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From Katie: You are all paranoid! I am a VERY passionate catholic and all of the things you believe are sign of an occult are over paranoidness. The Pope praised Harry Potter for the stories Moral Lessons! You think because some of the FANTASY elements are based off LEGENDS that YOUR ancestors told and passed on A LONG time ago it is immediately NON CHRISTIAN. If you are a Jehovah's Witness then you are not even christian you are there for polytheistic and PAGAN!!! Everything on your site points at and occult! Well you are an occult in order to see one you have to be one and I suppose every religion is an occult!

No Katie. Remember, though Harry Potter is a fictional character, he is a student of witchcraft. And he brings the minds and imagination of young readers right into his classroom and occult experiments. Those lesson teach the opposite of what God gave us in His Word. 

Anonymous: I guess i dont really understand what you think is going on in the Harry Potter books, but i have yet to see a child who has read the books to grab a pentagram and begin to chant spells in the moonlight.

I personally think that it is a wonderful thing that children get into these books. It takes a lot in today's age to pull a child away from a TV long enough to eat let alone sit down and read a book. I have read all 7 of the potter books and i see nothing wrong with them, no hidden messages of "evil" i see that they do show certain points of life such as good always prevails, family, yes i said family, even tho Harry was an orphan he did have a family that loved him, you dont have to be blood related to be family, and friendship.

It is a good series of books if nothing more it teaches imagination, aparently something that a lot of people are lacking, its a book like A Cat in the Hat, something created to entertain, but of course you never know that scary looking cat could have been the devil in desguise telling children to repent against their parents and join the occult.

Maybe we should never teach our children to read that would solve a lot of problems, oh and we had better get rid of the tv you never know what kind of subliminal messaging they send over the air waves, well that also gets rid of all radios music could contain hidden messages as well, i guess the safe way is just to keep our children inside the shelter of our homes and make sure they never get any outside interactment. ITS JUST A BOOK! I will never see your point on banning these books, they are just something to pass the time on a rainy day.

Please read Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

From Jeff: [RE: "Post-Harry, Books Try New Tricks" -- see excerpts below] I saw something recently about Disney buying the online site called ClubPenguin  that may be connected to the article you mentioned. Disney paid 340 million for it (and may pay another 350,000 depending on its success.  Of course it's about money, but it is likely to further corrupt young internet users with more & more occultism. Here is link to the sales information: and here is the website:

Harry Potter. Post-Harry, Books Try New Tricks: "Penguin Young Readers Group... has aimed at 'girl-oriented subjects and formats.' His company's Frederick Warne imprint had a hit with 'Fairyopolis,' a facsimile diary of a young woman's quest to find fairies among flowers, which has sold more than 400,000 copies since its 2005 release. Coming this fall are its 'How to Find Flower Fairies' and 'Princess Alyss of Wonderland.' Meantime, Scholastic's Tangerine Press has sold over 200,000 copies of last year's 'The Wandmaker's Guidebook,' which comes with a kit to make a magic wand." See The Power of Suggestion

From Kirsten: I find your ideas and opinions of the Harry Potter series to be quite far-fetched and full of untruths.

Why cannot you just accept the fact that, along with other pieces of literature, Harry Potter was designed to entertain youth and nothing more? If you believe that the Harry Potter books are satanic just because you have to expand your mind and use your imagination then why not ban literature all together?

If you think that because there is witchcraft in the novels that it supports satan and defies God, then you are definitely mistaken. The reason there is witchcraft and magic? It is EXCITING it ENTERTAINS children. It keeps their minds OPEN. If you have ever read these books you will see that the word "LOVE" comes out very often. Harry, like all human beings has the ability to LOVE. This is specifically stressed in the 6th and 7th books.

