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From Kim N. Stager: [RE: The Rape of Europe] Another great, if distressing, article on the coming world order of Satan. To be revealed the nature of this eventuality in the Bible by the Holy Spirit is one thing, but to see the actual fruition of it is astounding. Very dismaying to say the least. To know the tyranny of the Devil is upon this world in all manner and variety. In and out of the professing church of Jesus Christ. For God is giving most over to the lie. For if we seek to save our fleshly lives, we will lose our eternal Life.

May all born again believers pray, preach the Truth in love, and be witnesses to the world. And be prophets of God's word about the wrath of God to come. That whosoever will might be Saved. For this world is going to pass away. But the word of God will not pass away, but will accomplish all that has been revealed in the Bible. For it is not by power or might but by My Spirit saith the Lord. Praise God He is in control and Saves to the uttermost. May we do what we are called to do in the Name of Jesus the Christ. For there is no other Name under Heaven by which men must be Saved. None!

The world needs to know of God's prophetic word about this coming unholy trinitarian rule of the Devil. But since a person must be born again with the Spirit of God indwelling to discern the will of God and His word, should we not always be focused and focus all our messages upon the need for Salvation. For this need is the problem to the answer, so to speak. Not the other way around.

From Kim N. Stager: [RE: The Last King of Java] Is this not a part of the ushering in of the False Prophet? Praise God His word is Truth that we might not be deceived. For if this time were not shortened, even the elect would be disceived! But since this is not possible, how ought we to live--those of us who profess born again? We should endeavor to preach the Truth in love that whosoever will might be Saved. As we reveal this coming world order of Satan as prophets of God.

From ZARA: I read your article under "Four Faces of Islam". You have talked about sufism and mysticism under Islam. You are incorrect in doing so. Because that has nothing to do with Islam. The religion of God (Islam meaning "submission to God") is perfect, but the Muslims (followers of Islam) are NOT. It is like I taking Catholism as corrupted Christianity, where you have idols of "Mother Mary" and the calling upon saints. I hope you are a truth seeker as I am, and that it is only THE truth (fact) that is deserved, not what our whims would desire. I hope we can further our discussion on Islam and Christianity. Please read this:

Thank you for the correction. I will gladly show our readers that -- though we list Sufi in the article -- you say that it is actually a distortion or perversion of Islam.

From Jeff Wallace:  I just finished reading a historical book called the "Devil's Horsemen" written by James Chambers. It is about the Mongol Invasion of Europe in the 13th century. A Friar named Williams was apparently sent by the Pope to visit the successor to Ghengis Khan. Apparently he later wrote some his observations...

He said of the successor ..."he favored the Christians and was contemplating baptism, but the friar could see for himself that the successor to Ghengis Khan was careful to appear impartial, sharing his patronage equally among the religions of his subjects and diplomatically attending all of their important ceremonies."

Now bear in mind, that these were brutal people that often slaughtered men women and kids in mass numbers...

Later in the book, it is said of them..."To Moslem historians the destruction of Baghdad was such a calamity that the numbers of the dead were hysterically overestimated at between eight hundred thousand and two million. Yet, including the refugees there must have been several hundred thousand people in the city when it fell, and not the first time the Mongol armies were forced to abandon their camps by the stench of the corpses."

That matches what I have read, Jeff. Thanks.

Anonymous: I dont know what you want to prove but your article regarding the pathans is pathetic. so we are brutal people who would mutilate our enemies even if the are wounded and notorious for revenge.

well you simply dont know about us. come to our land as a friend and we will die for you but if you come as a foe then we have every right to rip your heart out . so if your wife is dishonoured by someone what would you do , sit in the bathroom and weep ,well we cant ,and honour is more important the life but you wouldnt understand as you are not a pathan.

so christianity brought civilization to the world . who massacered the jews in concentration camps , who fought like wild dogs in europe in the last century , who exploited the poor nations in the name of world peace , who attacked vietnam , who attacked afghanistan , who was involved in slave trade , who was burning the black slaves in usa in 1960s , who killed the native australians and setteled down there , who created osama bin laden , who created the taliban , who created saddam , who praised him when he was poisoning the irani kids with chemical weapons and who nuked japan when the war was over (.... mutilating an injured enemy....) God bless you ,champions of civilization.

