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National Training Laboratories or

T-Groups [behavioral research]


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Early human relations and group process labs at NTL (the National Training Laboratory Institute) - late 40's, early 50's. T-Group (training groups) use an unstructured, non-directive small group setting to help participants study group dynamics.


For information on T-Groups: objectives, methods, etc. For information on T-Group training available in the Episcopal Church go to LTI (Leadership Training Institute) or S-LDC (Servant-Leadership Development Center. An Episcopal layperson made a significant donation (George Peabody was responsible for gaining the layperson's interest), used in the development of a national training program. Most Episcopal clergy were invited to participate in a 2-week "Church and Group Life Laboratory." Many active clergy participated in the training.

The writings of Roland Allen have been part of the culture of the local ordination movement. Allen proposed that "local churches" (referring to what we think of as areas that would make up a diocese or province, not a
parish) raise up their own ordained leadership. The "movement" quality of the local ordination effort has gone by several different names including Total Ministry, Total Common Ministry, and Ministry of all the Baptized.

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