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Al Gore's Vision of Global Oneness

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From Todd:  I read your article on Al Gore regarding His book Earth in the Balance. As this country, world stands on the brink of disaster I still find it hard to believe that people still would rather be a participant in contributing to separation vs. uniting..

I still find it hard to believe that we have yet to see how our ideas about God gives birth to a cultures or society's present manifestations.. Conditioning your mind that you are separate from God contributes to the mind-set that we are separate from each other and thru the loss of community you experience the loss of unity, thus, we create a society that is drowning in fear due to its aloneness. 

I don't pretend to be an Al Gore fan, but I do applaud anyone who has the courage to really see that our present understanding of life - God is not allowing for human awareness to expand. Not to say out with the old and in with the new, but to expand on what is already there.

Of course you may have surmised by now that I am not a Christian, but I love my Christian brothers and sisters as well as I love my Muslim brothers and sisters and so-on.. I feel we do need to connect with one another and stop seeing the differences, because when all you see is differences you begin a process of judgment, then justification follows.. So, why not try to relate on a higher level and experience a oneness but not a sameness?

One more thing I find it hard to believe we choose to not to notice is, everyone who comes along and preaches or teaches unity of all people, we either ridicule them or kill them.. Thanks for your time.

Al Gore's political career demonstrates moral and spiritual compromise and deception. Looking at his personal life and beliefs, his standard for right and wrong seems little better than the "the ends justify the means" -- the end being primarily his own personal power and success.

Unless we treasure and maintain certain personal and moral standards, Americans will face both social and personal chaos. The fact that our nation prospered and provided peace and security for its people (in contrast to many other cultures) was largely due to its Biblical standards and views of good and evil. While these were not valued by everyone, they were accepted by the majority of its people. The result was a nation that offered hope and promise to the poor, persecuted and war-torn people of the world.

You may argue that slavery and other evils argue against this generally accepted moral standard. If so, remember that the Civil War was fought and won because enough Americans despised slavery and sought its demise, yet wanted to keep the nation together. They took a stand and paid the high cost in lives, because they refused to compromise with any position that disregarded the value of human life.

There are many other issues that compromise the basic values taught in the Bible. We do well to choose separation rather than unity, when the cost of social solidarity would be our integrity, moral standards and freedom to follow the God we love.

But, I am sad to say, in our new global society, we may soon lose both freedom and moral integrity to social rules and standards that violate all the freedoms we have treasured in this country. See 2 Cor 6:12-18 and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health.

From Lorna C: After I read your endnote I decided to send you a letter and let you know that I appreciate your article. I already knew most of the things that were in your article. People wish to remain blind to the truth.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that Al Gore will win the election. I had that feeling about two years ago when I saw him on t.v. the hair on my arms stood up. I have told my husband and my mother that I believe he will be very hard on the Christians. I feel that we will see more anger and hate that this nation has ever seen against Christians.

Either the Christians will retrain their thinking and give up their biblical stance and ideas or face persecution and severe discrimination. Most people here in America are so ignorant of the facts of the NWO and they don't think it will happen. I know all the other countries are mirroring each other I believe Canada is a couple steps ahead of us. We are ushering in the age which will bring in the anti-Christ.

God Bless You for your efforts.

From James Sundquist:  Aren't there any God-fearing people in the Mt Vernon Baptist Church in Arlington, Virginia who have the backbone To follow Matthew 18 and have him excommunicated from that church based on the Scriptures and their church by-laws and constitution?  How can they allow this reprobate in the faith to continue to be a member without exposing and removing him?  Have Christians become totally decoupled from their minds?  And regarding George Bush debate. 

Can't Gov. Bush simply ask Al Gore: "Do you believe in the Constitution?" Of course, he would say yes.  THen Bush should follow with: "Then why don't you belive that all men (and women)--BOTH BORN AND UNBORN are CREATED EQUAL?" And, "Why don't you believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the UNBORN AMERICANS?" 

It is amazing how much compassion you have, Mr. Gore, for Americans, so long as somehow they can survive the birth canal, but have zero compassion for them while they are still in the mother's womb!"   

I have a friend in New York State who is a licensed Crisis Care Counselor.  He said he has never EVER once heard a woman feel guilt for allowing their baby to be born. But he says that a host of them feel guilt who have gone ahead with an abortion.

I encourage you to consider the following letters in addressing Al Gore to your Christian readers. Sincerely in Christ, James Sundquist

* * * * *

Dear President Patterson, Blue Ribbon Committe on Faith and SBC Members:

I am deeply troubled that Al Gore is continually manifested in the main stream press as a Southern Baptist.  I grew up Conservative Baptist.  But I am certain that Mr. Gore does NOT represent the core values of either Baptist tradition.

His position on abortion and becoming unequally yoked with Buddist organizations, and several other issues would be sufficient enough for you to hold hearings to excommunicate him from the Southern Baptist Organization, if indeed he is a member.  At the very least I solemnly appeal to you by the mercies of the Living God to at least publicly disavow any connection to him, except to tell him to repent. 