I believe you are referring to the excerpts we quoted on "The Pashtun - The brutal warriors of the Taliban." I am sorry that we offended you, but your own words verify its references to cultural violence. You say, "Come to our land as a friend and we will die for you but if you come as a foe, then we have every right to rip your heart out." It's such claimed "rights" that have raised concerns about the Pashtun (or Pathans).

You seem to think that Christianity caused the torture of slaves and the massacre of Jews under Hitler. But Hitler was an occultist who executed Christian who refused to bend to his evil intentions. Many pastors were tortured and killed because they loved Jesus Christ and stood firm on the truth of the Bible. See The Cost of Discipleship

Slavery has existed throughout history . Yes, Christians as well as Muslims participated in that travesty because it became an accepted cultural institution. But the slave trade was actually ended by the spread of Christianity in the 19th century. See  The Fall and Rise of Human Violence.

Finally, remember the vast difference between Cultural and Biblical "Christianity". Many nations and people have identified with Christianity without any real knowledge of Jesus Christ or understanding of His grace. Please see this chart: Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

From Marc:  I was repulsed by your comments in the article entitled 'deliver us from evil'. You ignorantly accept that neanderthal Bush's word as if they were truths, and slander the islamic faith. I am Australian and truthfully do not have much time for the US. 

I have many american friends yet after spending many years there I can tell you it is not envy which brings about the hatred of terrorists or your average foreign lay. It's disgust for american foreign policy, the way that your goverment is run soley for the benefit of 'the elite'. Your government ____ over every country and expects to get what they want. What the terrorists were saying was that they are prepared to take the first step in ushering in a new era of politics and ethics, where one cares not for money, but for people.

You don't see much evidence for such compassion in most Islamic countries, Marc. The immense wealth from oil rarely filters down to the poor. Nations like Pakistan fail to provide education for their servant classes or "untouchables". Some countries only provide education in the Islamic schools that train children to hate America and dedicate their lives to the war against the West in the name of Allah.

In other words, the immense wealth from oil serves the rulers who care for money, not people. In many parts of the Islamic world, the only door to education and help comes through Christian schools which open their doors to all the poor.

Example Somalia 1994, why did the US go in? I'm sure they've asked themselves the same thing over and over again. But their main focus was not 'to stop the bloodletting' but rather to go in take over the place and set up a government which would then be eternally indebted to the US, kinda like dare I say it a COLONY. That would make the US an imperial state.

The UN decleration of Human Rights states that as a collective right any group which believes itself to be justified has the right to self-determination (being the right to determine how they are governed).

Please read Trading U.S. Rights for UN RulesIt may change your mind about the conditional "rights" granted by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

You may well say ' Well what about the people in Afghanistan, did they have this right?', and the answer would be yes. This is the only true human right, and so whether a government/regime bans freedom of speech, the power is still with the people and thus if they believe that things are bad enough they will take charge and overthrow the powers that be. If however they appeal for international aid, and it comes in the form of a new system etc. then nothing is solved.

It is a viscious cirlce, but one must rememer the power is with the people. As for you slander of the Islamic faith, I must say I was horrified, being a christian I would never believe that someone the same faith as I could manage to be so blatantly ignorant. I invite you to read the khoran, which you may be amazed to find is a beautifully written piece of literature which holds many truths. A religion you must see should not be viewed as something that is believed in nor should it be preached. It should be sought as something which allows the responder to expand their mind.

Although I do not agree with your backwards beliefs, I would have to commend you on your persistance as I see you have a great number of articles on your site. I no doubt will be back in the hope that through adding my comments other people if not yourself will realise the truth; that is that there is nothing. One question how do you feel about Hip-Hop culture and street art in particular?

I may have answered that question on this page: Music & Dance

From Grant Noble: I thought you might like or least appreciate the following badly needed message to the true body of Jesus Christ.

