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"Church Army" - UK


Archbishop's debate in nightclub: "Barry Morgan accepted an invitation from Solace, the 'church in a bar,' to talk to young clubbers at Dempsey's in the city centre. Sunday night's discussion, called 'Is Religion Bad?' was examining religion's role and effects in the world.

     "Dr Morgan said: 'Some of the best debates and conversations young people have these days are at nightclubs.' Solace is run by Wendy Sanderson, an evangelist from the Church Army and the Reverend James Karran, a young priest at Ararat Baptist Church in Cardiff....

     "Before the debate, Dr Morgan said: 'Solace offers a great alternative for those looking to combine a fun night out with stimulating chat in a responsible atmosphere. 'My own clubbing days may be over but I'm looking forward to meeting those still on the scene and sharing some ideas. And I'll try not to complain too much about the loud music.'"


Church Army evangelists challenge church to re-think the way it engages with young people: "The book Young People and Mission gives an honest appraisal of how the Church relates to young people through worship and mission. ... The book also seeks to help young Christians understand other faiths and the implications of living as Christian in a multi-faith society.... 'We believe that mission is about seeing young people so touched by knowing God's love that they want to see His Kingdom come in the world. That is why injustice and poverty has a chapter alongside chapters on equipping young people to share their faith." See Emerging "Christianity" - Part 1


Church Army evangelist in radio Mind Body Spirit Challenge: "Hollinghurst... is also a member of the team running the Christian 'Dekhomai' stand at the London Mind Body Spirit Festival, from which the programme takes its name. He says, 'I've been using Bible stories on a special deck of cards [imitating divination?] and the offer of prayer amongst today's spiritual seekers for a while. They both offer a powerful way for people who often would dismiss Christianity to experience its relevance to their lives. The opportunity to offer this on air as part of The Psychic Show is a real chance for this to be experienced by hundreds of thousands of listeners." 

      What kind of Christian "experience" is this?

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