Just because J.K. Rowling wants to write a series for children and give them a world to escape to from everyday life doesn't mean it's wrong. Children are innocent creatures who have a lot to deal with now-a-days. It is harder at home for some children, sometimes they need a place to go to where they can just relax, calm down, re-charge. It does not mean that because they escape to this magical place that they are going to defy their parents. They are not going to go out of their way to rebel. They are just going to enjoy their childhood. Come on, open up your mind a little bit. Don't be so quick to condemn. Imaginary friends that children have, do you think they, too, are demonic and because they have them they will grow up to be "devil worshippers?" Do you not see how ridiculous you are being?

J.K. Rowling is a very talented and gifted author. This is because she uses metaphors in her writing. If you think about it, Voldemort and the Death Eaters are the bad people in our world. Harry Potter and the Order are the good people. Voldemort represents all of the horribleness in the world - racism, prejudice, the "pure" bloods being better than the "muggle-borns", discrimination. Harry Potter is against this. He believes in EQUALITY and LOVE of all people and creatures. The goblins, the house-elves - they only signify the different races among us. Didn't Adolf Hitler have the same views as Voldemort? Didn't he believe that the jews be anhilated just because their race and religious views? That is the same as Voldemort.

Perhaps Miss Rowling is trying to give us a more interesting and exciting history lesson. She's very clever, captivating young minds and teaching them important life lessons of equality among humans at the same time.

Now, how can you find that demonic?

You made an interesting point, Kirsten: Rowling might be teaching a history lesson taught through a fictional message about training in the occult. That actually gets very close to reality. For --

"The story of Harry Potter is an allegory: It is written and packaged to look like fantasy when, in truth, it is a carefully written true description of the training and work of an initiate in an occult order." From The occult roots of Harry Potter's magic

Very few serious authors are writing purely to "entertain youth and nothing more." Most have a particular message and a set of values they want to communicate. Joanne Rowling certainly does.

From "a friendly guy": I just read thru some of the comments made on Harry potter books and movies as well as views on other titles such as Narnia, LOTR etc.. I have been a Christian all my life and accept the teachings of Christianity as truth. Now I don't claim to be a saint, and in fact I do exhibit less than saintly behavior on occasion. I have always looked at whatever movies or shows I want, an read whatever I want, always with the attitude that it wont affect me. And to be honest, it hasn't.

However, after reading the numerous comments posted on the site, I am shocked to see so many Christians rushing to the defense of Harry potter, as if it were the word of God himself. We live in a time where people openly make fun of Christianity and call its followers fools, and we Christians sit back and laugh it off, but God forbid any ill word be said toward Harry potter!!! 

So yea... I saw the movies.. they weren't all that good.. I just like movies so ill pretty much watch anything. I didn't read the books.. I have better things to do with my time. I love Lord of the Rings and other fantasy stories so I obviously would never try to tell anyone what they should or should not watch.

But here's the thing... when I see Christians justifying their support of the book by trivializing the presence of evil in the books, this is where I think many of us are being deceived. Harry Potter is a book about witchcraft, that much is certain. Witchcraft is bad! That, too, in my opinion is certain. So how is it that Christians i.e. followers of CHRIST!! are saying that the book is harmless?

Leave out the brilliant storytelling, and breathtaking movie effects, and who will win the tri-wizard cup and all the other little subplots that contribute to us looking forward to each and every book/movie, and what are we left with? A story about a boy who goes to a school for witches, to practice witchcraft. If you're a Christian and think these books to be innocent fun, well it doesn't matter how much scripture you can quote because at the end of the day -- you must be a dupe to defend these books and still claim to follow Christ.

If you're not a Christian, well guess what? I actually don't blame u for reading the books or watching the movies. I mean, we Christians have pretty much wrecked our reputations, and don't even agree amongst ourselves anyway so why listen to us? I wouldn't if it were the other way around!

I do hope however that you all one day see the truth that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Until then we Christians will argue amongst ourselves and condemn each other into a corner and forget that our purpose is actually to show God's love to people and let Him sort out the rest.

