Hidden threats

Geoff Metcalf

WorldNetDaily, May 11, 1998


Hidden threats : [Geoff Metcalf, 5-11-1998]


"Civilian internment camps or prison camps, often referred to as concentration camps, have been the subject of much rumor and speculation.... However, I found it significant when Rep. Henry Gonzalez... said, 'the truth is yes -- you do have these standby provisions, and the plans are here... whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism... evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps.'....


"It may have just recently been actually acknowledged, but it has a history.... [In 1939] FDR met with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to develop the detention plan for us. Five months later, Hitler opened the Auschwitz detention center in Poland. Hoover met with Attorney General J. Howard McGrath on Aug. 3, 1948 to detail a plan whereby President Truman could suspend constitutional liberties during a national emergency. The plan was code-named 'Security Portfolio' and, when implemented, it would authorize the FBI to summarily arrest up to 20,000 persons and place them in national security detention camps. Prisoners would not have the right to a court hearing or habeas corpus appeal.


"...[25 years later] it was revealed the ongoing internment plan had never been terminated. The report, entitled, 'Intelligence Activities, Senate Resolution 21,' exposed the covert agenda. ...the designs by the federal government (our government) to monitor, infiltrate, arrest and incarcerate a potentially large segment of American society.


"That Senate report also exposed the existence of the Master Search Warrant (MSW) and the Master Arrest Warrant (MAW) which, by the way, are currently STILL in force today. The MAW document, authorized by the attorney general of the United States, directs the head of the FBI to: 'Arrest persons whom I deem dangerous to the public peace and safety. These persons are to be detained and confined until further order.'


"Please note the language, 'Whom I deem dangerous.' Who might a Janet Reno choose to arbitrarily and capriciously 'deem dangerous'? Constitutional Conservatives? Patriots? Conservative Republicans? Radio Talk Show Hosts?..."