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From Stephen Hill: I am a 16 year old male from the united kingdom and I am writing to express my feelings towards your article, (if it can be called that) against children playing with Pokémon. I would firstly like to tell you that i am a well educated well brought up teenager who has his own beliefs and opinions.

I am saying this so if you right [write?] back which I highly doubt will happen, this is die to my encounters with religious groups and people before. They tend to cast my opinion aside because they are not willing to accept other beliefs , which i feel if you are of a tolerant mind will understand and agree is wrong. More to my point, I do believe that your article is a force of beliefs and my earlier point of being well educated means you will not be able to bully me in to believing that what your saying is right.

Anyway I feel that your so say 'warning' that Pokémon are a satanic influence toward children is preposterous due to your article clutching at straws so to say, i saw your use of language in this article and I believe it to have twisted and manipulated in to the message that you portray in your 'article' and i use that word very loosely due to the definition of an article being, " a piece of writing that forwards facts to it's target audience in a non-bias manor". And I feel that you are using a craze to force your belief on other naive people. I grew up with Pokémon and I am an upstanding citizen who used to be religious and then turned atheist due to my doubts in religion itself, I am very acceptant of others my family are catholic, and a lot of my family share beliefs similar to me, however I do believe that your article exposes the truth about it's financial roots, but that is where it ends.

To close I would like to say that this item is very miss leading and should be thought about and then read over by someone of a non-bias disposition which can decide whether it is true or not and my strong belief is that the article is very poorly relating to Pokémon being a satanic influence in children's lives, I would much rather have my child (in theory, as i am not a parent) playing with pokemon as apposed to G.I Joe and such figures which invoke violence.

Hoping to hear from you soon

I'm not going to try to change your mind, Stephen. Nor am I writing article to "force" my "beliefs on other naive people" -- especially not on "well educated" and "upstanding citizens" like yourself.

Most of our articles are written in response to questions by concerned Christian parents. I want to help and encourage them, and I don't "force" anyone to visit our website.

As for the influence of today's popular entertainment, you may want to read Toying with Death or The Power of Suggestion

From Bonny: When my oldest son was still in primary school, he was always collecting pokemon cards and bringing them home. Despite the fact that he was at a Christian school, some parents allowed them, and some didn't. I discouraged them, but also made sure I had a good look at them so that I could explain to my son why I did not like them in the house.

I noticed that the characters depicted on the cards generally had three levels - they started out at cute and friendly, but could gradually evolve or morph into higher level creatures as they gained greater powers and abilities. The more power they gathered (to enable them to 'evolve'), the more 'creepy' they became. I found this to be an accurate portrayal of demonic manifestation, starting out as deceptively attractive, and revealing their true nature of evil as they gain strength.

The effects of the weapons used against other characters depicted on the cards were such things as: confusion, sleep, poison, amnesia and paralysis. These to me also, seem very like the effects which demonic oppression and activity can have in a person's life.

Pokeballs are the capsules which contain the monsters. My son explains to me that the original creator of the Pokemon world actually likens these to 'ourselves', with inner monsters. Of course there are other more obviously demonic series even, than Pokemon. If we allow ourselves just a little, then it is harder to prevent the next level/onslaught.

And so I decided against having them in the house. I know that I would be called narrow minded (and even many Christians ignore the laws of the Old Covenant) but the Lord had good reason to command us not to make graven images or likeness of creatures, lest we bow down and worship them, so I think we have to be very careful what we put in front of our eyes and take part in. I think boys are particularly susceptible because the Lord created them to be more 'visual' firstly, and secondly, there is always an element of conquest and power. I have found raising boys in these times (particularly with a non-Christian husband) far more difficult than girls, who tended to readily follow my Christian example and who have always been less captivated by visual stimuli. It is so terribly hard to keep the stuff from coming in the doors - even a happy meal from Mcdonalds often has some undesirable creature in it!!

The 'Pokeballs' actually remind me of a yin/yang ball! And this is now what the world believes isn't it?
*That we all have a dark and light side (just as Lucifer/satan thinks he has)
*This is epitomised in the teachings of Carl Jung (which have resurfaced with great authority in these days) - the 'shadow side'
*That there can eventually be a 'balance' between the two, resulting in peace, harmony and goodness (the new tolerance)
*The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was what we ate from, so this is the outworking of it I guess

And yet, Jesus says, His kingdom is not of this world, that darkness and light can have no part with each other, and that He alone is the One true Light and Way. So no wonder our beliefs are never, ever going to be compatible with the world. What the world regards as light is not our Light. But we will be made to look like dissenters, enemies of peace, and those who actually stand in the way of harmony and unity and brotherhood between all men........I pray that we will not be ashamed of the gospel in these times!! Just my thoughts.

