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January 2017

Trump to sign executive orders enabling construction of proposed border wall and targeting sanctuary cities: President Trump plans to sign executive orders Wednesday enabling construction of his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and targeting cities where local leaders refuse to hand over illegal immigrants for deportation.... See The emerging New World Order

Calexit backers can begin collecting signatures to qualify for 2018 ballot: The so-called Calexit movement emerged within days of the upset presidential victory of Republican Donald Trump. See Primed for Deception!

September 2016

15% Over Target: 11,491 Syrian Refugees Admitted... 0.46% Are Christians: ...the Obama administration has exceeded its Syrian refugee admission target by 15 percent, with 11,491 resettled in the United States.... Just 54 of the 11,491 – 0.46 percent – are Christians....
    The administration has asserted that atrocities against Christians, Yazidis, Shi’a and other minorities in areas under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) amount to genocide. See
Real Conspiracies

July 2016

Brexit: The Nation is Back!  In France, before the British vote, the weekly JDD conducted an online poll with one question: Do you want France out of the EU? 88% of people answered "YES!" This is not a scientific result, but it is nevertheless an indication. A recent -- and more scientific -- survey for Pew Research found that in France, a founding member of "Europe," only 38% of people still hold a favorable view of the EU, six points lower than in Britain. See The emerging New World Order?

February 2016

Phyllis Schlafly: America Won’t Get Another Chance: “'Our immigration policy has been anti-American, decade after decade, and the voters need to know that 2016 might be our last chance to elect a president who can reduce this tide of illegals crossing our borders,' Schlafly writes.... 'Our nation’s sovereignty depends on control of both immigration and trade, and that’s why Senator Sessions urges voters to choose a candidate who promises to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with nearly a dozen Asian nations.” See Deceit, Delusion & Destruction of America

January 2016

Obama Announces Terrifying Post-Presidency Plan: "According to American News, Obama would like to replace United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon when the South Korean leader’s term ends at the end of 2016. Obama has reportedly already met with Democrats, Republicans, and Jewish officials in the United States about the position, and nobody is more upset about it than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." See The emerging New World Order   [I apologize for all the unpleasant ads on this page]

November 2015


Proof our southern border is under attack by Muslim extremists: “'We don’t need to wait for Middle Eastern military-age males to invade our border. They are here. The Obama administration will not report this. But the American people need to know.'

    "... the U.S. government has received an urgent alert from the government of Mexico that Syrian military-age males are on the ground in Mexico and feared headed for the U.S. border. U.S. border agents are on extreme high alert. ...the only way Pakistani or Syrian military-age males could get to Mexico or America is with the help of ISIS or other terrorist organizations. This is a plan.... Until our borders are secured, until a wall is built... America faces imminent danger and potential mass tragedy." See Reinventing the World

July 2015

FED- Immigration flood taking jobs from American teens: "American teen employment has dropped 20 percent from the late 1980s, in part because more and more immigrants have flooded into the market to displace native-born kids from jobs in percentages far higher than on adults.... The Fed report is the second to blame immigrants for taking jobs 'native' teens would normally fill and come as new media reports show teen employment down this year."

March 2015

Chinese official at Iran nuclear talks sees hope of a deal: "China's representative at talks on Iran's nuclear program said on Thursday he saw hope that a deal would be done, a day after US Secretary of State John Kerry said 'significant gaps' remained to be negotiated. 'We are at the final stage of our efforts for a comprehensive agreement,' Wang Qun, Director-General of the arms control department of China's Foreign Ministry, told reporters."

September 2014

Beheaded American Civilians and Presidential Indifference: "Secretary of State John Kerry should have extended his Nantucket vacation. That would have spared him and the nation from his embarrassing remarks praising Islam as a 'peaceful religion based on the dignity of all human beings,' which he delivered just a day after ISIS released a video showing American journalist Steven Sotloff being beheaded.

     "Kerry was speaking at a ceremony honoring the State Department’s new special representative to Muslim communities, Shaarik Zafar. Rather than call on Muslim leaders around the world to publicly condemn ISIS in the strongest possible terms and do everything possible to counter ISIS’s recruitment campaign, ideology and financing, Kerry coddled them."

August 2013


Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For “Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Seniors: “Media analyst and author Mark Dice asks random people if they’ll sign a petition to support the 'mandatory' euthanasia provision in Obama Care to help keep healthcare costs down by putting senior citizens to sleep." See The Dark Roots of EUGENICS

Seattle Bans the Word “Citizen” Because it Might Offend Non-Citizens (excerpt): "Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms 'citizen' and 'brown bag' are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions."

