March 2005

Bloody Utopian Dreams, Part I:

Hammer and Sickle

By Carl Teichrib -

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Millennium Messiah

"Ideas grow out of history; they also shape history." Stuart R. Schram, The Political Thought of Mao Tse-tung [1].

"Power kills; absolute Power kills absolutely."  R.J. Rummel, Death By Government [2].

Author's Note: This is the first article in a multi-part series on New Age thought and political utopianism.

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Ever since humanity was ushered out of the Garden of Eden for rebellion against God (Genesis 3), we have been constantly scheming and working towards unifying Man with some system of Paradise. From the mystical doctrines of the Egyptian mystery religions to the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union, from Plato's Republic and council of wise men to the dreams and aspirations of a globally enhanced United Nations - mankind has sought to create the "perfect utopian" society shaped in Man's image.

The New Age Movement fits in nicely with this concept, envisioning a spiritually evolved humanity coupled with a complete global social, political, and economic system
[3]. It's a world where cosmic harmony and attunement motivates and permeates each group and individual, and where every nation and culture can come together in solidarity and equity. If you're thinking that all of this sounds like a blend of Karl Marx's communism and H.P. Blavatsky's Theosophical mysticism, you're not far off.

Spiritually Endorsing the Great Atheist-Experiment

Marx, the founder of communism, postulated a model for state control of all economic production
[4]. His ideas, interpreted and carried forward by V.I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse-tung, were an attempt to achieve the utopian atheist political and economic regime. The results of this experiment in paradise-building; over 100 million dead, millions more imprisoned, vast regions depopulated, and suffering such as the world has never before seen [for a statistical analysis of government sponsored mass murder, see R.J. Rummel, Death By Government, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917, and China's Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900.)

But never mind the mountain range of corpses, the New Age Movement and the spiritual masters behind New Age thought have somehow managed to transcended the biggest bloodbath in history.

Consider the following quotes from the New Age spirit master, Maitreya the Christ, as channeled to Benjamin Crème - keep in mind, these words were transmitted during the height of the Cold War,

"Man is One. That, essentially, is what Marx is saying. Man is One, Humanity is One. Eventually, all social systems will tend towards a system which encourages that brotherhood or Oneness of man which Marx senses, as a spiritual Being." [5] (Author's note: Maitreya then tells Crème that the fault in the theory was how it was imposed!)

"In the future, the not too distant future, we will come to see that all political systems are divine expressions. There is more in common between true Democracy and true Communism than there would seem to be today. What is called communism today as it exists in Russia, China and the Communist world, is in no sense true Communism, but it is an evolving structure, moving towards a more perfect expression of the thought-form as it exists in the Divine Mind; likewise with Democracy."

In another series of New Age messages channeled during the Cold War, the spirit being calling itself "I AM" transmitted an extensive plan for a worker's world communist paradise.

"The old world has come to its end. You know that the end only happens once. It has been prophesied all through history, and the end of fantasies comes now. Everyone waited for the end. Even the Communists who said they were Communists waited for the end. They taught that Capitalism and Socialism could coexist together. Yes, they can coexist together until the end; but Communism must begin now. Actually, everyone wants Universal Communism, which is the same as real Communism.

"All the things I channeled through Karl Marx follow the same social science and economics I taught in the Bible and am teaching here....

"The major religions are facing Socialism as a force they can build my Kingdom with, and they will take the initiative and introduce Communism into it. No sermon preached of any world religion that leaves out Marxism-Leninism can face the immediate reality."

This is only one small portion of I AM's message. In fact, the entire text, titled God - Ultimate Unlimited Mind - Speaks, is over 450 pages in length and has, as a central theme, the literal establishment of a "New World Government" through a planetary form of "true" Communism.