From Krystal: Yeah, well, I have to disagree with your view on the subject. Pokemon isn't brainwashing children into false beliefs. It's just a kid's show. It's not doing any damage to children. How can kids possibly have any fun when the parents are constantly debating what is good and what is bad for them?

Just let children be children while they still can. Let them believe what they want to believe. Do you really think that something like pokemon can do that much damage? That's the problem here. You see one little thing, the tiniest minute thing that relates to something that the bible outlaws, and you exploit it to the parents. These parents get worried and start looking for more "evil" and "Satanic" signs until everyone is making a big fuss about it. Then you take away the child's cards, you take away his games, and you stop him from watching the show. That's what's destroying children's lives these days.

What if someone's child doesn't want to believe in God, but in whatever he wants to believe? Are you going to take away everything that he believes in, tie him up, and force him to go to church every Sunday? No. It's the same situation with me. My mother is Roman Catholic, but I'm Atheist. She doesn't see a problem with it. She believes what she believes in, and I believe what I believe in. What I'm trying to say is that it's not pokemon that's destroying children. It's not violence that's destroying children. It's religion. Everyone is afraid of going to Hell if they do anything wrong, so everyone is making such a big fuss over everything. They force their kids to act godly and good-mannered. They're turning into a bunch of hollow, fearful, God-infatuated zombies. Just leave the kids alone and let them believe in what they want to believe in. It gives them hope. It gives them a happy life.

Krystal, do you believe children should be allowed to do whatever they want? Break windows, eat candy instead of vegetables, fight and hit and hurt each other? Watch TV instead of learning to read? Where would you draw the line? Would you like to go back to primitive lawless times, where children were allowed to run wild but people feared for their lives?

And what if hell is real? Wouldn't you want to show them the way to safety in Christ -- the only alternative to terror? At least they would have a choice!

From Michael: I was reading your article about pokemon and magic cards, and found it to be quite amusing. I myself am a Roman-Catholic, and I do not see the harm in such games. I may play magic the gathering myself quite frequently, and though the theme is combat through summoning creatures. An idea which you seem to say is occult, but have you investigated into the cards? There are a numberous number of angels and holy creatures that would only gather faith to a child that good is powerful. The message you send that it will turn your child to occult is severly skewed, the bible itself have many horrific images and stories about battle with demons and the end of the world which would warp a child more than any game. In closing, I would like to address that you need to look on both sides of an argument before making any statement. You will never sustain a full bodied argument without understanding pros and cons of both sides of the controversy and or issue. So I do highly encourage you research your topics further before you mistakenly label and speak to strongly about a topic you have little understanding of. Michael.

I actually have spent a lot of time reading and studying “the other side,” Michael. How much time have you spent looking at “my side?” Did you read some of the articles that dealt with the negative influence of images and suggestions in contemporary entertainment? I would suggest you read these four articles:  

Toying with Death,    Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning

The Power of Suggestion Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism

From Adrian van Heerden: I stumbled accross your website quite by chance and I must say that I was quite amazed and hurt at some of the comments that were submitted to your website (especialy at the pokemon and dragonball z sections). Not so much the commentries of the non-Christians but more the self professed "Christians". I believe that it is a big problem in todays society that most Christians have forsaken all discernment and try to conform God to a worldly outlook. This cannot work and will only lead to tears.

Congratulaions on a good site that is very informative.  "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

From M. K.:  I have to ask you, were the kids you wrote about in the article brain dead? I have played Magic the Gathering and pokemon since I have been in 5th grade. And now I am 20. I no longer play pokeman, but I still play with my younger cousins from time to time. Me and my whole family are Cathloic and go to church reguarly. And never once have any of us been "possesed by sprits due to playing these games. I guess you really only talked to the parents of the children who have played the game, because the children are playing wrong if they are raising sticks into the air and asking to be posessed. If you read the rules, there is nothing that asks for this to be done. Furthermore, I'm not sure if your aware of this, but the Pope looked over the pokemon game a few years ago and said it was perfectly fine. Now, we can't go against what the Pope has to say, now can we?

What is the higher authority for you - the written and spoken declarations of the pope or the Bible, the living Word of God? For me there is no debate. Man's word can never supersede or replace God's guidelines as written in His Word.

