Conversations with god

An uncommon dialogue - Book 3

by Neale Donald Walsch

"'s not about separation, but unity. For it is in the unity that inner strength exist, and in the separation that it dissipates, leaven one feeling weak and powerless.... 42

Stop thinking of yourself as separate, and all the true power that comes from t he inner strength of unity is yours -- as a worldwide society, and as an individual part of that whole -- to wield as you wish...,.

Power without inner strength is an illusion. Inner strength without unity is a lie... Still, separation continues to masquerade as strength... 43

"Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. There is no separation. Not from each other, not from God, and not from anything that is.... Act as if you were separate from nothing....This is the greatest secret of all time....Act as if you were separated from nothing, and you will heal the world. 44

"Behold the darkness, yet curse it not. Rather, be a light unto the darkness, and so transform it. Let your light so shine before men, that those who stand in the darkness will be illumined by the light of your being, and all of you will see, at last, Who Your Really Are." 68

The day will come when we will speak as One. That day will come for all people... 101


You have one entire religion base on such a report. It is called the Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.... 103

Nothing 'natters' in and of itself. ... Jesus said, 'Without the Father, I am nothing.' The Father of all is pure thought. This is The energy of life. This is what you have chosen to call Absolute Love. this the God and the Goddess, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. .... There is only One of Us, and so, it is THAT WHICH YOU ARE." 180-81

"Unity is the truth. Separatism is the illusion. As long as a society sees itself as separate--a series or collection of separate units--it lives in the illusion. All of life on your planet is built on separatism; based in duality. You imagine yourselves to be separate families or clans, gathered in separate neighborhoods or states... Finally, you think that you are better than anyone else in your family." 261

"Denial is the mechanism here. ... You've spent a lifetime denying Who and What you Really Are. ... You deny that I am within you--that I am you--and in this you deny Me My rightful and obvious place. I have not, and do not, deny You." 262                                                                                                                            

g: Are we still on the same team?

Neale: "I thought there was only one team! "Who is on the other team?

g: "Every thought which ignores our oneness, every idea which separates us, every action which announces that we are not united." The 'other team' is not real, yet it is a part of your reality, for you have made it so." 278 ...

Neale: So the main difference between our society and more highly evolved civilizations elsewhere in the universe is this idea we have of separation.

g: yes. the first guiding principle of advanced civilizations is unity. Acknowledgment o the oneness, and the sacredness of all life." 280

"Since the First Guiding Principle of HEB is We Are All One, the 'One' is not 'fit' until the 'All' is 'fit.' Survival of the 'fittest' is , therefore, impossible-- or the only thing that is possible (therefore a contradiction)--since the 'fittest' is not 'fit' until it is. Are your following this?

Neale: Yes. We call it communism.

g: "On your planet you have rejected out-of-hand any system which does not allow for the advancement of one being at the expense of another.

If a system of governance or economics requires an attempt at equitable distribution, to 'all,' of the benefits created by 'all,' with the resources belonging to 'all,' you have said that system of governance violates the natural order. Yet in highly evolved cultures, the natural order IS equitable sharing." 303

N: Even if a person or gro0up has done nothing to deserve it? Even if there has been no contribution to the common good? Even if they are evil?

"The common good is life. If you are alive, you are contributing to the common good. It is very difficult for a spirit to be in physical form. To agree to take such a form is, in one sense, a great sacrifice..." 303

As I have already explained, there is only One Soul, One Being... Some of you call this 'God.'... This Single Essence 'individuates' Itself s as Everything In the Universe--in other words, All That Is. This includes all the sentient beings, or what you have chose n to call souls.... Every soul that is now, ever was, and ever will be.

N: So god is a "collective?".... Not a single awesome being, but a collective?"

It doesn't have to be one or the other. Thin 'outside the box!'

N: God is both? a single Awesome Being which is a collective of individualized parts?"

