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Three Cultural Paradigms

Each provides a mental lens or filter through which we view or interpret reality -- and through which we hear God's Word.


Old Paradigm




New Paradigm

Biblical Absolutes & Values

Relative Values

Global Absolutes & Values

God, the Creator of all things, is our Sovereign,  Wise, Almighty and Eternal King.... Jesus, the Son, gave His Life to free us from guilt and judgment. He loves and guides us...

God is a crutch or illusion

A varying blend of pantheism (all is god), monism (a single, unchanging whole). or atheism (there is no god). All religions must be reformed and adapted as models for a new unifying global spirituality.*

Emphasize our oneness and unity in Christ

Emphasize human self-sufficiency

Emphasize the collective: Individuals have value according to their contribution to the "Greater Whole"

Teach personal responsibility according to God's wise guidelines

Teach human rights

Teach collective duties or responsibilities

Don't tolerate sin (but love sinners)

Tolerate all lifestyles

Don't tolerate Christianity or other beliefs that conflict with global unity (zero tolerance)

Trust God

Trust human reason

Trust the rising global establishment

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