One particular Ascended Master, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul [in the New Age an Ascended Master is a highly evolved spiritual entity], channeled the raisons de'être for the despots and tyrants of the last two hundred years, ascribing to them a high and beneficial role in the development of human spiritual enlightenment. Alice Bailey, one of the more prominent leaders of the Theosophical movement [Theosophy has been a key factor in the creation of today's modern New Age Movement], recorded the Tibetan's words in her book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy,

"They [France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal] have...reacted to that force [Shamballa Force] through the medium of certain great and outstanding personalities who were peculiarly sensitive to the will-to-power and the will-to-change and who...have altered the character of their national life, and emphasised increasingly the wider human values. The men who inspired the French revolution; the conqueror, Napoleon; Bismarck, the creator of a nation; Mussolini, the regenerator of his people; Hitler, who lifted a distressed people upon his shoulders; Lenin, the idealist; Stalin and Franco are all expressions of the Shamballa force and of certain little understood energies. These have wrought significant changes in their day and generation...

"We call these people dictators, demagogues, inspired leaders, or just and wise men, according to our particular ideology, tradition, attitudes to our fellowmen and our particular political, economic and religious training. But all these leaders the last analysis, highly developed personalities. They are being used to engineer great and needed changes and to alter the face of civilization...

"Blame not the personalities involved or the men who produce these events before which we stand today bewildered and appalled. They are only the product of the past and the victims of the present. At the same time, they are the agents of destiny, the creators of the new order and the initiators of the new civilization; they are the destroyers of what must be destroyed before humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way."[8]

"...They are the destroyers of what must be destroyed..." Think about it! This section of The Externalisation of the Hierarchy was written in 1939, the year World War II began. Hitler's atrocities against his own people - particularly the infirmed and incurables - was known by 1939, as was his treatment of German Jews [9]. Mussolini's tactics were also known, as was the executions by Franco's Nationalists Spain [10]. Lenin and Stalin's crushing of their own people, soaking the Russian motherland with the blood of its citizens, was known too [11]. And the French Revolution, with its forests of guillotines, had kick started revolutionary ideologies that had bled Europe and other parts of the world over and over again [12].

But remember, it was the master Djwhal Khul, a spiritual entity that can supposedly transcend time and space [hence, ignorance cannot be used as an excuse], that basically proclaimed all of this death and destruction as good and necessary. Why? So that "humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way."

Welcome to the real New Age

Now please understand, not every New Age leader, author, or medium speaks highly of communism or despotism. Most of the time the word "communism," or the names of Marx or Lenin, never enters into the New Age lexicon. But there is a remarkably shared vision between the New Age "global society" - the ideal of a centralist system with a completely transformed humanity - and the centralist utopian visions of political tyrants, complete with their various concepts of human social transformation.

How so? The New Age Movement, like the political utopians of the twentieth century, seeks a "perfect world" balanced by economic, political, and spiritual unity and harmony. It's the World State, where global citizenship and planetary spirituality merges into the "perfect centralized" system.

In this mystical paradise society, nature, man, and God are placed on the same plane. Mankind, once spiritually evolved and recognizing its collective consciousness, is God. Likewise, the despot rulers of our immediate past exhibited the same ego-mania: the atheist state, a product of evolved man, was touted as God - and the Party and its leaders were the voice of this despotic-state deity.

Both ideologies, in their various forms and conceptions, sought and seek to re-create the Garden of Eden. But this Garden, be it built by Leninism or constructed by men and women who follow the teachings of other-worldly voices, cannot escape the facts of human nature - greed, arrogance, and a never ending focus on self. Scarier yet, the spirit masters forwarding this centralist New Age society exhibit qualities that parallel human fallacies. What would these channeled entities like to see destroyed so that "humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way"?

A utopian New Age united world, where tolerance is enforced in the name of diversity, and mankind steered down the path of social and spiritual transformation; would it be any different than the Communist system, where the hammer crushed indiscriminately and the sickle reaped were it did not sow?

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But Khul wasn't the only one to know of Hitler's racial cleansing ideology. Certainly some segments of the Western world knew of the Nazi party's eugenics and racial purity program, as did many German citizens (and many Germans who fought against this ideology, such as the pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, died as a result).
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