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Brave New Schools

 Brave New Schools shows how the goals of education have been turned upside-down. Socialization--learning global beliefs and values and politically correct behavior--have replaced academics as the main outcome of education. You may hear nice-sounding promises, but factual learning and individual thinking are out, feelings and group thinking are in. If this international system is put in place by AD 2001 as planned, all children will be monitored through a national computerized data transmission system designed to build a permanent, personal file on every child. No one will be safe from the watchful eyes of those who control the new "school-to-work" system-not children taught at home or in private schools, not their parents, not anyone. So be informed. Learn what you can do to preserve our families and equip our children to stand firm in God's truth -- ready to count the nearness of God more precious than the approval of man.


  • uses schools to transform our culture

  • molds children's minds for a global workforce

  • trades academics for socialization

  • bases learning on feelings, not facts

  • immerses students in global spirituality

  • builds permanent electronic file on each child

  • includes private and home-schools

  • yields parental rights to community "partners"

  • establishes the new global paradigm

No longer for sale.

Click here for the book online.

A Twist of Faith

Peggy's search for her own spirituality led her away from her church, her ministry, her husband, and the God who loved her.

She returned to college. There a teacher who called herself a witch encouraged her to try mythical paths to self-empowerment.

"I had to find me," she explained later. "My journey has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing God and myself."

"Who is Jesus Christ to you now?" I asked.

"He is a symbol of redemption," she answered. "But I haven't rejected the Bible. I'm only trying to make my spiritual experience my own. I feel like I'm in God's hands whether God is He, She, or It."

Can you identify with Peggy? Do you have friends on similar journeys?

Ignoring the danger signs, millions of girls and women are traveling down cultural freeways to self-made spirituality. Basing their beliefs on feelings, imagination, and mystical experiences, they are shaping a new consciousness that

Perhaps you wonder why feminist myths and goddesses have become so believable to contemporary women. Where do their mystical experiences eventually lead? What happens to Christians in a world that follows "other gods"? How can we prepare for the coming conflict between biblical Christianity and the new global spirituality?

These and other questions will be explored in A Twist of Faith. You will also meet precious women who sought spiritual insight but were caught in a web of deception. Some are still trapped in a downward spiral they can't escape. Others have returned to the only God who loves them as they are, offers His strength in every struggle, and promises peace for all eternity.

No longer for sale.

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A Wardrobe from the King

Eight Studies on the Armor of God: a personal look at Ephesians 6:10-18 for groups or individuals who seek God's shelter and strength in the battles of life.

How would you like to have a new wardrobe that radiates peace and grace while protecting you in every storm and struggle? God has such an outfit ready and waiting for you. He calls it an armor, for it alone can guard you from spiritual, emotional, and physical attacks from a host of invisible foes -- enemies to the peace, joy, love, hope, and victory which are yours in Christ Jesus.

If you "put on" this armor, He will lead you in triumph -- for it is Christ Himself who covers you. He not only surrounds you with His life, He also fills you with His Spirit, then keeps you close to Himself as a precious friend and trusted companion.

Are you ready to "put on Christ" and walk each day with Him?

Each lesson includes four helpful elements:

No longer for sale.

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Under the Spell of Mother Earth 

  Concern for the environment has joined with mysticism to spark a return to ancient forms of nature worship. How can Christians responsibly care for the earth but still resist the pervasive pagan beliefs that are entering our lives through media, schools, and the church?  

Out of print, but available online at Under the Spell of Mother Earth


The Invisible War

This easy-reading book for ages seven through twelve helps children recognize and resist the many spiritual deceptions they face in today's world. Swayed by movies, songs, games, and books filled with occult suggestions, children everywhere are tempted to see God as a universal force and view the cross as irrelevant.

To follow God in a world that loves the popular counterfeits, they need to understand the essentials of spiritual warfare and the key truths needed for victory. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or a Sunday school teacher, you can use this book to encourage your children to love and follow God. And if you are a boy or girl looking for adventure, you will surely find it in the exciting battle between the evil Baron and the wonderful King.

In order to help children recognize occult influences in public schools or with non-Christian friends, I have included some details that might not be appropriate for younger children. To prayerfully check the book yourself, please see the online version at The Invisible War.



  Living in His Name

A twelve-lesson study on the names of Jesus and how -- by His life in us --He wants to manifest the wonder of those names through our lives surrendered to Him. For example, He is the Lamb of God, and we are the sheep of His pasture. He is the Resurrection and Life, but we are called to demonstrate the glory of His resurrection life to others. He is the Light of the World, and since we are joined to Him through the cross, we can be His lights that shine ever brighter as the world grows darker around us.

  In His Name

Thirty-three devotional meditations on the Names of God. See Names of God.






Your Child and the New Age

Updated with a new title and cover pictured at the top of the page.



Your Child and the New Age has been translated into Spanish:

Su Hijo Y LA Nueva Era

Out-of-print -- but the first chapter is now available online in Spanish

We will post the rest as time permits.

The Shepherd's Love

 Out of Print but available online in the Bible Study section.

The first twenty-four lessons in a two-year study of God's Eternal Covenant. You would look at the gradual revelation of His wonderful, redeeming love throughout the Old Testament, then compare His work and character with what He shows us about Himself in the New Testament. You will delight in how the Old Testament illustrates His New Testament principles and promises. In other words, our God "is the same yesterday, today, and forever!"

We have several other Bible studies. A six-week study on David and the Psalms starts the second year of the above study, but it can stand alone. Most groups use it as an independent study like the others.

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