Adult Indoctrination

 by Erica Carle  - August 6, 2007

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As terrible as our present Theosophically and sociologically controlled education system for children is, the most frightening deception and control is not in the grade and high schools, but in the thousands of programs, courses, seminars, training sessions, workshops, conventions, retreats, growth centers and counseling services that government, churches, fraternal, business and social organizations are using to affect behavior of participants.


These organizations are training, hypnotizing, bribing, flattering, frightening, deceiving, and directing millions of people into lines of thought, or non-thought which will make them easier to con and use. A generation of adults is being duped into becoming non-judgmental in moral situations; dependent in social and political situations; unreliable in business situations; exhibitionistic about their feelings; unperturbed about invasions of privacy, and without respect for the privacy and sensitivity of others.

They are influenced to adopt pre-packaged opinions and aroused to such a degree that they close their eyes and ears to all contrary facts. They protect these adopted ideas with all the ferocity of a mother lion guarding her newly-born cubs.

The change in human behavior and resistance to factual information is necessary before the Theosophical World Order can be established. An article in the AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST, December 1969, "Psychology As a Means of Promoting Human Welfare" by George A. Miller, of Rockefeller University, explains why so much psychology is being taught and why so many are practicing psychological techniques on others. The following are excerpts from that article:

"I will begin by stating publicly something that I think psychologists all feel, but seldom talk about. In my opinion, scientific psychology is potentially one of the most revolutionary intellectual enterprises ever conceived by the mind of man. If we were ever to achieve substantial progress toward our stated aim -- toward the understanding, prediction, and control of mental and behavioral phenomena -- the implications for every aspect of society would make brave men tremble.

"Responsible spokesmen for psychology seldom emphasize this revolutionary possibility. Our reason is that the general public is all too ready to believe it, and public resistance to psychology would be all too easy to mobilize. Faced with the possibility that revolutionary pronouncements might easily do more harm than good, a prudent spokesman finds other drums to march to. . .
"Since I know that rash statements about the revolutionary potential of psychology may lead to public rejection and scientific ridicule, why do I take such risks on this occasion? My reason is that I do not believe the psychological revolution is still pie in the sky. It has already begun. . .

"The heart of the psychological revolution will be a new and scientifically based conception of man as an individual and as a social creature. When I say that the psychological revolution is already upon us, what I mean is that we have already begun to change man's self-conception. If we want to further that revolution, not only must we strengthen its scientific base, but we must also try to communicate it to our students and to the public. . .

"Here then is the real challenge: How can we foster a social climate in which some such new public conception of man based on psychology can take root and flourish? . . . I believe part of the answer is that psychology must be practiced by nonpsychologists. The practice of valid psychology by nonpsychologists will inevitably change people's conception of themselves and what they can do. When we have accomplished that, we will really have caused a psychological revolution . . .

"There is no possibility of legislating the changes I have in mind. Passing laws that people must change their conceptions of themselves and others is precisely the opposite of what we need. Education would seem to be our only possibility. I do not mean only education in the schoolroom, although that is probably the best communication channel presently at our disposal. I have in mind a more ambitious program of educating the general public . . .

"In order to tap this motivational system we must use psychology to give people skills that will satisfy their urge to feel more effective . . . From that beginning some might want to learn more about the science that helped them increase their competence, and then perhaps we could afford to be more abstract. . . . It is possible that our society may not be quite as resistant as we anticipate."

A SUGGESTION TO READERS: If you have been giving away little bits of your mind by joining organizations which restrict your ability to act on your own intelligence; if you have willingly answered questionnaires or surveys about your thoughts and habits; if you have expected to advance in your career by going to seminars, etc. which do not inform, but rather attempt to change behavior; if you have been reticent about checking facts when statements offend your opinions; remember also that the federal government and the foundations spend billions of dollars every year for behavior control. BE AWARE! BE WARY!.

         The above article was reprinted from Erica Carle's truth in education column April 10, 1975.

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