Osama's Mysterious Death

Dennis Cuddy  -  May 15, 2011

The announcement by President Obama that Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy Seals on May 1 has raised a number of questions.

First is the question of why he was killed. One official said the Seals were on a “kill mission.” Why wasn’t there a plan to take him alive (the Seals initially shot at him as he looked out of his room)? Of all the terrorists, he is the one most important to try to take alive and interrogate because of his comprehensive knowledge of the individuals, planning, operations, and funding of al Qaeda.

Why weren’t stun grenades used? If the Seals were concerned about explosives on his or his wife’s body, why did they even enter their bedroom, allow his wife to approach them violently, and then still deliver a non-lethal shot to her leg?

Why after this did they deliver a kill shot to bin Laden even though he was unarmed and did not react as threateningly toward them as had his wife? Why not a disabling shot to his shoulder?

Of course, the main reason for ordering the Seals to go into the compound and NOT kill people who weren’t firing at them was we weren’t even sure bin Laden was there! After they shot him, one of the Seals actually measured his body to see if he was the right height!

Why did they feel it was all right to kill unarmed people (e.g., a woman, one of Bin Laden’s sons, etc.) and ask questions later? Think of the international repercussions, the calls for President Obama, the Seals and others to be brought before a War Crimes tribunal, etc. if we had attacked a compound of Pakistanis who weren’t guilty of anything! What would President Obama say: “Oops, sorry about that”? The questions go on and on, but the press and media don’t seem interested in asking them.]

Source article: http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis207.htm