you see, is all in your head.... D&D is role-playing first and foremost, not roll-playing. One participant, the dungeon master, controls the world through which the characters move. He describes the players' surroundings, decides when they are going to be attacked, tricked or trapped by some monster or magic spell....

     "There was never any earthly reason why devotees of the game should have dressed in armor or doublets or strapped on swords.... But the game did have a way of immersing its participants in another realm. A skilled dungeon master could, with little more than the spoken word, draw a small group of players into his world so completely that, for hours at a time, its members would see and feel the landscape.... They might even begin to talk in the voices that they imagined their characters to have. D&D is, like videogames today, deeply escapist." See Toying with Death

January 2008

Sex in Video Game Makes Waves Through Industry : "A new, best-selling video game, Mass Effect... allows the characters to engage in explicitly graphic sexual intercourse. Some game experts and pro-family analysts say Mass Effect is marketed to young kids and presents a moral danger.... The game is rated 'M' for mature, as are many video games, and was banned in Singapore last year, though the decision was later reversed. Mass Effect has sold over 1.6 million copies since its release in November 2007. The game scored "Best RPG" in the 2007 Spike TV Video Game Awards, and it has been nominated for Game of the Year....

     "'This is about money,' Ruse said. 'This isn't about a First Amendment debate....It's putting elements in its games which they think will help them sell more games. They don't care about what they're doing to kids." See Toying with Death


Tolkien's Virtual World Takes Off (8-28-07): "The Lord of the Rings Online has enjoyed explosive growth since its April unveiling. And it'll probably keep doing so—if it remains true to Tolkien's vision ... In the game, players create avatars based on characters from the books—hobbits or orcs, for instance—to pursue quests and battle monsters in an expansive virtual world.... Anderson's team has proven adept at the dealmaking crucial to extending multiplayer games around the globe." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

November 2007

The upside-down world of Pullman's Golden Compass: "Flying witches, evil specters, talking bears and evolving 'Dust' abound in Philip Pullman's popular fantasies for children. In this confusing cosmos of multiple universes, every human is linked to a personal daemon, and telepathic seekers find answers to life's mysteries through divination, Eastern meditation, ancient 'wisdom' and ritual magic. These occult practices are essential to the battle for the 'free' Republic -- against the despised old Church."

October 2007

A Person Could Develop Occult: "...many shows this season prey on the paranormal. Vampires have day jobs as detectives, store clerks reap souls for the Devil, reporters time-travel.... Even reality television is getting swept up in the surreal. ...only 'Saving Grace,' a TNT drama about a dissolute police detective...hints at a benevolent, all-powerful God [a postmodern, not Biblical God]. On 'The Ghost Whisperer,' Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a woman who helps dead people transition to the Other Side, guiding them to a hazy white light. But otherwise there isn’t much of a religious message....

      "Ouija boards and séances were the 'Heroes' of their time: prime-time entertainment that opened a door to the magical and the occult....  [In today's] comedies and dramas, vampires or the Devil’s henchmen infiltrate almost every profession, from store clerk to homicide detective." See Popular Occultism

September 2007

Tolkien's Virtual World Takes Off: "The Lord of the Rings Online has enjoyed explosive growth since its April unveiling. And it'll probably keep doing so—if it remains true to Tolkien's vision.... Unlike other titles such as World of Warcraft, which though no doubt influenced by Tolkien's works has essentially created its own set of fables, Turbine is rigidly bound to the books. Deviating from the literature could damage the game's reputation with hardcore players who come to the game specifically for its Tolkienism." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism


New TV show urges you: 'Be One of Satan's Tools': "'Reaper'... revolves around a '20-something slacker'... who has an unexpected encounter with Satan....'You're going to work for me here,' says Satan... 'You're just going to bring escaped souls back to hell. You know, like a bounty hunter. That's cool!'....The network [CBS]...'strives to be a socially responsible company with initiatives such as its 'Free 2 B Green' environmental campaign...'" See Toying with Death - Learning to love evil & crave violence

July 2007

While persecuted Christians refuse to compromise truth -- even at the cost of their lives, more comfortable and complacent Christians would rather win popularity than please God.