From K. Dawson: The witchcraft thing – I’m just astounded by it. People can talk about anything politely, it seems – until the subject of Harry Potter comes up. Then if a person says they don’t care for the Harry Potter books, the reactions become highly emotionally charged in a negative fashion. 


I mentioned this to a friend. “You’re right," he said. "Make the mistake of telling somebody that you don’t like Harry Potter and man, oh man, they get into some sort of irrational fury!”


My son has a 12-year-old friend who visited us a few months back. His parents (members of an Orthodox church) let him read Harry Potter books. The boy woke me one night and asked if he could talk to me about Harry Potter. I told him “yes”. This boy was disturbed by horrific nightmares based on the Harry Potter theme. He said he had awakened several times reciting spells. “I feel something really wrong with this," he told me. "I have trouble remembering my times tables, but I know some of the spells by heart – how’d that happen?”


I have no idea, other than to say... witchcraft and the occult and Christianity do not mix.


The answer for this boy was to say the Lord’s Prayer and something like this: “Dear Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.” when the nightmares occurred. When he caught himself saying spells, I taught him the words to the hymn “All Creatures Great and Small” and told him to start singing that, and to say John 3:16 or other Scriptures. I also suggested he recite the Nicene Creed. It seems to have worked for him so far, and the lad stays in my prayers.


There is a power behind this that is unnatural. And this Mr. Granger is writing article after article justifying the Potter tales for Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Church of Christ, and Presbyterian publications. This man has made a career out of promoting Harry Potter.


This is a personal thing for me. As I told someone, “When you people are trample all over Christ, it's my business. I love Him, you see, and I will not stand silently by and let people malign Him.”

From Kim N. Stager: Sadly, as you know better than I, America's youth and the world's are being indoctrinated in all manner of paganism, and have for some decades now. In the secular realm, so called. The religions of the world are largely pagan and have been so since after the Fall. Toys, gaming, television and movies, etc., are all presenting the religion of Babylon in grave detail. Children are becoming acclimated to this way of interpreting the world and what is true. Who God is. What Salvation is. Etc.

This book by Rowling being called Christian allegory ala Lewis and Tolkien is deception of the worse sort. Blasphemy! Yet Lewis' and Tolkien's books are not much better; for they have helped build acceptance of more obvious paganism ala Harry Potter books, etc.

That Potter is another avatar-false Christ in the world is accurate and biblically prophetic of this Time of the Gentiles. These avatar-false Christ's are everywhere today. In all manner of media as referenced above. Even at websites involving children's cold cereal products, etc. Even many of their toy character dolls and cartoon characters, etc.

Though we professing born again believers have much preaching of the gospel yet ahead of us; I pray Come Lord Jesus, even so! It seems with each passing day that He could not tarry much longer. We will see. And the Truth of God's word is proven with each passing day more and more in terms of prophesy, as in all of God's word daily in all professing born again believers' lives. Praise God the Father! Praise His holy Son, Christ Jesus Who died in our place! And praise the Holy Spirit for His work in the world and in our lives! What a God we serve!

From Hannah: I completely disagree with your views on the Harry Potter novels. I find it extremely ridiculous that you will abuse some of the best books in the history of the world because you think they promote Satanism. Um, have you ever read the books?

I am a gigantic Harry Potter fan, and have been so for almost eight years, almost half my life. I am a devout Christian, being a Mormon, and never have I read the books and though “oh, I sure would love go to Hogwarts and cast spells and kill people”. Never. Because, guess what? In the world of Harry Potter, killing curses and other dark curses are called Dark Magic. Yeah, even an idiot can figure out from the title that Dark Magic is, um, bad. The people who do the Dark Magic are evil, spiritless people that have never done one good thing for anyone besides themselves. In Sorcerer's Stone we find out that Dumbledore (one of the greatest heroes in literary history) is "too noble to use" Dark Magic. And doesn't that mean that Dark Magic is frowned upon in the Wizarding World??? Yes, it is.