January 2013

Obama: Selling out America – literally: "...President Obama had a mid-level U.S. official meet with a Chinese officer in 2011 to find out if the Chinese were open to a land and resource swap for debt forgiveness. The upshot of this is that the Chinese are now engaging in experimental 'farming' and 'scientific' studies in several locations in the U.S. ....The personnel involved are all Chinese military, and the plan is to use these as the base for the expansion of 'land settlements' in payment of the U.S. debt to China.

       "Also in 2011, the Bank of China reportedly sent a team to the U.S. to do land analysis and valuations based on resources that have been identified on federally held lands..... According to this scenario, the issuing of new drilling licenses in the U.S. have been stopped on federally held land until the Chinese can be in position to take over new oil production.....

       " According to my source, the United Nations and the World Bank have been given signals that they will be called upon to broker the deal with America defaulting on debt that it cannot satisfy. ... Three weeks ago, I was told that 'this will happen in weeks, not months,' and it is now occurring." See  The emerging New World Order

November 2012

Video:  Will Obama Import 100 Million Muslims?  "Avi Lipkin (a.k.a. Victor Mordecai) explains why he believes Barack Obama may have a plan to Import up to 100 million Muslims from the Middle East."

April 2012

Obama Administration Courts the Muslim Brotherhood: "Recently the Obama Administration wholeheartedly welcomed a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood to Washington. It even suspended normal screening processes for them, including one member who, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, was 'implicated—though not charged—in a U.S. child pornography investigation. ...In addition to turning a blind eye to suspected criminals, the Obama Administration has overlooked the Muslim Brotherhood’s policies and beliefs. The Brotherhood has explicitly stated it will not accept Israel as a state under any circumstances."

January 2012

ICE preparing contingencies for mass migration events: "DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, according to a statement by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, recently directed ICE to develop a national-level mass migration plan. The plan will outline how to address the health care, sheltering, processing, transition and disposition of large numbers of undocumented individuals who might arrive in the U.S. as the result of a mass migration.... ICE...houses almost 33,000 detainees on a daily basis in the U.S. where they await deportation or other legal action." See The UN Plan for Global Migration


The Center for American Progress’ Jihad Against the Free World: "Headed up by John Podesta, a co-chairman of Obama’s transition team and backed by a 38 million dollar annual budget, it is George Soros’ most ambitious attempt to turn his Shadow Party into a shadow government. CAP is the organization with the single greatest influence on the Obama White House and its foreign and domestic policy.... It is a link between the American left and the Muslim right, articulating the Islamist agenda as a vehicle for the foreign policy of the post-American left. It’s where Ali Gharib can run pieces whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood while Zaid Jiliani attempts to justify the ambassador to Belgium’s comments denying the existence of Muslim anti-Semitism." See The Emerging New World Order

August 2011

Oh, how America has changed: "The religious left has injected itself into the U.S. budget debate by corralling a list of left-wingers to sign a statement called the Circle of Protection, which opposes any cuts to welfare-state spending. This group made a political splash running newspaper ads featuring the provocative question, 'What would Jesus cut?' ...I think it's hard to make the case that He would approve subsidizing, and thereby encouraging, illegitimate births...

      "Welfare state spending is a major cause of our debt, and it is also morally costly because it chases fathers out of homes. The Heritage Foundation's figures don't even count the social and fiscal costs of drugs, sex, suicide, school dropouts, runaways and crime that come mostly from female-headed households. Also, welfare spending...merely increases dependence on government handouts and votes for leftwing politicians." See Utilization of Dissatisfaction

March 2011

[Former President] Carter arrives in N. Korea on peace-building mission: "The 'Elders' delegation want to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his son and heir apparent Kim Jong-un to press for a resumption of dialogue between the two Koreas. They will also discuss ways to help alleviate the North's food shortages....Carter's visit comes as momentum builds towards a resumption of aid-for-disarmament talks, which the North quit in 2009 but now wants to rejoin. [For economic reasons]

     "The six-party talks involve the two Koreas, the United States, China, Japan and Russia. 'The outlook for the diplomatic engagement is the best it has been in two years, but the prospects for a satisfactory outcome have never looked worse,' said Douglas Paal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington [a socialist/globalist organization]....Few people believe the secretive North will ever give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons..." Meanwhile, N.Korea continues its deadly assaults on Christians, but that issue is generally ignored.

January 2011

Ariz. Shooting Used to Revive Fairness Doctrine: "Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., the third-ranking House Democratic leader, chillingly suggested on Monday that 'the shooting is cause for the country to rethink parameters on free speech.' The former Congressional Black Caucus chief is pushing to enact a modern version of the Fairness Doctrine.

      "...columnist Paul Krugman was one of the first to blame conservatives like Sarah Palin for the shooting....Like Clyburn, Krugman wants a new Fairness Doctrine to reshape talk radio and other media where the right has made inroads...'For whatever reason, talk radio, which has become a major force in American politics, is overwhelmingly and outrageously right wing, so we need a counterweight.'"

