British Prime Minister Tony Blair put a nice, politically correct spin on this global management network and its intent:

"But our job is to help people with that change. Not to resist it, and so suffocate opportunity. But not just to let change happen, regardless of the consequence. Our approach, what I call the Third Way, is to manage that process of change to extend opportunity and prosperity for all. To find a way which provides for efficiency in the knowledge economy, and ensuring that everyone feels its benefit.... We have to democratize the new economy."[9] The Knowledge Economy  [emphasis added]

As Total Quality Management (TQM) reaches out -- far beyond the promise of quality products -- to manage human and social development, this transformation is almost certain to go "in the right direction."  If our national and global managers have their way, no one will escape the never-ending assessments, evaluations, corrections and demands for compliance with all kinds of standards.  In the more intrusive systems, their regulations will hold the minds and actions of every person accountable to international standards for mental health, citizenship and service, cooperation or compliance....


From burn baby burn: hey there christians. I do a weekly talk radio show here in MI, also heard on.... A lot of christian groups are burning harry potter books lately, so my show is organizing a bible burning this wed night live on the air i hope you will join us as we send the real evil book to hell. i will throw a bible on the fire just for you! But im sure you wont listen or call in. All christians are cowards. Good day.

Yesterday, I tried to call in to a local radio station. The host's attitude toward Christians was just like yours. I wanted to give a reasonable explanation, but I didn't get past the gatekeeper. Could it be that angry radio hosts are the real cowards?  Unwilling to engage in a genuine debate, many resort to name calling and rude diatribes?

Let's count some of the costs of this revolutionary program. How might it affect our children and grandchildren?



Non-elected Education Gatekeepers
        Since the voting members of the NAG Board are appointed by the President of the United States, one non-elected board will now have the authority to dictate the education content for all public schools as well as the authority to write the important tests. According to Tucker’s plan, the resulting Board Exams, first given in tenth grade, will determine if a child can continue in school or not. A second Board Exam will dictate if students may attend college or not. This non-elected Board, therefore, serving at the wishes of the President, becomes the education gatekeeper for the children of our country.  As explained above, these Board Exams will be more interested in measuring the attitudes and values desired by the hard left than in measuring knowledge-based academic achievement.

        As noted above, the United States already agreed to teach the UNESCO curriculum when our Presidents signed Dakar. The Dodd-Ehlers bill gives Dakar the force of law. In this way the central features of the international education agreements will become law in the United States without ever facing hearings or a ratification vote in the U.S. Senate. The Constitution of the United States will have been effectively bypassed.


The advent of alternative media has had a major impact on U.S. politics for the last twenty years. Slowly but surely the exclusive chokehold the country's national information gatekeepers -- major radio and TV networks plus the major newswire services -- previously held on the flow of news has been eroded by talk radio, both on-air and internet, weblogs and online newspapers.

A decade ago politicians discovered with much chagrin that this "alternative media" was actually affecting the outcomes of elections and limiting what they could get away with once in office. Statements and actions by politicians which the mainliners left unchallenged were examined minutely in the alternative media. Even small sections of pending bills lawmakers hoped wouldn't be noticed have made it into blogs and on the air in record time, resulting in angry calls to force removal of the offending provisions. There are too many people watching them carefully and reporting through the relatively inexpensive medium of the internet.

Now it seems some congressmen want to fight back. Buried within Senate Bill One, which as we pointed out promotes long-sought lobbying reform, exists Section 220 defining individuals or organizations reaching more than 500 people on a grassroots level with information about political issues as lobbying organizations, if the information can be construed as urging people to contact congress.

These individuals or groups would be required to register and subsequently file unwieldy amounts of paperwork, whenever they transmit political information to their subscribers. Failure to do so would result in $50,000-$100,000 fines per violation plus jail time for willful failure to comply. This would be a staggering burden of proof and compliance to small grass roots individuals or organizations affected by the new requirements.

Partnering with business is a unique and essential feature of the GDOP. According to, “Business and ministry leaders are leading the way” for the Global Day of Prayer. The International Coalition of Workplace Ministries is one such organization. Os Hillman of ICWM and the Atlanta Global Day of Prayer has written a number of articles about how cities and marketplaces can be “transformed.” Business leaders are referred to as “gatekeepers” and “catalysts” and potential “financiers” for “transformation.” Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, C. Peter Wagner and Alistair Petrie are just a few of the architects of this city-wide and marketplace transformation movement. Businessman Graham Power, who founded “Transformation Africa” and heads up the GDOP, lists C. Peter Wagner as his advisor in the Transform World Market Place.,

Warren's leadership trainers (or coaches) are the "gatekeepers." No one participates unless they have been trained in "the new way of thinking," which puts the gospel into a new context. (See Who defines the Kingdom of God? ) That new context includes new definitions of "healthy" church and God's will and purpose for us. See this chart showing Warren's five "purposes."