  (Note Orthodox Muslims regard the Qur'an as a sacred text that is only to be studied in its original language of Arabic. Therefore, any translation is suspect because it is specifically for non-Muslims.  The Koran makes it plain (citation below) that it is perfectly fine for a Muslim to "beleaguer (nonMuslims) and lie in wait for them, in every strategem [of war].".  So translations can vary more than any other sacred book because often Muslim translators soft pedal or distort some of the more harsher verses against "infidels". A study of more than one translation and most of all, the history of Islam vs. other faiths, will confirm the truth of the citations below.)

Our government is now blaming Islamic terrorists for the heinous crimes of  9/11/2001.  Because of the immense, intimidating power of the Islamic world, our media is allowing Muslim clerics a platform to say that what happened 9/11/2001 has no basis in Islam.  (They never do this for pro-life groups when an abortion clinic is bombed!)   To find the truth, one only has to turn to the Holy Book of Islam, the Qur'an (or Koran).

Terrorism is a logical outcome of putting the Qur'an into practice. The Qur'an promotes permanent struggle against non-Muslims - or at least until non-Muslims are converted to Islam, subjected to Islamic authority, or killed. Here is a listing of relevant verses:  Islam promises hell to non-Muslims 3:85, 4:56, 5:37, 5:72, 8:55,
9:28,15:2,21:98-100,22:19-22,22:56-57,25:17-19,25:55,29:53-55,31:13,66:9,68:10-13,72:14- 15,
Islam warms against mixing with non-Muslims 2:21,3:28,3:118,5:51,5:144,9:7,9:28,58:23,60:4. Islam calls on Muslims to wage war against non-Muslims  2:191, 2:193, 4:66, 4:84, 5:33, 8:12, 8:15-18, 8:39, 8:59-60,
8:65, 9:2-3, 9:5, 9:14, 9:29, 9:39, 9:73, 9:111, 9:123, 25:52, 37:22-23, 47:4-5, 48:29, 69:30-37. Islam encourages war against the non-Muslims by glorifying it 2:216, 9:41, 49:15, or by promising lust in paradise to the Shaheeds who die in such a war 3:142,3:157-158,9:20--21.

 For those without a handy Koran, here are just a few examples:  O ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers .... and let them find harshness in you. [Koran, "Repentance" (chapter 9): 123] Humiliate the non-Muslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute. [Koran, Repentance: 29] O believers, do not treat your fathers and brothers as your friends, if they prefer unbelief to belief, whosoever of you takes them for friends, they are evildoers. [Koran, Repentance: 20] Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends.... whoso does that belongs not to God. [Koran, The House of Imram: 60]  Sura (Chapter) 5, verse 85, describes the inevitable enmity between Muslims and non-Muslims: "Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans." Sura (Chapter) 9, verse 5, adds: "Then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them. And seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them, in every strategem [of war]." Then nations, however mighty, the Koran insists, must be fought "until they embrace Islam."

 As hundreds of thousands of Iranian Bahais found out when Ayatollah Khomeni took power, any nonMuslim who is not a Jew or a Christian is to be immediately executed if they do not convert on the spot to Islam. Jews and Christians are allowed to keep their religion as second class slaves with no civil rights and extra taxes not paid by Moslems. A non-Muslimís testimony is not acceptable or even allowed in court against Muslims or even against other non-Muslims. Non-Muslims do not have the right to assume leading jobs in the state.  A Muslimís life is spared even if he kills a Christian intentionally while a Muslim may only be required to die if he kills another Muslim. The reason, as Muhammad said is that "only Muslimsí blood is regarded equal." Thus, no Muslim should be killed for murdering a non-Muslim.  On the other hand, if a non-Muslim merely curses a Muslim, he must either be sentenced to death or be converted to Islam! However, if a Muslim murders a non-Muslim, he will only pay a fine.

Dr. Abdul Moumin says, "All Muslims Jurists agree that a judge should be a Muslim and it is forbidden for a non-Muslim to be a judge according to the Quríanic verse: "There is no authority of the infidels over the Muslims not have the right to propagate their religion in Muslim lands." It is apparent to everyone, therefore, that the position of a judge is prohibited for a non-Muslim or a woman because Muhammad said plainly, "May God curse the people who appoint a woman to govern them" (Bukhari, Volume 6, p. 10, and Volume 9, p. 70).

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