October 2010

Obama reshapes administration for a fresh strategy " advance his agenda through executive actions he can take on his own, rather than pushing plans through an increasingly hostile Congress.... That means more executive orders, more use of the bully pulpit, and more deployment of his ample regulatory powers and the wide-ranging rulemaking authority of his Cabinet members.... One area of likely administration action is climate change." See Green Lies

Obama warns: Support 'Palestine' or 'more blood' will flow: "Without world support for establishing an independent Palestine, President Obama warned the United Nations General Assembly today that 'more blood will be shed'... Though couched with references to Israeli security and a 'neighbors who are committed to coexistence,' Obama's observation prompted a provocative question...about the Nazi links to Islamic jihadists.'"

     Obama's warning sounds like fear-driven rather than fact-based diplomacy. Yes, Islamic jihad has a history of shedding blood. But that's certainly no reason to use intimidation as a pathway to peace!

     A similar attempt to accommodate Islamic sensitivities (at the cost of freedom) is shown in the next link:

August 2010

[Another] Mosque already preaching Shariah near Ground Zero -- Seeking to 'raise flag of Allah' next to World Trade Center site: "The mosque, the Masjid Manhattan, recently boasted of plans to construct a 'House of Allah' next to the World Trade Center, exclaiming on its website, "Help us raise the flag of 'La Illaha Illa Allah' in downtown Manhattan!"

Smuggled Chinese immigrants up 500% Report reveals thousands of 'other-than-Mexicans' sneaking into U.S.: "The Chinese were among the 5,220 people in the 'other-than-Mexican' category smuggled into the U.S. and apprehended during 2009....'And the problem is only going to get worse as a result of the Obama administration’s hostility to the strong enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws, especially in Arizona.'...Smugglers identified and arrested totaled 1,437 in 2008 and 963 in 2009. while the number of smugglers deported was 658 in 2009 and 599 in 2009." See Utilization of Dissatisfaction

Tax dollars to build mosques -- U.S. underwrites fundraising tour for Islamic shrine at Ground Zero: "The State Department is sending Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - the mastermind of the Ground Zero Mosque - on a trip through the Middle East to foster 'greater understanding' about Islam and Muslim communities in the United States.

     "...questions are being raised about whether this is simply a taxpayer-funded fundraising jaunt to underwrite his reviled project, which is moving ahead in Lower Manhattan....The mosques being rebuilt by the United States are used for religious worship, which raises important First Amendment questions. U.S. taxpayer money should not be used to preserve and promote Islam, even abroad."

Welcome to American Congress for Truth: "I grew up in Lebanon when Islamic militants, in league with Palestinian followers of Yasser Arafat, tore our beautiful country apart. As a result, from age 10 to 17 I lived in a bomb shelter beneath my family’s bombed out home. I know what Islamic terror is. ... If we don't win the war against Islamofascism, other issues won't matter at all.

- We won't have an economy to worry about.

- We won't have equal rights for all.

- We won't have our cherished freedom.

- And we will live under Shariah Law....Numerous cities in Great Britain have officially recognized Shariah law and Shariah courts, creating a dangerous precedent for other Western democracies. ....Over two dozen Islamic charities have been identified by our government as having ties to terrorists....This 'jihad' can take on many forms – from violent terrorism to societal subversion through the vehicle of 'cultural jihad.'” For example, see Spreading Islam through Christian & Public Schools

Taxes: A Defining Issue: "Americans, staring at fiscal crevasses opening across Europe, have to decide if they also wish to spend the next 50 years laboring mainly to produce tax revenue to pay for public workers' pensions and other public promises. The private sector would exist for the public sector....

     "In another corner of the world, wealth is rising from the emerging economies of the east—China, India, Korea and the rest—posing America's greatest economic challenge in anyone's lifetime. Do the American people want to throw in the towel, or do they want to compete? If the latter, the public sector has to give way to the private sector. One or the other. It's time to choose." See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN

July 2010

Guess what part of the Constitution goes next! "Democrats have found yet another way to circumvent the U.S. Constitution: Bypass the Electoral College and elect a president by popular vote without first passing an amendment to the founding document...'If the National Public Vote movement succeeds...the president might be chosen by the popular vote winner in 10 or 11 of the most populous states.'"

     In these times of voter fraud and double-counting, a popular vote could easily be manipulated. Delaying military votes is only one of many ways to corrupt the results. See Unalienable Rights?

Look whose votes won't be counted ... Obama's Justice Department allegedly ignoring new laws designed to safeguard ballot accuracy: "In the wake of the Department of Justice's New Black Panther Party scandal, a second former DOJ attorney has now come forward, blasting the department for failing to protect American soldiers' right to vote. ..the DOJ's Voting Section is ignoring the new laws and may allow thousands of ballots to slip through the cracks uncounted in November."