I am 14 years old and have been reading the Harry Potter books since I was 7. Getting into this series was the one of the best things I have ever done. If I had not goten into the series, I am sure I would be tempted down dark paths. But all you and the other stupid believers of the "Harry-Potter-is-Satanic" theory twist the wonderfully woven words of J.K. Rowling into things that she never even thought about thinking, because all of you people are deranged.

Why don't you just shut your mouths and focus on things that actually DO promote Satanism? Like smoking, pornography, drinking, and other things. You just want to get onto the Harry Potter bandwagon by suing J.K. Rowling or taking away her faithful readers. If you ask my, J.K. Rowlig is a lot smarter than you, because, um, have you even read the books? Because if you have you would have realized that the Harry Potter series is a tale of good triumphing over evil. And if you really are people of God, you want to promote good virtues like that, am I right?

Please email me back, I could do with a laugh.

Yes, Hannah, parts of the real wizarding world through history has frowned on dark Magic. But other "wizards" have loved it and used it mercilessly.

But the real issue is the almost universal attraction of evil. For example, who was the favorite character in the Star Wars movies? Not Luke Skywater. It was Darth Vader! Many more children bought or sought the  toy figure with his image than any other. More discussions centered on his evil nature than that of other movie characters. More children chose Darth Vader costumes for Halloween. The two murderous Darths fascinated more people -- both young and old -- than any other character in the movie series.

One reason God warned us in His Word to avoid evil was the fact that people are attracted to evil. "Abhor what  is evil; cling to what is good," He tells us in Romans 12:9. But people tend to do the opposite.

If you read our articles, you would have notice some to the documentation showing the rising interest in withcraft in the wake of the HP books. It's no secret that the series inspired readers to seek participation in covens -- or start them in their highschools. By the way, I wrote that the book promoted witchcraft, not Satanism. 

From Ryan M. Dowell: I have a few point to raise. I will not demeane or raise my vioce at anything because it is not the Christian way. You see I am a firm beliver in Christianity. I go to Church every Sunday, and go to my Local Youth group. I know, that doesnt make me any closer to god, I just have to read scripture and belive, but it has come up lately, two Sundays ago about the minister's view on Harry Potter.

Now I agree with him, that it is a work of pure fiction and just gives the mind imaginiation. But I am displeased that you are aginst these books, They promote Friendship and How Good almost always conquers over evil. I am not against what you say however, because everyone has thier own oppinion. I am just debating with you on the topic.

I have many other friends that read Harry Potter, and read the Bible Fluently. I think that Harry Potter is just some made up book, that is a great series of books, but the Bible, I must say is the best book around :). I think that I am almost the largest Harry Potter fan in Illinois for goodness sake, and yet I do not feel to have sinned. My room is covered in Harry Potter memorabilia, but I do not worship it, it is not a false idol to me. But I do understand though how you say that it can be dangerous, for instance if a young child (Under 6) goes to see a Potter Flick, than they may think it is increasingly scary and since thier minds are not fully developed, they may belive in Magic and think its real along with Peace on Earth, which I will talk about in a little while.

I think Potter would have the same effect on that 6 year old kid as would movies like The Ring, or Saw, because they would frighten them, Just like Potter can do. I remember seeing The 4th Movie, Goblet of Fire and there was a kid behind me almost in tears and covering his eyes when Voldemort comes back. Now I do not think Potter is bad for everyone, Just little kids who have no sense of what is real.

Now on Chronicles of Narnia, I feel its just as bad as Potter, maybee worse because it makes Aslan the lion look like a second Jesus, being almost worshiped by the charecters in the movie and reminds me of the Bible reworded almost with talking beavers and Horses and any type of Animal you can inmagine. I do not like Narnia anymore since so many Ministers have told thier church mmbers that this movie got thier thumbs up, and some even did entire sermons on this. Church is about God, not Narnia, Potter, Lord of the Rings, or The Devil Wears Prada (Yeah, imagine that at my church!).

