Identifying the New Theology

by Gene K. Smith

See New Theology and the New Age Movement

and excerpts from The God Who Is There by Francis Schaeffer

The New Theology accommodates the occult and the New Age Movement, which appears to be preparing the world for Satan’s enthronement as the god of this world (2 Thes. 2:3-10) with its emphasis on self centeredness, sexuality, and emotionalism. This theology also influenced some of the modern Bible translations and paraphrases. (It seems particularly to have influenced Petersons’ The Message, which frequently drops out much of the doctrinal content of the passage.) New Theology ministers use the same religious words as conservative ministers, but they don’t mean the same thing, so most Christians are easily fooled. Few conservative Christian seminaries and Bible Schools paid attention to Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s warnings in the late 1960s about the infusion of humanism in every aspect of western culture. They also failed to heed his warnings about the New Theology in the mid 1980’s.

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