Asphalt Is Replaced By Cheaper Gravel: "Paved roads, historical emblems of American achievement, are being torn up across rural America and replaced with gravel or other rough surfaces as counties struggle with tight budgets and dwindling state and federal revenue. State money for local roads was cut in many places amid budget shortfalls. In Michigan, at least 38 of the 83 counties have converted some asphalt roads to gravel..." See Reinventing the World

June 2010

Obama hopes oil spill boosts support for climate bill: "President Obama tried Wednesday to channel public outrage about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill into support for a climate-change bill, seeking to redefine an issue that threatens to tarnish his presidency....Obama made one of his strongest pitches for comprehensive climate legislation, arguing that the case for breaking the nation's addiction to fossil fuels has been made clearer by the environmental catastrophe in the gulf....

     "...the Obama administration is once again using a crisis to push its job-killing agenda,' said Rep. Tom Price (Ga.)." See The Emerging New World Order

May 2010

Who is governing America? "When the chief law enforcement officer of the United States refuses to acknowledge what is clear and true – that those perpetrating terror today are uniformly Muslim and motivated by Islamic theology of one form or another – how in the world can we possibly feel safe?

     "Let’s turn back to the now famous 'Declaration of the World Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders' signed by Osama bin Ladinand published  in an Arabic newspaper in London in 1998. After a long diatribe about the evil perpetrated by the 'Crusader-Jewish alliance' on the Arab world, the declaration concludes: ''...we call on every Muslim... to obey God’s command to kill the Americans and plunder their possessions wherever he finds them and whenever he can.'"

Transportation Secretary Explains 'Sea Change' He Envisions for U.S. Transportation: "'We are integrating the needs of bicyclists in federally funded road projects. We are discouraging transportation investments that negatively affect cyclists and pedestrians,” LaHood wrote."

The 51st State; Coming to a Union Near You: "The Puerto Rican economy is in shambles with a per capita income of less than half than that of the state of Mississippi. Translation; 30 billion dollars a year of taxpayer money to create and sustain Puerto Rican Statehood after their income taxes are implemented. So why the secrecy? It is about what is in it for the Obama administration – 6 to 7 Liberal seats in the House and Senate!"

April 2010

Good Advice Against a Con Con: "Speaking to us from across the years, the father of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison, wrote this warning on Nov. 2, 1788, against calling another general constitutional convention....

1) A new convention would 'naturally consider itself as having a greater latitude than the Congress' to amend the Constitution. Indeed, that's exactly what the Con Con advocates want: a convention to do what Congress won't do.

2) A Con Con would 'give greater agitation to the public mind.' Indeed, a Con Con would attract dozens of groups agitating for various changes....

5) The Con Con '"would no doubt contain individuals of insidious views, who under the mask of seeking alterations popular in some parts ... might have a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations' of our Constitution.... These would include pressure groups seeking an elimination of the Second Amendment, global governance through treaty law, deletion of the provision that requires a two-thirds majority of senators to ratify treaties (the favorite change urged by the Council on Foreign Relations), the addition of new constitutional rights (such as same-sex marriage and health care), elimination of the Electoral College....

7) Madison trembled for the result of another convention in the 'temper of America' in his time. We should, indeed, tremble.... Think Obama's proclaimed goal of .fundamentally transforming the United States of America." See Reinventing the World

March 2010

‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation at the Expense of Non-Motorized’: "Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that federal transportation policies will no longer favor... cars and trucks, over ... walking and bicycling. LaHood signed the new policy directive on March 11, the same day he attended a congressional reception for the National Bike Summit.... LaHood's policy statement envisions the development of a transportation system in which people walk and bike for short distances and rely on mass transit for longer trips. 'The primary goal of a transportation system is to safely and efficiently move people and goods.... 'It is a way to coerce people out of their cars." See The UN Plan For Human Settlements

February 2010

Incremental Steps to Dictatorship: "Austria illustrates the power of gradualism. In 1933, it was a free nation. In 1934, its government began to centralize its power and welcome the influence of Nazi sympathizers. By 1938, it had become a Nazi dictatorship. The downward slide began with one crisis after another. A third of the people were out of work, inflation rose to 25%, and political turmoil caused civil unrest. People longed for a leader to rescue them. Adolf Hitler campaigned in Austria, promising to solve their problems if they were annexed to Germany. A persuasive speaker, he gave them hope and won their hearts. The Austrian people voted him in.

     "Why? How could the Austrians be so blind? The answer is simple: they faced hard times, so they chose to believe Hitler's promises. They didn't see him as we do -- brutal, arrogant, narcissistic and ruthlessly ambitious." See Warnings for our Times

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