I also would like to say if you post this and if any people read this, The Apocolypse is coming. And If I hear someone else at my school say "Ooooo like in Left Behind!?" NO NOT LIKE LEFT BEHIND. THose Books have aspects shown of what can happen but IT IS NOT WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN. So many non belivers at my school have said thats whats going to happen and it sickens me. My Finial words for this messgae has to be Christ is coming, my friend and he is coming very soon.

Have a Wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous:  I think you don't understand the movies and books. they give light to another world, If that offends you then oh well. Alot of people get offended by the thought of God. Your not going to get anywhere by posting hatful things on the internet about somthing you don't understand. They show a fantisy world about good triumphing over evil. They let kids dream and be free for a moment. Growing up I didnt have the best child hood, but my dreams always made me feel better. My dreams were about being a hero and defeating my 'attacker'. i just think you need to think about how you come off to people. To me you sound like a cult, the type that would toucher people untill they believed in what you believe in, like the spanish inquasition. Its kind of scary. And I don't like being scared. Its not up to you to change the world. If parents don't want there children seeing the moives or reading the books, its there job to make sure they don't, not yours. Worry about your own life. And stop trying to convert the world.

I know it's not my "job" to make sure children don't immerse their minds in occult entertainment. But when parents write and ask me for help or information, I try to help. Remember, no one is forced to come to our website and read what we provide for Christian parents. :)

From Alisa: You people CAN NOT be serious about Harry Potter being harmful in ANY way. You're taking things a bit too seriously, really folks!

Alisa, there is a difference between Christian faith and all other religions. Our God calls us to love people but shun contrary beliefs and values. We are in the world to share His wonderful message of life, but we can't conform to the values of the world.

A wide chasm separates Him from all other "gods" and from the people who worship them. If you really want to understand why I take this so seriously, please see What it means to be a Christian.

From Rachel:  I read your articles about harry potter and the evils of it all. And I believe you are taking a kids story a tad too seriously. Have you ever read the books? They aren't teaching kids to lie, steal or pick up a stick and try to kill someone by saying "avada kedavra". And if you don't like fantasy, why not move on to fiction as well? Or anything that is untrue. Your beliefs are inconsistant. And the reason many people dispise chistians. Your not bringing anyone closer to God. Your mearly annoying people. But I know you wont consider a word of this you'll simply say oh thats too bad your going to hell.

By the way, I'm a christian so is my entire family, back as many generations as I could know. But I do like to discuss christianess and God and such, so don't hesitate to send back an e-mail. And be as rude and blunt as much as you want. I feel its easier that way.

Most of what I write, Rachel, are responses to questions our readers ask us. People were asking me about Harry Potter soon after the first book was published many years ago. To be able to answer those first questions, I read the book right away. (If you could see my set of Potter books, you would see the page corners turned and most pages marked.) The same is true of other books as well as of anime and movies.

I’m not surprised that many are annoyed by what I write. Unless they (including so-called “Christians”) love God more than today’s popular entertainment, they won’t like to be reminded that their favorite books or movies clash with God’s values. But those who truly love God are delighted with the information and thank Him for providing it. Jesus warned us that the world would hate those who don't go along with its thrills:

"If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.... If they persecuted Me they will persecute you... for they do not know the One who sent Me." John 15:19-21

"Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are saved and among those who are perishing. To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life." 2 Corinthians 2:14-16

Anonymous:  I read your article on the Harry Potter series of books written by J. K Rowling. It was interested to hear your views on that matter. The main fact you have over looked in today's society is that no one in thier right mind is going to listen to what you have said. Mainly due to the fact you take on the tone of a religious fanatic. Children these days are made to grow up faster due to expectations from schools, parents, and piers - society is an inclusion of all the former selected details. The books by J K Rowling if anything have created a positive influence in children. It has liberated many and encouraged them to persue their literacy journey. The view of the Christian zealot is the modern day view of evil. It seeks to oppress nature, and natural impulses in humans. It seeks to irradicate happiness. Fortunately in the world today religion does not play a big part. Faith is something that can be argued and debated, and can be a good thing. Religion, organised religion is a trully evil thing. In modern society is creates social tensions, wars, hatred, opression, and destruction. Regardless of it's benign teachings humans cannot ever accept a rule of an unseeable, untouchable power. They need a center head, a bishop a vicar etc. A true religion of fair play would not have a hierarchy!! There are always those who seek to gain power, and those who are looking of an easy life and would sway with out complaint to those in power. It deters totally from religion.

