We Are All Communitarians Now

by Niki Raapana, 10/17/05

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Fabian propaganda finally won the war between the British Empire and her wayward American colonies. Thinking Americans are bought, tricked, used, shamed or bullied into endorsing communitarian law, without ever once being told (or asking) what the heck it represents. Any American who believes there's still a functioning constitutional republic is living in a dreamworld. It's not the Matrix or the aliens; it's just a slick, planned, professional, human con-job. For all intents and purposes, our system of protecting individuals ended with a whimper.

It was a very successful, silent coup and it was pulled off without a hitch. The term does show up occassionally in the mainstream press, but always as if it's some kind of vague, new "good thing." They write a lot about it in their books and political journals and it's discussed and taught in upper academia and law schools. Many American academics have written about the problems with the ideology, but for for the most part, local politicans and community developers who promote and enforce communitarian solutions rarely discuss the synthesis as if they understand any of it.

Officials who follow communitarian principles have total police power now. American COPS block off neighborhoods and go "door-to-door" asking neighbors for help and information that will help them catch the "bad" neighbor next door. Today it takes at least four cop cars to arrest people accused or suspected of potential for crime. Not only are our prisons overflowing with communitarian political prisoners, our local jails fill with victims of bizarre interventions, performed on behalf of the community at large. The Domestic Violence and Crime Acts allowed for uncountable bogus charges against innocent Americans.

But that's old news. Now they've gone ahead and reorganized the federal government into one central agency called the Department of Homeland Security. Constitutionally mandated Separation of Powers no longer exists. The progressive, slow series of events that led to the coup can be retraced by following the documented and archived historical march of Hegelian conflicts. Today their legions number in the millions. They are insanely wealthy, positioned, and well-prepared. There is no organized resistance. The U.S. fell for the biggest con job in recorded human history. We still might not know who they are, or what the connection is between Etzioni and Chertoff, but it's definately the communitarians in the White House who dictate all U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

It was accomplished with slow, steady academic planning. The virus was planted long ago. We're all infected. By the time U.S. legislators passed laws supporting a diseased communitarian system of government we were easily convinced we "asked" for their solution. Even now, as communitarian plans unfold before our very eyes, we're still not supposed to know exactly what it is, nor do we really care to know. Our smartest people chase straw man after straw man claiming everyone else is a sheeple, but who identifies the one thing that supports the new system? When will Americans get the whole truth about the philosophy that changed their world? We think never, even though there's ample evidence that Communitarianism is the final synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic.

There's simply no hope anymore that the "New World Order" is a paranoid conspiracy theory. The Hegelian dialectic is verifiably the formula for a global Community Empire. (A) individual freedom versus (B) communist slavery equals (Z) mandatory communitarian volunteerism. Mandatory volunteer communities are the backbone for the emerging global government. The advertising campaign to encourage citizen volunteerism has begun in earnest. Our children are being coaxed into becoming volunteer communitarians. The message is everywhere from the first 6 pages of Rolling Stone Magazine to radio ads for the National Guard. (American soldiers do not "come together for the common good," they swear to defend the Constitution.)

Think about it. When did behavior "treatment" come under the authority of U.S. Courts? When did "behavior" laws gain more power than 5th Amendment due process? When did "victims" attain more rights than the accused? When did Americans first need permission for business and recreational pursuits? When did it happen that we needed a permit from some new government agency for practically everything we want to do? When did our mental and physical health become the business of government? When was U.S. history rewritten to say our founding fathers were communitarians?
The Bill of Rights really is dead. We've shown that not one lawyer in the country will use it to challenge communitarian laws, interventions, actions, or programs. All national law is "outdated" and totally subservient to community aquis. Citizens residing in new democratic societies are death bound in non-negotiable Hegelian "agreements." Thousands of onslaughts against American legal principles were slowly inserted into our system for over a century. Just because you and I were never told that was what was going on doesn't mean it didn't happen. Most Americans we've met get all their news from the communitarian media which only tells them what they "need" to know.

They'll never admit the American people are walking into the final synthesis. They use lofty sounding propaganda messages, like volunteering for "good causes" is our new responsibility. Good people don't make their own choices, they find a way to G.I.V.E. to Luciferian programs. Our school kids have already been forced into community service for a decade. Many now willingly choose volunteer "jobs" for the USA Citizen Corps.

Will you volunteer for theosophical organizations? Is your private skills' information included in your town's community development maps? Are you an asset or an identified problem? You do know it's only the bad selfish people who refuse to join the Soviet. A "good" citizen squeals on bad neighbors who won't do their part (or who breaks communitarian laws).

The global future recommended by the leading communitarian authority is to combine U.S. Miltary power with the UN Court. Communitarianism is the emerging world justice system. All modern wars are communitarian wars, it influences all UN endorsed programs for saving the world. Sustainable development is communitarian theory and law. Violent Peacekeeping and Freedom Fighting are communitarian solutions. Community Policing was a communitarian idea, COPS write and enforce communitarian laws. From Land Use to Domestic Violence to DUIs to the War on Drugs, our free citizens are arrested, fined and sentenced for communitarian "crimes." United Nations' Local Agenda 21 is the 1992 blueprint handed out at Rio. The International Court of Justice at the Hague, Netherlands is in the Peace Palace. Every player associated with the emerging global, peaceful sythesis is communitarian. Peace really does mean war. The entire globe is communitarian property now. The Community Empire is inside the gates. They're making their final moves. Would Americans stop them if told who they are? Can they be stopped?

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