    The next link shows the confusing new meanings behind Biblical words. The world's corrupt values are fast undermining faith and slandering God's truth. Afraid to take a stand, "Christians" leaders bend over backwards to make the Bible acceptable to postmodern skeptics. As in Old Testament days -- the two opposites (church & world) are merging into an unbiblical global community. Many point to some supposed "biblical principles" (such as kindness, service, noble causes...) to justify this unbiblical compromise. See The Church Walking with the World 


Christian? Tightrope Walking THE SIMPSONS MOVIE: "The Simpsons movie is a hilarious, witty, engaging big-screen version of the TV series. In between the edgy humor is a heartwarming, uplifting story about love, kindness, forgiveness, and redemption. [Not Biblical redemption!] ... Ned Flanders, the most Christian [What does that mean in this context?] character in the Simpsons universe, plays an important, positive role in helping the family.... Despite this strong Christian [?], moral content, however, the movie has some negative content that goes too far at times. This content includes foul language and edgy humor... challenging Bart to ride naked on his skateboard, two homosexual policemen who kiss, cartoon violence, a joke about marijuana...." [Ted Baehr, 7-26] See God's holy people craving unholy entertainment  then read the next two links:


Movieguide Mission Statement: "Good News Communications is a ministry dedicated to redeeming  the values of the mass media according to biblical principles by influencing media executives to adopt higher standards imbued with Christian and traditional family values, and by informing and equipping moral people... to make wise media choices based on the biblical worldview."

      But true (in contrast to politially correct) Biblical guidelines clash with the world's mass media. See Don't conform to the world and Separation


Film festival boasts high profile judges for films questioning faith: "[The] Festival... is offering one thousand pounds as a first prize to young film makers if they can explain what makes people passionate about their religion.... The Insight Festival aims to encourage the use of moving image creativity to promote community cohesion and understanding; to offer a platform for creative people of different cultural and faith backgrounds to explore and communicate the phenomenon and potency of faith [Politically correct, unifying, community building religions?] using contemporary moving images; and to encourage dialogue, communication and insight between people of different faiths...."

Written in the 1820s, almost two centuries ago, the message below may seem narrow and absurd to Christians today. We forget that Jesus called us to walk His narrow road with Him! No matter how far the Church drifts from its Biblical moorings, God's call and guidelines remain the same. Like it or not, this is an important warning:


The Christian and the Theater: "When you return from the playhouse [now it's TV, movies, etc.].. have you any taste for prayer, for reading the Scriptures, or holding communion with God in any sacred exercise? ... How common is it to find in the language of the theater the most unqualified profaneness, and even blasphemy! How often are mock-prayers and irreverent appeals to the Majesty of heaven, exhibited on the most trivial occasions! How often is the dialogue interspersed with such unchaste expressions or allusions as cannot but grievously pain the ear of modesty... Piety and virtue are made to appear contemptible; and vice, in the person of some favorite hero, is exhibited as attractive, honorable, and triumphant." God's Way versus our ways


'Ratatouille': A four-star rat: "This is an animated movie that's been made for adults, although kids probably will enjoy it.... Remy [an ambitious rat] realizes one day that he has a gourmet nose and a taste for life's finer things.... He is guided in his unlikely quest by Gusteau's ghost.... The occasional appearances of Gusteau's ghost allow Bird to teach his audience a thing or two about cooking while the chef explains it to the rat."

      Within a Biblical worldview, this guiding "ghost" would be a demonic spirit guide. See Movie Magic & Unconscious Learning and the first two links below.

June 2007

RATATOUILLE: A Recipe for Success [By Josh Climo with Dr. Ted Baehr]: "'It's a PIXAR film. That kind of says it all,' says Patton Oswalt, who voices the main character, Remy [the gourmet rat].  '[Remy] is all the way committed to what he loves,' Oswalt tells MOVIEGUIDE.... "Despite his mousy complexion, Remy is a positive role model for kids. 'He believes and has faith and doesn't give up.'" But the focus of his love is gourmet food! The object of his faith is himself, not God. Don't believe those who look for Christian messages in self-seeking pragmatism. See the next link:


Edu-tainment. Ratatouille: In the Pursuit of Happiness (Ted Baehr): "'Ratatouille' [by Pixar]... opens with Remy the rat narrating his story.... When the mistress of the farmhouse where Remy's colony resides tries to blow them off the face of the earth with her shotgun, they all get carried away on the river, into the sewers to Paris.... When Remy wakes up after his harrowing escape, he is talking to [his hero, Auguste Gusteau] who died recently. [Notice how this parallels guidance by demonic spirit guides]

      "Remy recognizes that Auguste is a figment of his imagination, but his internal dialogue leads him straight to Gusteau's famous restaurant.... Remy teams up with the new garbage boy Linguini, who may be Gusteau's heir, to take the culinary world of Paris, and Skinner, by surprise. The villains are set against Remy and Linguini....

