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Persecution of Christians

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From Jeff W: (RE: "Holocaust museum opens in Jerusalem")  In my arguments over the years against abortion, I have often made the case that pro abortion forces are really akin to the fervor and ruthlessness of the nazis, in that, the nazis viewed the Jews as non human, and therefore justified their killing.

We have over the decades now seen over and over the pro death crowd, do the exact same thing, in that they justify their killing of millions of innocent babies, by trying to convince everyone they are not really human. Who knows in the future, we might hear this same argument being made about those so called extreme zealot Christians being deserving of death or punishment because after all, they really aren't truly apart of humanity, the global community has deemed positive and supportive of the New Age.

That's a very real possibility, Jeff. Jesus warned us: "If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.... If they persecuted Me they will persecute you... for they do not know the One who sent Me." John 15:19-21

From Steve: First off I'd like to say that I respect your beliefs, even though I don't agree with them. However, on your website you warn Christians that they will be persecuted, yet you persecute many religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and Native American religions. I understand that you need to preach your religion, but isn't there a way you could do this and still respect other religion? There is a double standard there. Remember the golden rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I would think persons such as yourselves touting your moral supremacy would at
least follow the Golden Rule of your own religion. That said I hold no ill will towards you and I hope you will do the same. Peace,

Do you know what persecution means, Steve? I'm talking about Christians who through the centuries have been silenced, have been forbidden to worship God, have watched their churches closed or burned... or were imprisoned, tortured and killed for their faith.

On your site you preach hate against Native American Religions and Buddhism and other religions. I was just hoping there was a way you could preach your religion with out condemning every other religion. I believe we should love everyone, no matter what their faith, and part of loving someone would be to respect what they believe.

I still don't understand what you mean when you say I "preach hate," Stephen. Could you quote something I said that sounded hateful? I need a specific example in order to make corrections. Where I have shown that I hate someone?

If you were to read some of the online chapters of Twist of Faith, you would see that I have met with many pagans, hiked through forests with witches, had friendly conversations with lots of New Agers and neopagans who believe in other gods and forces. I have tried to really learn -- both first hand and through countless books -- what their religions are all about. They consider me their friend, and they know I have tried to be fair in my evaluations. They also agree that in America we all have the right to disagree -- and to follow our chosen religion. Wouldn't you agree?

yes, I'm sorry. Mindless rant of the ignorant, please forgive me.

Of course. Thanks for listening and understanding. :-)

From Dennis: This is in regard to the legal battle a Catholic school board is having with the gay teen who wants to bring his boyfriend to the prom. I do realize the problems with the Catholic religion, as in I will be bold and even say I do not believe the Pope himself is saved. However, apart from that, if this school board loses the court case, then the only reasonable thing left for them to do is cancel the entire prom. It should be interesting to see what they do with this.

I agree, Dennis. But the staff may well be intimidated into conformity by parents (paying customers) and students who demand that the dance be held. The cost of uncompromising obedience to God is pushing church schools across the country into conformity with the world's new rules and standards. Those who refuse to compromise will pay dearly for their dissent. As you know, legal, media and public tolerance for uncompromising Biblical values is fading fast.

From burn baby burn: hey there christians. I do a weekly talk radio show here in MI, also heard on.... A lot of christian groups are burning harry potter books lately, so my show is organizing a bible burning this wed night live on the air i hope you will join us as we send the real evil book to hell. i will throw a bible on the fire just for you! But im sure you wont listen or call in. All christians are cowards. Good day.

Yesterday, I tried to call in to a local radio station. The host's attitude toward Christians was just like yours. I wanted to give a reasonable explanation, but I didn't get past the gatekeeper. Could it be that angry radio hosts are the real cowards?  Unwilling to engage in a genuine debate, many resort to name calling and rude diatribes?

From Daniel:  I want to thank you for all your efforts in the Lord. I also want to shed some light on the darkness that prevails. The idea that persecution does not happen here is a alsehood. I have been attacked, but the Lord is my comfort and my witness. It is by His power and awesome Word that I am able to overcome. 

I live in Duluth Minnesota and most of my family is here also. The persecution in this country is to some degree more wicked than the others that openly display their hatred for the Lord Jesus. Because they seek to torture with unseen weapons and deny, cover it up or mostly refute the claims. They strike from the position of advantage having a monopoly on all the secular institutions, having all the technology and the wealth to carry out this evil. I have spoken out about the coming judgment and sin as the Lord lead me to and surely the slave is not greater than the Master. He is life to me and I am ready to meet Him, dying daily to self and praising Him out of thanksgiving for the opportunity to serve. 


This present darkness will pass away at the coming of great Light, He comes just as sure as the sun rises at His command. There is an evil here that takes up residence and seeks to silence the witnesses of God. They seem to have the upper hand but all is not as it appears, for my God is the sovereign God. We have tribulation in the world but they have it eternally. This is the word of the Lord. 


I want to thank you again for the light that you have shed and the evil you have exposed, the signs of the time are upon us and the cup is being drained. As the Lord told us, "they will hate you, persecute you and even kill you." Yet, "He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world." All power and might is of the Lord, He will sustain us. 


May God's blessings be with you, and His hand protect you. He has been a refuge to me and faithful to His word. Praise the Lord Jesus and His Holy name.

From Anthony Valterra: In response to your (I am sure) rhetorical question of... "Do you wonder if the triangle, pentagram, quartered circle or other earth-centered symbols would also be banned?" [Here Anthony listed a number of websites that illustrate how pagan symbols have been banned and pagans expressions silenced.]

Well, I guess the answer is "yes, they would be banned", and since this is just a small sample pulled of the net, it strikes me that they are more often banned then "christain religous icons". Also please note that in these stories the students were suspended from school for merely wearing a symbol of their faith. In the story on your site the students were dismissed for a form of proselytizing.

