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Re-Education or Service-Learning

It's all Brainwashing!

"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened." Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness, 1970


"Information is useful only if citizens can put it into a framework of knowledge and use it to solve problems, form [new] values, and make choices. Education for sustainability will help them make individual and collective decisions that both benefit themselves and promote the development of sustainable communities. [It] must involve everyone." President [Clinton]'s Council on Sustainable Development

April 22, 2009:  U.S. Education Secretary Signs Partnership with Chinese Communists Who Put Dissidents in Re-Education Camps: "U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has signed a formal educational partnership agrement with the Peoples Republic of China, a Communist regime that, according to the U.S. State Department, subjects political dissidents to re-education through labor.

      "Duncan signed the 2009 Joint Statement of Exchange and Cooperation with the Chinese Minister of Education Zhou Ji on April 16. The documents signed by both Secretary Duncan and Zhou Ji include, among other items, the following initiatives:

  •  “The U.S. Network for Education Information (USNEI) Web site be expanded to include links to the academic accreditation Web site in China and other countries (timeline 2009 and forward), and MOE links to USNEI.”

  • “Consultation with the higher education community (academic institutions and organizations) take place on direct collaboration with China or the United States that includes the sharing of best teaching practices and deepening of existing ties (timeline 2009-2013).”...

     “Leading human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Harry Wu, who has documented many of China’s human rights abuses and crimes, said the United States cannot learn anything from the Communist Chinese educational system.... The State Department’s Human Rights Report on China, dated Feb. 25, 2009, states that the Chinese government puts political dissidents into reeducation through labor camps.

     "“The government reportedly continued to ...detain citizens for possession of unauthorized religious texts, imprison citizens for religious activities determined to be ‘extremist’... the report reads. ... XUAR party secretary Wang Lequan declared in September that the XUAR government would carry out ‘preemptive attacks,’ implement ‘antiseparatist reeducation’ across the region, and increase policing of religious groups.'"

Brainwashing in America - Why few dare call it conspiracy: "A massive world-wide partnership is pioneering new strategies for social transformation. The media, the entertainment industry, computer companies, government agencies, educational institutions, the United Nations and its accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have all joined together in a common quest for a global mind change. They seek solidarity -- a worldwide unity based on a new set of beliefs and values. 'Obsolete' and 'exclusive' loyalties to national sovereignty, Biblical values, and the unadulterated U.S. Constitution stand in their way. Conforming the masses to their way of thinking requires all the sophisticated tools and tactics developed at the various 'behavioral science research' institutes and 'education laboratories' established first in England, then in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and finally in the United States. If these psycho-social engineers win their battle against an unsuspecting public, they would 'wash' away individual thinking, free speech and all the other 'rights' that have made America unique. The vacuum would be filled with lofty ideals, enticing images and deceptive promises designed to mold minds that match their global vision. Group thinking and other dictates would enforce compliance."

America imports Soviet Education: "Within the pages of Human Relations in Curriculum Change, by Kenneth D. Benne and Bozidar Muntyan, 1951, we find the following: 'One of the factors which has been shown to have a very important bearing on the success or failure of the re-educative process is the manner in which the new super-ego is introduced. The simplest solution seems to lie in outright enforcement of the new set of values and beliefs. In this case a new god is introduced who has to fight with the old god, now regarded as a devil. Two points may be made in this connection, illustrating the dilemma facing re-education in regard to the introduction of a new set of values." (See Soviet Education under Lenin Models U.S. Education for the New millennium)

Elian Starts Re-Education at Globalist Aspen Institute: "...the six-year-old boy and his controlled family were taken to one of the world’s foremost training centers for global re-learning and collective thinking: The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (AIHS). Founded in Aspen, Colorado, but linked to the British-based Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, it calls itself "a global forum" which "seeks to improve the condition of human well-being by fostering enlightened, responsible leadership and by convening leaders and policy-makers to address the structural changes of the new century."

     "This training center for a global army of psycho-social change agents works through offices in Germany, Japan, Italy and France as well as the United States. Its manipulative conferences and seminars are based in Aspen or at the beautiful Wye plantation in Maryland. The latter now hides Elián from the watchful eyes of the world and from accountability to American taxpayers who might not approve of the Cuban team of communist trainers. Housed at the prestigious Carmichael Farm, the six-year-old boy plays in the shadow of a famed former guest, Bill Clinton." See Aspen Institute Links

The Radical Roots of the World Health Organization (WHO): [Written by General G. B. Chisholm, M.D., a Canadian psychiatrist and the first head of the UN's World Health Organization] "Man's freedom to observe and to think freely... has been destroyed or crippled by local [Biblical] certainties, by gods of local moralities, of local loyalty, of personal salvation... frequently masquerading as love...

    "The re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training... these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy. Would they not be legitimate objectives of original education? Would it not be sensible to stop imposing our own local prejudices and faiths on children and give them all sides of every question so that...they may have the ability to size things up and make their own decisions? ...

     "The pretense is made... that to do away with right and wrong would produce uncivilized people, immorality, lawlessness and social chaos. If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil, it must be psychiatrist who take the original responsibility. ...

     "...the people who matter are the teacher, the young mothers and fathers, the parent-teacher associations, youth groups, service clubs... churches... -- everyone who can be reached and given help toward intellectual freedom and honesty for themselves and for the children... Can such a program of re-education or of a new kind of education be charted?

     "I would not presume to go so far, except to suggest that psychology and sociology and simple psychopathology, the sciences of living, should be made available to all the people by being taught too all children in primary an secondary schools.... Only so... can we help our children carry their responsibilities as world citizens."

When Iron Gates Yield: [China] "All religious activity must take place within one of the five official religious bodies: the Chinese Buddhist Association, the Catholic Patriotic Association, the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM, the Chinese Islamic Association and the Chinese Taoist Association. Each association is responsible to the government's Religious Affairs Bureau (RAB). All unregistered religious activity is held to be illegal.

     "The registration campaign is accompanied by destruction and confiscation of property, imposition of fines, arrests, beatings, torture, imprisonment and 're-education through labour'.... 'Teaching on certain topics is prohibited, including the Second Coming and judgment day, the gifts of the Spirit and creation. There are also restrictions on working with certain classes of persons, including those under 18 years of age."

Is this America? Part 2 : "Re-education" and Thought Police belong in police states -- not in America."



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