Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens
Neil Cole

101: "A group of two or three is indeed the best context to blend and balance confidentially and accountability.... Fourth, flexibility is stronger with two or three (Matt. 18:20) ... Many believe that these words are the most basic description of church found in the Bible."

128: "...each unit is a carrier of the Kingdom virus, the DNA of an organic church movement."

134: "There is order but not control. There is leadership but not micro-management. There is accountability of relationship but not subjugation. There is not delegation of authority but distribution of it. Dependence and independence are replaced with a healthy interdependence, of the many expanding member communities. / In a top-down hierarchical structure, delegation of authority is important. But there is a vast difference between delegated authority and distributed authority. All authority comes form God. True authority is recognized and granted from those who follow; however, sometimtes that authority is forced by posi9on, power, or event the threat of violent enforcement. This is how the world operates, but the Kingdom of God is not to be that way. / (Mark 10:41-45)

135: "In a flat structure, one that does not employ a hierarchical leadership model, authority is still delegated, but nor from layers above, only from the King Himself. Authority is distributed to each person to accomplish all God has for the person, without needing layers of intermediaries to pass that authority down. ... In this manner each person is endowed with the authority to accomplish all God intends."