Berit's letter to Anthony: I agree, based on your credible evidence, that pagan symbols were banned and the student treated unfairly. I would like to post your response, but I don't think I should make the links available to all the children and young people who visit us. I want to protect them from occultism, not open doors. So please forgive me for not presenting the other side.

The solution is simple. Post my response and instead of posting the links post a one or two sentence overview of the case. Impress me Berit. Show me that Christains really are dedicated to "truth".

I hope my summary above will meet the need. If you think a summary is needed, please write a short one and send it to me. Thank you, Anthony.

From Babbage Cliologic:  I've looked at your site and am interested in how Christians are persecuted  in this country. How? I don't see it. Thinking logically (and Biblically) about this topic, either:

1. Christians are Persecuted in the U.S., or 

2. Christians are not Persecuted in the U.S.

Now, If Christians are Persecuted in the U.S. then there should be evidence  of this persecution - doesn't the Bible (Leviticus, I think) require proof  of evidence if there is a crime? Witnesses, etc?

a. Are Christians regularly killed for their beliefs? I've read articles  where Blacks were killed because they were black, Gays killed because they  were gay, but I have not read any news where Christians were killed because  they were Christian. Do you have links to any such articles?

There were at least two such "hate crimes" reports this last year. I will try to find the documentation and post it here. These crimes against Christians were not reported by the mainstream media. It doesn't serve their purpose. Political correctness calls for a public perception of gays and other minority groups as victims while Christians must be perceived to be perpetrators. That's why there are very few reports about the volume of gay on gay violence. 

Whether you believe it or not, our media is biased against Biblical Christianity. The new universalist form of Christianity -- which adapts to the new vision of community consensus and a pantheistic universal spirituality -- is okay. It doesn't offend anyone. But don't mention Jesus Christ or the cross. That would offend people.

b. Can they loose their job because they are Christian? I've read news  reports where gays, jews, and blacks have lost their jobs because they were  gay or jewish or black. I have not read any news where Christians lost their  job because they were Christian. Do you have links to any such articles?

Definitely. It's happening across the country to Christian men especially who are employed in a TQM corporation that follows the new guidelines for consensus, tolerance, and politically correct diversity. If they refuse to renounce or compromise their convictions, they either lose their position or their jobs. I have talked with many men who have experienced this kind of job-related exclusion or persecution.

c. Have mobs rioted and murdered Christians because they were Christian?  I've read about the riots in New York where blacks rioted and killed jews,  but I have yet to read an article about anyone rioting and killing  Christians. Do you have links to any such articles? 

Not in this country as far as I know. But it sure is happening in China, North Korea, Sudan and Muslim countries. Please see some heart-breaking illustrations here:  Persecution Index

d. Do Christians loose their Civil Rights if it is found out they are Christians? Do you have links to any such articles?

Absolutely. Please read about [we have had to delete her name and page to avoid increasing the family's problems]. You might read the first couple of entries, then skip to the last two.  Then read Don't Mention Jesus and Standing Alone with Jesus. Here are other articles that deal with the loss of constitutional and civil rights:

What Happened to Parents' Rights?

The Enemy of The People?

Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules

A Terrorist? Me?

The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

Conforming the Church to the New Millennium 

Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values

A Terrorist? Me?

Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance

e. Do Christians loose their children in court cases because they are  Christian? Do you have links to any such articles?

Yes. One such story we may no longer discuss. But please read License to Remove our Children and the introductory links. This 1994 report is more crucial today than when it was written. Do read, if you haven't already, The UN Plan for Your Mental Health.

f. Do Christians loose elections because they proclaim they are Christian?  George Bush and Al Gore should've been kicked out of politics, then! Do you  have links to any such articles?

Please read Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation. He was not a Christian by any stretch of Biblical truth. Look at the opposition Aschcroft face from the Senate, the media and the liberal interest groups. As for President Bush, this is not the place or time to analyze his convictions and political agenda. 

Therefore, If Christians are not Persecuted then your statements are either  because:

1. You like pretending you are persecuted, or 2. You are mentally ill.

So, if you feel better feeling persecuted, then that's your business.

You state in your website a quote from scripture: "Blessed are you when men hate you, and when they exclude you, and revile you, and cast out your name  as evil, for the Son of Man's sake. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy!  For indeed your reward is great in heaven. (Luke 6:22-23)" 

When have you been excluded? Reviled? Cast out? Named as evil? Who has done  this to you? I certainly haven't. I haven't even met you. And I certainly  don't mean this email as "reviling," but I don't know how you'd take it.  Have many people done this to you? Has all of America done this to you? I  doubt it. Most of America doesn't even know you. 

Of course, I have. Please read A Terrorist? Me? If you want to understand the world's attitude toward people like me, just read the comments from our visitors on the anime, Pokemon, Multiple Topics and Harry Potter pages. But I don't mind that. 

However, could it be that you are paranoid? I don't mean to be cruel, but  could that be a possibility?

Try out this website:

It talks all about paranoia. Are you paranoid? Here's a quote from this  website: "The most common delusion in delusional disorder is that of  persecution. While persons with paranoid personality might suspect their  colleagues of joking at their expense, persons with delusional disorder may  suspect others of participating in elaborate master plots to persecute them.  They believe that they are being poisoned, drugged, spied upon, or are the  targets of conspiracies to ruin their reputations or even to kill them. They  sometimes engage in litigation in an attempt to redress imagined  injustices."

Is there a master plan to persecute you? To persecute Christians? I don't  see it.

There is a mastermind behind the scenes that hates God and His people. I may try to expand on that tomorrow.


Babbage Cliologic

P.S. Just for fun, here's a link to how Anti-Christian this society is:

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