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 We deleted this entry since questions have been raised about the veracity of the message.

From Jeff Wallace:  I sent you an email a few weeks back about the trend of many conservatives (Limbaugh, Boortz, Savage, etc) seeming to go against Christians when push comes to shove. Your article under Changing Church: Sovereignty Over Evil, a couple days ago goes right to the heart of that. Michael Savage, who regularly savages liberals on all fronts, stated recently that fanatics of any group are bad....I got the sense he was leaning toward viewing real Christians in this light.

Boortz, is now almost on a crusade to lambasts Christians for speaking out about Potter. He calls us more names than almost anyone I have heard him attack at times. At any rate, I think it is safe to say, this trend is on the rise and will no doubt get worse. Christians need to try to understand this, because if they don't they are going to be confused and get what they think are mixed signals. Your ministry can play a great role in this. God Bless

Thank you, Jeff. I share your concern. That's why I keep pointing people to this page: Preparing for Persecution

From Kathy and Brent Bowling:   The Lord has recently been showing me just how sinister America's love affair with media is. While most Christian websites and magazines promote staying away from obviously filthy,  wordly fare, I am convinced the entire entertainment medium belongs to our enemy. It is obvious his agenda is to brainwash us into becoming silent, impotent secular humanists. I shudder to think what further judgments await  our nation if Christians don't begin to see the filth for what it is and begin living lives befitting children of the King. Do not grow weary in well doing.

From Jeff : The thought occurred to me recently that the media is doing something quite obvious but almost no one ever comments on it. When a candidate like Bush or Gore run for office, they (media) routinely go back and investigate every small aspect of their past and current life. They go into small things, like what they did in high school, and what each grade was, and what kind of kid or worker they were on even jobs decades ago etc. 

Also when these candidates win, as Bush did lately, they appoint folks to their cabinet and various other high level positions, and the media starts all over doing the same exhaustive search on these appointments. Now, would it not be an obvious and completely expected aspect of this search for minute information to investigate any secret or semi secret organizations they may have belonged to and what the totality of those organizations are top to bottom? 

The answer is a resounding YES of course, any reasonable person would expect so. However, does anyone remember, any questioning or investigative reporting of Bush or Gore or anyone appointed lately that belonged to Skull and Bones, the Council on Foreign Affairs, or that were a Rhodes Scholar or that were a member of or had ties to the Trilateral Commission or the Club of Rome. 

And how about the Masons, a very questionable organization as to its secrecy and as to it real agenda. Does not these affiliations and memberships cry out for investigation and for the spotlight of truth to be shown upon them? The Boy Scouts of American can be scrutinized top to bottom in every way imaginable, but yet we are told it is okay if all Americans are kept in complete darkness as to all of these secret organizations, whose membership is a whos who of the world? 

The sheer lunacy of this as an acceptable practice, is enough to drive a sane person to become, well you get the picture. Any thoughts on this? Would it be something that could ev! er! be exposed? I think not, as the very media that practices this, has to raise the issue loud and clear, otherwise there is no reason to be accountable. How convenient.

Thank you, Jeff, for your insights.


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