The Power Elite and the Muslim Brotherhood

by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D

Posted December 5, 2011


Background information: The Power Elite behind the New World Order


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    The "Power Elite" are the rulers behind today's political, economic, cultural and spiritual transformation. These handpicked leaders were chosen and groomed for their future roles as single-minded, pragmatic globalist change agents.

     According to their strengths and ideological compliance, they are placed where they're needed -- in banks, the media, U.S. Congress, government bureaucracies, etc. They despise our faith and values! In recent decades, potential young leaders have been brought together to be trained and tested at every UN Conference and many other global events.

    With utter disregard for human suffering, these rulers aim their assaults at the minds and values of the masses, but bloodshed is always an option when it serves the ultimate purpose: establishing a socialist/totalitarian New World Order. Yet, we shouldn't be surprised, for God's Word warns us that,

"...the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one." 1 John 5:19

Power Elite (PE) agent Lord Herbert Samuel was one of the first to refer to the establishment of a “new world order” (House of Lords, May 16 and August 7, 1918). As a member of the Milner Group that controlled British foreign affairs from the beginning of the 20th century until WWII, Samuel in 1921 appointed Hajj Amin al-Husseini as Mufti and head political administrator of Arab Palestine.

Lord Alfred Milner, who was in charge of executing PE member Cecil Rhodes’ secret “scheme to take the government of the whole world,” on June 27, 1923 in the House of Lords said regarding Palestine that there “must always remain not an Arab country or a Jewish country, but… an international country in which all the world has a special interest—I think some Mandatory Power will always be required.”

While al-Husseini was in Palestine, Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt in 1928, and it has been from this organization that radical Islamic groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and al Qaeda have come (Mark Hosenball and Michael Isikoff of Newsweek have reported connections between al Qaeda and MB members Mamoun Darkazanli and Youssef Nada). Former CIA agent Robert Baer in Sleeping With the Devil explained how the U.S. “made common cause with the [Muslim] Brothers” and used them “to do our dirty work in Yemen, Afghanistan and plenty of other places.”

In the 1930s, the MB supported Adolph Hitler (distributing his Mein Kampf), and by 1936 with only 800 members began to oppose British rule in Egypt. By 1938, the MB’s membership had grown to 200,000, and by the late 1940s to at least a half million.

In 1933, when Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany, Young Egypt (Green Shirts) was also founded in October of that year by Ahmed Hussein who had been greatly influenced by al-Husseini. Young Egypt supported Hitler and the Nazis, and one of its early members was Anwar Sadat who helped the Nazis during WWII. In a September 18, 1953 letter to the Egyptian news daily Al Mussauar, he expressed his admiration for Hitler.

During WWII, President Roosevelt was no real friend of the Jews. In Secretary of State Edward Stettinius’ papers, he wrote that during FDR’s meeting with Stalin at Yalta (February 4-11, 1945), Stalin asked FDR if he intended to make any concessions to King Saud of Saudi Arabia. And then Stettinius wrote:

“The President [Roosevelt] replied that there was only one concession he thought he might offer, and that was to give him the 6 million Jews in the United States.”

The outrageousness of this remark by FDR is perhaps rivaled only by the hypocrisy of his “Day of Infamy” speech regarding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, because two weeks earlier (Nov. 25) he had talked with Secretary of War Henry Stimson about how they “should maneuver them [Japan] into the position of firing the first shot”! This quote comes from the diary of Stimson, who was a Council on Foreign Relations member as well as the Skull & Bones member who initiated George H.W. Bush into the same Yale University secret society.

After WWII, Gamal Abdel Nasser (a leader of Young Egypt) led the July 1952 coup against the monarchy in Egypt, becoming president in 1956. At first, the CIA indirectly supported Nasser. In The Game of Nations, CIA agent (in Egypt) Miles Copeland revealed the agency subcontracted more than one hundred Nazi specialists in security and interrogation techniques to help Nasser. However, as Nasser grew stronger, CIA director Allen Dulles saw him as a threat who could ally Arabs and Muslims far beyond Egyptian national boundaries. Copeland said Dulles told him, “If that Colonel [Nasser] of yours pushes us too far, we will break him in half.”

The MB had originally supported Nasser, and the 1952 revolt, but they became disenchanted with him when it became apparent he would not establish an Islamic state. They were blamed for an assassination attempt on him in 1954, and according to Copeland, interrogations of MB members after the attempt revealed they were merely a “guild” that fulfilled the goals of western interests:

"Nor was that all. Sound beatings of the Muslim Brotherhood organizers who had been arrested revealed that the organization had been thoroughly penetrated, at the top, by the British, American, French and Soviet intelligence services, any one of which could either make active use of it or blow it up, whichever best suited its purposes.”

On the book jacket for Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (2005) by Robert Dreyfuss, one reads:

“Among the hidden stories of U.S. collusion with radical Islam that Dreyfuss reveals here are President Eisenhower’s 1953 Oval Office meeting with a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the United States’ later alliance with that group and their Saudi patrons against Egypt’s President Nasser.

"Dreyfuss meticulously documents the CIA’s funding of the Iranian ayatollahs in the coup d’etat that restored Iran’s shah to power, the United States’ support for Saudi Arabia’s efforts to create a worldwide Islamic bloc as an antidote to Arab nationalism, and the longstanding ties between Islamic fundamentalists and the leading banks of the West..."

