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Question: My child that is in middle school recently brought home an assignment for her English class entitled, "Where Does Your True Intelligence Lie?"  It totals up about 30 true and false questions and then classifies each child into 7 different categories.  Some of the categories are verbal linguistic intelligence, mathematically logical intelligence, and visual/spatial intelligence. Her new English teacher, who gave this assignment, moved the class from rows into groups.  She also has given a reading assignment: that popular book that everyone loves that has won so many awards entitled, "The Giver".  My daughter's only comment about the new teacher was, "you aren't going to like her she's an OBE teacher!"

Answer: You are looking at a test that would determine which of Howard Gardner's "Multible Intelligences" best fits a child's learning style. Yet, all children must learn to use all the "Intelligences." Teachers are being trained to infuse daily lessons with activities that fit into each category. In other words, children who might learn best through one of these seven intelligences must be "stretched" (in group sessions) to use and benefit from others. This system has a way of creating the social "equality" needed for "sustainable" or "healthy communities," since a child that scores low in math or reading may excel in drums, "mind-mapping," "movement," "visualization," or "centering practices."

The seven "Intelligences" are:

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: "Often called scientific thinking, this intelligence deals with deductive thinking/reason, numbers, and the recognition of abstract patterns."

Visual/Spatial Intelligence: "This intelligence deals with the sense of sight and being able to visualize and object and create internal mental images/pictures."

Body/Kinesthetic Intelligence: "... deals with physical movement and the knowing/wisdom of the body, including the brain's motor cortex, which controls bodily motion."

Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence: " with the recognition of tonal patterns, including various environmental sounds, and a sensitivity to rhythm and beats."

Interpersonal Intelligence: "... operates primarily through person-to-person relationships and communication. It relies on all the other intelligences."

Intrapersonal Intelligence: " with inner states of being, self-reflection, metacognition, and awareness of spiritual realities."

Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence: " with words and language, both written and spoken. This form of intelligence dominates most Western educational systems."

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