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North/North Network: Partners and Offices: "Because of the large geographic scope of the North/North Network activities, Regional offices are established in Beijing (China Region), Moscow (Russia Region) with regional branches in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok and Prague (Central and Eastern Europe). Russia and China anticipate additional branch offices to address the magnitude of workload. It is also anticipated that a Regional Office will be established in Western Europe.

• W. Cecil Steward – Chairman of North/North Network Director of North America Region

• Jiang Ming Jun – Director of Asia Pacific Rim, President of the Center for United Nations Program, Beijing China
• Victor Fersht– Director of Financial Development Professor... Vladivostok, Russia

Sharon B. Kuska–  Director of Secretariat, Associate Director, Joslyn Castle Institute for Sustainable Communities.... Omaha, Nebraska

• Victor Belkin – Director, Russian Region....Vladivostok, Russia

wVictor Korskov – Director, UNESCO Relations...Vladivostok, Russia
• Marc A. Weiss - Director, Central and Eastern Europe Region, Executive Director, Prague Institute for Global Urban Development
Prague, Barcelona, and Washington, DC.

• Jim Powell– Director of Program Development... Alaska Development Corporation.


North/North Network: The Secretariat: "The [Joslyn Castle] Institute is proud to announce its founding role in The North/North Network for Urban Sustainability and Leadership. During the recent World Urban Forum in Barcelona, the organizing committee of global partners appointed JCI as the secretariat for the North/North Network. As the Secretariat, JCI will coordinate between regional offices, performing the business affairs of the organization, prioritizing projects, networking, and promoting the organization.

    "For the past 10 years, JCI has been a member of the United Nations Best Practices and Local Leadership Program (BLP). One of 27 partners worldwide, the Institute is the designated Thematic Center of Architecture and Urban Design. ....The Joslyn Castle Institute was established in 1996 to promote an integrated approach to issues of sustainability. ....The Institute has offices in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE.."


UN-Habitat: 2006 Dubai Awards Update: "This searchable database contains over 2,650 proven solutions from more than 140 countries to the common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanizing world. It demonstrates the practical ways in which public, private and civil society sectors are working together to improve governance, eradicate poverty, provide access to shelter, land and basic services, protect the environment and support economic development. The database is a powerful tool for:

• Analyzing current trends and emerging issues;

• Networking with the people and organisations...

• Capacity-building including new knowledge management....

      "The Best Practices database is a joint product of UN-HABITAT and The Together Foundation and has been made possible with the support of Dubai Municipality, the Best Practices Partners and the Government of UK."


"The Northern Forum - Secretariat: "The Secretariat of the Northern Forum is located in Anchorage, Alaska, in the Alaska Legislature building, 716 W 4th Avenue. The small international office performs a number of duties, including: gathering and providing information to member regions and members; assisting in communications among regions;"


NORTH/NORTH NETWORK FOR URBAN SUSTAINABILITY AND LEADERSHIP -- Strategic and Business Plan: (Page no longer available) "Includes revisions from the Board of Director’s Meetings at the World Forum 2004 Barcelona Spain, September 16 &17, 2004 ... AFFILIATED WITH UNITED NATIONS – HABITAT PROGRAM

     "Chairman of the North/North Network, Director of North American Region W. Cecil Steward, Main Secretariat Office Joslyn Castle Institute for Sustainable Communities Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska...Website: www.ecospheres.com  ... USA, MOSCOW, VLADIVOSTOK, KHABAROVSK –RUSSIA, LINCOLN-NEBRASKA-USA, PRAGUE – CZECH REPUBLIC....

    "Working within the bounds of the UN-Habitat Program the North/North Network for Urban Sustainability and Leadership (North/North Network) will build urban sustainability among Northern Hemisphere cities by fostering exchange and delivering programs about best practices among cities, organizations, governments and businesses.... Fulfill the tasks and objectives of the regional offices established at (1) Khabarovsk Russia, (2) Pacific State University of Economics (Vladivostok, Russia), (3) Joslyn Castle Institute (Nebraska, USA), and (4) “Green Cross” organization (Beijing, China)....

     " Review migration patterns and processes in Northern Hemisphere countries · Improve urban administration and governance for sustainability."


Religion. IV Parliament of the World’s Religions: "During 7 to 13 July, the Universal Forum of Cultures became the Universal Forum of Religions, at which the leaders of more than 100 faiths showed that, in spite of all their differences, everybody has a fundamental principle that unites them: universal peace and mutual respect. In this sense, they undertook to renew the will so that dialogue, tolerance and the fulfilment of human rights would no longer be a far-off utopia in a fragmented and unequal world." See UNESCO'S Declaration of Religion



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