The one God? Surely there is only one God. He is the Christiona God, Allah, Vishnu and any other sacred deity. But does it matter? As long as a role model is of sound moral reasoning it stands to reason it could be any one. It is rather a relief to know that religion is a dying phenomenon, having strangled human relations for thousands of years.

Many would agree with you -- but not those who know Jesus Christ, my Lord. They know a peace, joy and hope that the followers of your gods and goodesses could not possibly understand. Here's why:

       "'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
       Nor have entered into the heart of man
       The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.'
But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. For what man knows the things of a man except the  spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God....
     "But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one. For 'who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?' But we have the mind of Christ." 1 Corinthians 2:9-16 (See Knowing God)

From Jordan: I'm writing because I saw your web page explaining why no one should watch the Harry Potter movies. I must say that I do not agree with most of them, and do not think that the series or Mrs. Rowling intends to bring evil tidings or satanism to the world. They're fictional stories, one series of countless fantasy, science fiction or "magical" world genres which are written by those who want to create an entertaining and exciting world, at the same time making money of profits to earn a living. They also are full of morals, ethics, and good virtues which can be found if you truely seek truth and a closer relationship with God. Therefore, please try not be angry or paranoid about the Harry Potter series, the real world is much scarier anyways. Rejoice in the light and love of the Prince of Peace.

The problem, Jordan, is that the magical world of Harry Potter presents a totally different "truth" and light. If you "truly seek truth and a closer relationship with God," you have to believe His truth (as He gave it to us in His Word) and follow His way

Please see Witchcraft through the ages and God's ways versus our ways.

See Conforming to the culture

From Lermasse Jophide: I think you are raving mad, I have read all the Harry Potter books over and over and I can't express the feeling of joy that comes from knowing the occult. I have become much more self-relient and I belive more powerful since I started studying witchcraft, and I have realized how I don't need church or christian fellowship to know power and peace.

Please put this on your "Disscus Harry Potter" page so everyone will know that you don't need god or the bible to get where you want to go.

We have a different kind of power, Lermasse. It's from our wonderful God:

"He said to me,

      "'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.'

      "Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

From Jay: Three or four years ago, I was skeptical about Harry Potter movies and books, and was not quite sure I wanted to introduce the older children to witch craft, even Hollywood witch craft. I had talked to several friends both in the church and out, and I was surprised about how many Christians were fans of Harry Potter. I decided to read the books, and...I enjoyed them. I decided that Harry Potter was no different then Cinderella, and allowed the children to watch the movies, read the books and play the video games.

What I didn't realize at the time, was my youngest son, who is seven now, began to have Night Terrors. He would wake up in the middle of the night with his eyes wide open, screaming at nothing at all. He would calm down, go back to sleep and in the morning remember nothing. He began to have multiple episodes and then the infrequency turned into weekly and sometimes nightly. The frustration we felt as parents, seeing our son in pain and not being able to take it away.

The doctors said that Night Terrors typically attack children that are victims of some trauma. Divorce, loss of a parent etc. Our family is an uncommon modern family. We have a happy Christian home, where I as the father work outside the home, and my wonderful wife is the mother, and works even harder then I do in the home. We decided the reasons for the night terrors was because my wife was pregnant at the time, and that the boy was affected by the introduction of a new family member.

