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Three Kinds of Groups








DRIVEN by "felt needs" & organizational OUTCOMES


 Christians from all nations.

All who want to belong & are accepted.


Diverse (spiritually & culturally) members willing to dialogue.



    God's Word and Spirit.

Members come with knowledge of God's absolute, unchanging truths.

   Felt needs; natural desire for friendship & belonging.

   Members come without absolute truths, willing to yield their assumptions for the greater goal of unity based on "common ground."

    A pre-planned strategy and outcome  aimed at personal & social transformation.

    A diverse group comes together -- some with their faith in the Bible, others with faith in other gods and forces. All must learn to put their assumptions "on the table" for all to examine and evaluate. Members pick and choose what they "feel good about," then blend the new input with their own evolving beliefs. They must be willing to seek the greater goal of "common ground" -- a key to oneness.


   Fellowship and unity in Christ.  

   Build relationships, pursue multicultural unity, meet “needs,” make friends & have fun.

   Continual change or transformation toward oneness: an evolving group synthesis or consensus.

Ground Rules

   Biblical: speak the truth in love.

Determined or understood by the group: civility, tolerance, etc.

Be open-minded and empathetic, respect all opinions, maintain a "safe place" (don't offend by offering absolute facts or Biblical answers & solutions), empathize with contrary beliefs, values and lifestyles...


   God is glorified, members are edified.

   Personal gratification, friendships.

    Bonding, dialectic “learning,” new beliefs & values, group conformity, new vision of the social "unity" of all. Hostility toward "divisive" people who cling to old absolutes and refuse to adapt and change.



God's truth & agapeo love

Human phileo love

Unconditional acceptance and "respect" for all positions, empathy, compassion, togetherness, and the power of the process. [see note]



Eternity with God

Rich relationships

Achieving the vision of global solidarity.

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