The Saudis were opposed to Nasser and became the primary supporters of the MB on the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. According to author Martin Lee in Razor Magazine (2004), MB members were

“employed as teachers and imams in Saudi mosques, schools and government agencies, where they promoted the extremist doctrine of Sayyid Qutb, the Brotherhood’s leading scribe and theorist… [who] provided a Koranic justification for violence… [against] corrupting Western influences…. One of [Osama] bin Laden’s instructors in religious studies was… the exiled brother of Sayyid Qutb, who taught classes on the imperatives and nuances of Islamic jihad…

"As a college student he was mentored by Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian [Muslim] Brother…. Bin Laden transferred his base of operations to the Sudan in 1991. For the next five years, bin Laden and his inner circle were holed up in Khartoum courtesy of Sheikh Hassan al Turabi, the Sorbonne-educated head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sudanese branch…. Bin Laden [went] back to Afghanistan in 1996…. [Al Qaeda member] Khalid Sheikh Mohammed… self-described mastermind of the 9/11 operation… cut his teeth on the Kuwaiti chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Gamal Abdel Nasser was suspicious of American actions as they facilitated the plans of the Power Elite (PE) when in 1957, he said:

The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves, which make us wonder at the possibility that there may be something we are missing.”

Nasser died in 1970 and was followed as president of Egypt by Anwar Sadat, who initially sought the support of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) but was assassinated by the Islamic Jihad (led by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, former MB member and now the new leader of al Qaeda) and others on October 6, 1981 after signing a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Sadat was followed by Hosni Mubarek, who in 2005 began to crack down on the MB after they won 20% of the seats in Parliament.

Mubarek was recently ousted with the support of the MB, and in a January 28, 2011 The [London] Telegraph article about “America’s Secret Backing for Rebel Leaders Behind Uprising” in Egypt, it revealed the leaders “have been planning ‘regime change’ for the past three years.” The article also contains a link to a “secret document.”

The revolution in Egypt brought with it the return of the MB advisor Yusuf al-Qaradawi after thirty years of semi-exile. This was after British conservative leader David Cameron in January 2008 called for a ban on “preachers of hate,” including Qaradawi, from entering the United Kingdom. On December 17, 2010 Qaradawi said the MB

 “sanctioned martyrdom operations in Palestine…. They do not have bombs, so they turn themselves into bombs. This is a necessity.”

Recently, according to The Jerusalem Post (May 26, 2011), the news daily Al-Masry Al-Youm said an Egyptian Nazi Party “operated secretly” under Mubarek “whose regime prevented party leaders from carrying out their activities freely.” The same news daily reported that the Nazi Party’s founding deputy there “is a former military official,” and that the party would be more open and aimed at bringing “together prominent figures from the Egyptian society.”

Martin Lee in Razor Magazine (2004) also revealed that

“pursuant to their long-term strategy of using peaceful means to turn Egypt into a Islamic republic, the Muslim Brotherhood have taken over numerous trade unions and professional associations, while operating banks, businesses, health clinics, schools, and legal services that often outperform shabby government institutions.”

The MB has chapters in 80 countries and more than 300,000 members throughout Egypt. Remember also that 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta was an Egyptian and a member of the Engineers Syndicate there which was controlled by the MB.

In a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) February 3, 2011 backgrounder titled “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood,” one reads that CFR senior fellow Ed Husain believes that Egypt could go the way of Iran, saying:

“Then [in Iran], secular democrats triggered a revolution only to be brushed aside by fundamentalists. Today, ordinary Egyptians lead demonstrations, but the Brotherhood waits in the background, an indispensable force in national life…. Without the Muslim Brotherhood, there’s no legitimacy to whatever happens in Egypt.”

The backgrounder also indicates that terrorism expert Lydia Khalil explains that MB hardliner elected to Egypt’s parliament, Ragib Hilal Hamida, as recently as 2006 “voiced support for terrorism in the face of Western occupation.”

According to a report in Al-Masry Al-Youm in late June 2011, “Experts in Islamist movements have said they believe Islamic thinker Mohamed Selim al-Awa, an Egyptian presidential hopeful, is the undeclared nominee for the Muslim Brotherhood.” And about the same time, former Egyptian MB Supreme Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef told The New York Times that the MB will reveal its “full platform” when it has won the Egyptian presidency and is in complete control of that nation.

According to Israel News Update (July 6, 2011), former CIA director Mike Hayden says he believes the MB could “enjoy a disproportionate power in shaping the new government” in Egypt; and the MB, “which originally said it does not intend to field a candidate for president, has since created a broad supercoalition of opposition parties in hopes of taking Egypt’s next government by storm.”

The result, according to Jerusalem Post reporter Carolyn Glick in a June 25, 2011 Steel-On-Steel radio interview, is that the MB “is likely to win a governing majority in the next Parliament and control the next president” in the upcoming September [moved to December] 2011 elections.

In Egypt’s Arabic press, the MB advocates Sharia law. Egyptian Arabic daily Al-Masry Al-Youm quoted Sobhi Saleh of the MB as saying “terms like civil or secular state are misleading. Islamic Sharia is the best system for Muslims and non-Muslims.”...

The deputy leader of the MB has declared they will try to dissolve Egypt’s 32-year-old treaty with Israel, within which Raed Salah is the MB leader. And if the MB gains control over Egypt, they could coerce Israel into making compromises with its security by blocking the Suez Canal and the narrow Straits of Tiran between the Arabian and Sinai peninsulas.

In late June of 2008, Reuters reported that about 8000 'activists from Jordan’s mainstream Muslim Brotherhood' marched through the Jordanian capital calling for more suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Israel in order to destroy the Jewish nation. More recently, in the June 16, 2011 Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, one reads that Kuwaiti MB leader Tareq Sweidan told Al-Quds TV that the Islamic “nation” should provide “direct support to the armed resistance” against Israel and that Islamic youth should undertake “electronic Jihad” to destroy Israeli websites.

In 2005 and 2007, MB Supreme Guide Muhammed Akef explained that

 “as far as the [MB] movement is concerned, Israel is a Zionist entity occupying holy Arab and Islamic lands… and we will get rid of it no matter how long it takes.”

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