Mr. Gore must be publicly rebuked in the Southern Baptist Church of which he is a member.  But he must also be exposed to the unwary American Public.  Mr. Gore loves to quote Scriptures.  Well it is time to quote Scripture to Him. “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (5:10-12)

The mainstream press is giving the Southern Baptist a black eye.  Is there no one high up in your organization who would hold a press conference to disavow any connection  with this reprobate man of the faith as well as your organization?  I was deeply offended by the mainstream press presenting Mr. Gore as though he is almost a spokesperson for the Southern Baptists, whom I know to be God-fearing people.  This is a disgrace!!

Your fellow servant of the Most High God, James Sundquist

From Berit: Thank you, James, for exposing these areas of deep concern. I wish I could help you more, but we don’t have any “organization.” There is just Andy, our sons, and myself. But we have a great God. He still reigns in the midst of the mockery of Truth. I am confident that He will continue to lead each of us in the ways we can best serve His purposes.

* * * * *

Re:Al Gore does not represent Southern Baptists

    Date: 9 Aug 2000

    From: James Sundquist <

 Dear Brother Will,

Isn't it possible to at least declare publicly that the SB disavows his public positions and that they do NOT represent the convictions and doctrines of the SB and the Holy Scriptures, including the commandments Thou Shalt not Kill (abortion), The Shalt have no other gods before me (New Age, Earth Goddess Gaia, Bhudda).  It may be very well known to SB that Al Gores publicly known positions collide with the beliefs of the SBC.  But most of the public assumes these positions which are an abomination before God represent the SBC.  As a result the SB and Christianity is being greatly maligned.  But in addition, because a little leaven leaven the WHOLE lump, aren't you (we) required to remove this leaven from the Christian and SB lump of His People.  Doesn't church discipline mandate this? Wouldn't the Apostle Paul insist on his removal from the Church until he repents?  What am I missing!

Mr. Gore and the media continue to represent Mr. Gore as a Southern Baptist.  Couldn't you release a press release to the wire services as well as your own magazine which goes out to 16 million people which simply states:  "The SBC wishes to make a statement that Vice President Al Gore's public statements and positions on abortion and the New Age do NOT represent the core convictions and position of the SBC."  I realize church discipline is another matter. 

God keep you richly as we battle principalities in the name of Christ our Savior, James Sundquist 


Will Hall's answer:  Thank you for your heartfelt expression of concern.  It is difficult to reconcile Mr. Gore's public positions on key moral issues and his stated association with the fellowship of churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. Please continue to know that the Baptist Faith and Message represents the consensus of beliefs held by Southern Baptist men and women.

In Christ,  

Will Hall, VP Convention News, SBC EC


From Dorothy Jackson: I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to read Al Gore's book. I did read a book by Tony Campolo who is or was the spiritual advisor of President Clinton and I found a lot of emphasis on nature and the environment in it. While I do not plan to vote for Al Gore because of his acceptance of Gay marriages, I think he is emphasizing a point to the Christian community that we often overlook. There are a lot of Christians and non Christians out there who are deeply concerned with our environment and the rapid deterioration of the condition of it. Some people actually do go so far as to worship the things of nature, but perhaps if we were to become sensitized to all the Biblical perspectives on this we can not only connect with them on their beliefs, but we could also share with them how belief in Christ encompasses and surpasses all of this.

One of my favorite Scriptures is Psalm 19 "The heavens are telling the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands..." 

Gore has a valid concern regarding the use of gas powered vehicles and his belief that they must be phased out in time. While many Christians believe that Christ may come before this is ever necessary, those who have not incorporated this belief in their mind are, and should be, concerned about the fact that we are using and depleting a nonrenewable resource, oil, and have become so dependent on it that if the spigot were to be turned off for some reason, we would be in trouble.  Just thinking.

I appreciate your concern, Dorothy. That's why I wrote Under the Spell of Mother Earth. (We have posted Chapter 1) It shows that I share your love for God creation, but am also deeply concerned about the earth-centered spirituality behind the environmental movement. 

After its publication, I shared a place with Tony Campolo on a panel on environmentalism at a Christian Booksellers Convention. Naturally, we didn't agree with each other. He knew well how to promote the liberal environmental agenda, but he had few scientific facts to back up his persuasions. I was amazed at his ignorance.

This deceptive political movement, cloaked as concern for the earth, is more of an excuse or justification for a global social agenda. I have tried to explain it in Local Agenda - The U.N. Plan for Your Community.

Note: Two people have written questions about the validity of this quote supposedly from Al Gore's book, Earth in the Balance:

"Refusing to accept the earth as our SACRED MOTHER, these Christians have become a dangerous threat to the survival of humanity. They are a BLIGHT on the environment and TO BELIEVE IN BIBLE PROPHECY IS UNFORGIVABLE."

VP Al Gore, in his book EARTH IN BALANCE, p. 342.

There is no such statement on page 342 of  Earth in the Balance. That page deals with auto companies and pollution control.  While the quote seems to summarize his message in the chapter on "Environmentalism of the Spirit" (pages 238-265),  I doubt that Gore would be foolish enough to write such offense words. He has been working too hard to win support from the Christian community to risk offending them.

Referring to the above quote:

From  Ramon Morales:  [Whether or not these words were penned by Al Gore,] they appear to have been taken from the Communist Doctrine of the former Soviet Union, where the word "earth" in Gore's book has been changed from the word "state" used in Communist literature. As a matter of fact, I wonder if the title of the book should more appropriately have been named State in Balance. "

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