Good. Very good! 304

Change, Evolution and Hegel

"...what is unavoidable is not death, but impermanence. Impermanence is the only truth. Nothing is permanent. All is changing. In every instant. In every moment. .... This is the Dharma, and this is the Buddha. This is the Buddha Dharma. This is the teaching and teacher.... They never have need other than One." 144

"The process of evolution has been ongoing forever... But now that process is taking a new twist. .... Now you have become aware that you are evolving. ... Before, you were simply an observer of how your species was evolving. Now you are a conscious participant. / More people than ever before are aware of the power to the mind, their interconnectedness with all things, and their real identity as a spiritual being..... This truly is an evolution revolution, for now larger and larger numbers of you are creating consciously the quality of your experience, the direct expression of Who You Really Are, and the rapid manifestation of Who You Choose to be." 279

Neale: These are the exact points made in a book by Barbara Marx Hubbard called Conscious Evolution."279

"Finally, the highly evolved being understands that she and her attackers are One. She sees the attackers as a wounded part of her Self. Her function in t hat circumstance is to heal all wounds, so that the All In One can again know itself as it really is.... Let's abbreviate that as 'HEBs' from here on." 284

"Evolution is not a straight line. You have a chance now to re-create the best experiences of your ancient cavitations, while avoiding the worse." 314

"Highly evolved beings refuse to join together in nations. They believe in simply one nations. You might even say they have formed 'one nation, under God.'"318

"The point is that all races and species are evolving, and evolution-- the purpose of observing that serves you, and making behavioral adoption--seems to keep moving in one direction, and away from another. It keeps moving toward unity, and away from separation. This is not surprising, since unity is the Ultimate Truth, and 'evolution' is just another word for 'movement toward truth." ... 319

"Evolution is 'survival of the fittest.' That is the process." 319

"evolution is a process--but a process over which the species has control--has not confused 'process' with 'principle', but consciously chooses a principle which it uses to guide and direct its process. This is called conscious evolution, and your species has just arrived there." 320

"Neale: Was Jesus one of these 'HEBs' -- highly evolved beings? ... as was the Buddha, Lord Krishna, Moses, Babaji, Sai Baba, and Paramahansa Yogananda, for that matter." 324

Neal: I always thought that God is the Unchangeable. the One Constant. The Unmoved Mover." 345

g: But that IS the truth! The One Unchanging Truth is that God is always changing,. That is the truth--and you can't do anything to change it. The one thing that never changes is that everything is always changing.

"Life is change. God is life. Therefore, God is change." 345

My love for you is always changing, because you are always changing, and I love you just the way your are." 346


"...your planet's greatest spiritual revolution has just begun."

It is not necessary to have 'negativity' right in front of them, in their own world, for them to know how 'positive' their civilization is. They are 'positively aware" of Who They Are without having to create negativity to prove it. 356

You can change life on your planet right now, and eliminate all that you are not, without endangering in any way your ability to know and experience That Which You ARE."356

Neale: Wow! This is the greatest revelation in the book!" 357

Contradictions, dichotomies and opposites

There is no contradiction. Yet you cannot see the harmony. ... You see, the Divine Doctrine is also a Divine Dichotomy, and that is because life itself is a dichotomy--an experience within which two apparently contradictory truths can exist in the same space at the same time. In this case, the apparent contradictory truths are that you and I are separate, and you are I are one. The same apparent contradiction appears in t he relationship between you and everyone else.

The highest choice for the Self becomes the highest choice for another when the Self realizes that there is no one else. The mistake, therefore is not in choosing what is best for you, but rather, in not knowing what is best. This stems from now knowing Who You Really Are, much less who you are seeking to be." 9


"The highest choice for the Self becomes the highest choice for another when the Self realizes that there is no one else. The mistake, therefore is not in choosing what is best for you, but rather, in not knowing what is best. This stems from now knowing Who You Really Are, much less who you are seeking to be." 9

"And your chief interest is yourself. Every evidence, no matter how scientific, no matter how demonstrable or compelling, will be denied if it violates your self interests.

N: That's a rather harsh statement, and I'm not sure it's true."

g: Really? Now you're calling God a liar?268

"I hope you will read these Eight Books that Can change the world: (Marianne Williamson, Thom Hartmann, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert t Theobald, James Redfield, Michael Lerner, Kingma, John Robbins

Organizations: The Emissaries, Natural Law Party, The American Renaissance Alliance, the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. 371-377


"You not only interpret energy, you create it. Imagination is a function of your mind, which is one-third of your three-part being. In our mind you imagine something, and it begins to take physical form. The longer you imagine it, the more physical that form becomes, until the increasing energy you have given it literally bust into light, flashing an image of itself into what you call your reality.... 361