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Re-engineering minds through IT

Information Technology

"US school succumbs to paperless madness: "An Arizona school has dispensed entirely with textbooks and has spunked its entire book budget on student laptops....  'We have a library and we encourage students to use it, but the primary delivery of instruction materials is being done through the laptops.'"

UNESCO's Information and communication technologies in Technical and vocational education and training (April 2002, IITE, headquartered in Moscow):

     "Subramaian proceeded the second thematic session presenting IT as a Catalyst for Human Resource Re-engineering in Knowledge Networked Environments. The expert introduced a professional pyramid of principal levels and types of vocational skills and described the application of different generations of computers for IT solutions in re-engineering and development of these skills.... (page 9)

     "Our Institute is a university for professional education, which means that we want to serve our clients, our students to develop the competences they need to start a professional career in a specific job or position, or upgrade their competences, if they are already working. This implies that we have defined our educational objectives in terms of professional competences, a competence being an integrative combination of cognitive, social and affective elements of job requirements. The choice for this education approach and philosophy has enormous consequences for the organization of our education, including the use of ICTs as an educational tool." (Page 24)

     "The fast growing attention to multi-modality, full three-dimensional VR (Virtual Reality) and the avoidance of anisotropy has partly supplanted the designer's attention to students' conceptual states.... The user feels 'in the middle of another environment.' Most of the VR systems allow the user to travel and navigate. More promising for learning purposes is to let the user manipulate objects and experience the consequences.... [Skinner]

     "... they have helped us to extend our perception, imagination and manipulation. VR is just an extra step on the long road bringing the imagination as close and making it as realistic as reality itself....

     "...for many of the today VR proponents, 'Reality' sounds as the only inevitable physical world, they rather prefer 'Virtual Environments.' This leaves behind the idea that there is mainly one real world. .... Computers are inherently tools to emulate situational and a fictitious environments. The next generation of VR suggests that you can really walk around there, and can manipulate and experiment. This environment does not necessarily need the same properties as the real world. There can be different forces, gravity, magnetic fields, etc. ... The properties of a good VR are like those of a good teacher, it allows the students to explore the basic laws of a new domain...." 55

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