      "'Ratatouille' is a near great movie. It does have some issues, however. Linguini is plied with enough wine to get him drunk, the rats are not only difficult to embrace, but they also steal when told not to do so.... However, there are many mentions of moral principles to counteract this, and the overall storyline is very pro capitalist, pro individual and supportive of the gifts that the individual has.

      "...there is a reference to Heaven. [What does heaven imply in this amoral context?]

      " The real Christian theology comes in the fact that the movie makes it clear that anyone can be a chef, although not everyone can be a great chef. Thus, like the divine meritocracy instituted by the Declaration of Independence, the movie strongly suggests that all people are created equal by God, who grants everyone the right to pursue personal happiness while they pursue their individual service to God's divine authority." Does this sound like "Christian theology" to you? The "Christian" label sounds like a deceptive justification of lawlessness, crudity, and immorality to me! See The Power of Suggestion



Video games: A psychiatric disorder? The telltale signs are ominous: teens holing up in their rooms, ignoring friends, family, even food and a shower, while grades plummet and belligerence soars. The culprit isn't alcohol or drugs. It's video games, which for certain kids can be as powerfully addictive as heroin... A leading council of the nation's largest doctors' group wants to have this behavior officially classified as a psychiatric disorder...

      "...her 17-year-old son, Michael, was a video addict. Over nearly two years, video and Internet games transformed him from an outgoing, academically gifted teen into a reclusive manipulator who flunked two 10th grade classes and spent several hours day and night playing World of Warcraft.... 'We went to therapists, we tried taking the game away. 'He would threaten us physically. He would curse and call us every name imaginable.... It was as if he was possessed.'...

     "Overuse most often occurs with online role-playing games involving multiple players." See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism


May 2007

Animation nation: "FanimeCon, the annual Bay Area celebration of the Japanese love affair with animation [took place] in San Jose's downtown convention center.... High school girls in fishnet stockings. High school boys dressed up as high school girls. Wizards and geishas, gender-benders in feathered hats and kimonos. Warriors slinging long swords, and suburban kids with oversize cat bells strung from their necks. The visitors swam aquarium-style along the convention center's aisles, past comic-book artists.... creators and purveyors of Japanese anime and manga, or print cartoons...

     "Bible Black is our bestselling series, about a witches coven of young girls who practice sexual rituals to get more power,' Brier said." See Toying with Death

April 2007

Cats, Warriors, Penguins and Kids--Changing beliefs through myth and magic: “In the wake of Harry Potter's popularity, a tidal wave of dark, mystical children's books has arisen. Led by Scholastic, publishers across the country have adapted all kinds of occult beliefs and magical rituals to the tastes of young readers. Now, a decade later, children everywhere are learning to see paganism and syncretism (spiritual blends) as more 'real' and 'normal' than true Christianity."


March 2007

It takes a (virtual reality online) village: "...the industry wants to help create better social experiences for gamers. Developers are trying to mimic popular sites like MySpace, which enable members to express themselves in their own Web sites and create social networks with friends.... The hope is that games will become even more addictive.... Inside Sony's virtual world, anyone you meet can instantly know your interests, favorite movies and game achievements. This is happening because people in modern society are suffering from the 'lost village' syndrome, says Trip Hawkins, the CEO of cell phone game maker Digital Chocolate.... Hawkins' theory: We're all basket cases because we no longer live in closely-knit villages. ... To him, we're all desperately using technology to restore or extend our social networks so we won't be isolated anymore....

     "Not only do gamers want new social opportunities, they want games to be customizable to their own tastes. ... Designers are even trying to make single-player games more appealing in social terms. The upcoming 'Fable 2'... will feature a virtual dog who will be the player's constant companion....  the dog will be loyal, protective and show the player 'what it's like to be loved.'" See Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

February 2007

Video game industry's sales rise in January: "Thanks to new game systems -- and an extra week in the month -- industry sales in the United States rose 78 percent year-over-year in January, according to market research firm NPD Group. ..The booming sales in a normally quiet month follow a strong holiday period. Video game sales grew 28 percent in December alone last year." See Toying with Death

January 2007

EU moves closer to ban on violent video games: (Financial Times, registration required) Violent video games could be banned throughout Europe, European Union justice ministers meeting in Dresden said yesterday. The ministers called for closer scrutiny and co-ordination of national bans amid concern over the alleged link between playing violent games and brutal behaviour by children and adolescents."

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