Four years later, my son was still having the night terrors, but now they were worse. During the day, he would be scared to go into the bathroom, because he believed "the wolf" was waiting for him. Night lights, toys, encouragement, nothing would help, he was afraid of the bathroom, and of this "Wolf" that stalked his dreams. Two or three weeks ago, things became even worse. While sleeping, he herd the wolf say in a dream, "I am going to kill you". This scared me and my wife a great deal. I prayed about it, and I really felt that God laid on my heart, to get rid of anything in my house that was not Godly and wholesome. I talked to a spiritual leader that I work with and did not tell him what I had felt from God, and he told me, "there is something in your house, that you have invited, that has brought evil with it", I talked to my pastor, and did not tell him with the friend had said, and the Pastor said. "there is a presence in your house, that you have brought into it, or it may have been there when you moved in".

Well, the night terrors started at our old house, and have continued into our new house. So if there is something in the house, I feel, I brought it with me. I asked my wife to throw away all the Harry potter books, movies, tapes, toys, video games, what ever. If it was anything to do with Harry Potter, it had to go. She did. Everything went. Anything in the house that had a scary face, profile, color, etc was thrown away. Not donated, sold, or traded in. I figured, if this really was bringing evil into my house, then I am not going to let someone bring it into their house. So, hundreds of dollars of wizard marketing went to the dump. The Pastor of my church also came over the house and prayed over it, and went through every room.

My son has not had a single restless night sleep since then. It is 17 February now, and it has been over two weeks since the last nightmare. My son used to come down stairs to sleep with my wife because he was so scared, or he would get into bed with his 10 year old brother. Now, he sleeps in his own bed, with no fear, and sleeps a good sleep like he has not had in four years.

Harry Potter does damage children's lives. My family is proof of that. It was my own ignorance that caused my 7 year old son to have terrible nightmares for over three years all because I thought Harry Potter was fun and exciting. The devil is deceptive, and he does destroy.

Thank you, Jay, for sharing this very important message. I hope many parents will read it and guard their children against the occult assault on their hearts and minds.

From John: A few questions,

1) Can you provide me any real proof of the Harry Potter series destroying somebody's life?

2) Isn't Harry Potter fictional?

3) You do know that the "Potter" books put the virtues and morals of its heroes first, and actually lash out against the evils of the "dark arts," right?

Thanks for asking, John.  Here are my answers:
1. No

2. Yes -- but studies have shown that realistic fiction and fantasy that stir the imagination can be far more effective in changing beliefs and values than actual reality.

3. For a more complete answer than I can you here, please read -

Marketing the occult: Harry's impact on "Christian" values

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion

From Chris: I just wanted to comment on your Harry Potter site.  I am a devout Christian and I really do not think reading fantasy such as Harry Potter can take anything away from that.  I think if you have a strong foundation in christianity (which the majority of the population does) then you will not be swayed from god just by reading about witches and wizards, my own children have read the books and are now teenagers and they have not been negatively impacted in any way.  I enjoy the books myself.

Thanks for your message, Chris. A key problem is that current statistics show that very few people -- even among those who call themselves "born again" Christians" -- have a strong foundation in Biblical truth. Many don't even have a Christian world view. Unless a person knows God's Word and can use it to test whether something is true or false, that person is likely to be deceived.  Please read Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion and the first two links at the top of the page.

Anonymous: I do not meant to be brash, but come on, the Harry potter books are fiction, they have no basis in real witchcraft, and there are no connections with the Harry potter books and the converting of people to witchcraft. I am a witch and I often find myself defending Christians from other witches who like to bash Christians, much like Christians do us. But I think this is a bit of a stretch. You do seriously need to put down the good book and get a grip.

Please see this chart by someone who is very familiar with witchcraft:  Harry Potter Overview

From Adam: How &%$#&%  could you think that harry potter is evil and going to lead to the downnfall of children's lives? They were the books that taught me how to read. How dare you!

P.S. You are the stupidest Christians I have ever seen.

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