From Matt M.:  I just wanted to say, you are about self-centered and self-rightous, don't you think? Pokemon battles aren't evil, they are no different than high-school, collegiate or Olympic wrestling would be in the real world.

Second of all, I am an ordained minister, and I applaud the fact that refernces are made to the Bible in the series, most notably one episode from the first season when Brock recalls the story of Noah sending the dove to look for land and it brings back the olive branch, and uses it as inspiration when the characters in the series are afloat on a raft at sea after their ship sinks.

In the same episode, they think the worst has happened to Team Rocket, and even though they are the bad guys, the main characters have a moment of silent prayer for them. It also teaches you to always stand up for what is right, as the main characters are always stopping the plans of the bad guys. Not to mention, IT'S A FANTASY GAME AND TELEVISION SERIES!!!! Not any different from watching a movie or reading a book. It's not real life, it's fantasy, it's make-believe, no different from watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood and he takes the kids to the land of make-believe, or kids playing house, or playing with hot wheels cars and imagining they are race car drivers.

You should focus on real issues, like the evil people in the world, and the evil things they do, or helping the needy, sheltering and feeding the homeless, taking time to buy a sick cancer kid a pack of Pokemon cards and making him happy, not condemning one of the few things that might brighten his day and put a smile on his face. Rather than focusing on things that are no more than a fad and a way for kids to have fun, maybe you could spend time visiting the elderly and sick at a nursing home, or ministering to someone who may need God. Think about that, while you are devoting an entire web page to condemning kids toys, someone is missing out on the oppertunity to hear of Jesus and all of the wonderful things He has done for all of us, and all of the love and joy He can bring into our lives. Just wanted to give you something to think about.

Don't you think it is a bit inconsistent, Matt, to justify the occult references to psychic forces, spells and magic by relegating all the occult suggestions and images to the realm of fantasy and make-believe? And if you are saying that the occult messages are made ineffective by the fantasy model of storytelling, how can you say that the supposed Biblical message is made effective by the same model? 

The fact is -- as I have communicated in many of my articles -- that suggestions and images communicated through fantasy tend to be more effective than actual reality in teaching both children and adults new views and values. On the other hand, when you blend a few pleasing Biblical truths with occult practices and suggestions, you twist God's truth as you synthesize or blend truth with occult myths. The result is a deceptive distortion of truth -- one which Christian children -- and also parents and pastors -- love to believe these days. Perhaps our problem is that we want to please our children more than we want to please God. As a result we virtually immunize our children against knowing or seeking the real God -- the only Lord and Shepherd who can save, guard and bless them for all eternity.

Please read Role-Playing Games & Popular Occultism, Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestion and Movie Magic and Unconscious Learning

Betty: I was reading the Pokemon article on your site and I also read the hate mail you received from kids (and others) about how Pokemon is harmless.

Pokemon is not harmless. My daughter is still recovering from a 7 year addiction (if only I had known then what I know now). Her values have been scrambled thanks to the mixed messages this “harmless” show has drilled into her. I had no idea when she was a toddler of the effects of these cute little creatures or I’d never have let her near that show.

She became hysterical over these creatures on a few occasions. I began to do some digging and see if any other parents were having trouble thanks to this show. I found I wasn’t alone.

I’ve been able to mostly wean her off Pokemon, however I’m still running damage control. One evening, she made a sign for her room that included the statement: “Please pray to Charizard and Hello Kitty so they will come back to life.” And she also said (when I was talking to her about this) that they were “the light”. Ack!! Of course, this is the same show that caused seizures in some of Japan's children. Why is it so odd to think there could be more going on beneath the surface of cute little Pikachu?

It is the unpopular thing to do anymore to buck the masses. I’m sure my family thinks I’ve gone off my rocker because I’ve banned not only Pokemon, but Cartoon Network and many Nickelodeon & Disney shows as well. There are a number of shows there that raise the red flags. People wonder why children have become so rude, hateful and violent…but I say to look at the major influences in a child’s life besides the parents – the TV and the school system.

On many popular children’s cartoons, where are the parents? And if they are there they are portrayed as bumbling idiots.

“The Fairly Oddparents.” That show’s theme song says, “Timmy is an average kid that no one understands…Mom & Dad & Vicky always giving him demands…” His parents are portrayed as disinterested idiots. Ah, but he has his supernatural “Fairy Godparents” to step in and grant him wishes.

“Ed, Edd & Eddie” pushes gross, crude behavior. And where are those parents?

“Dora the Explorer”. Where are her parents? How many small children are allowed to run around as she does with no supervision?

“Dragon Tales”. Here we have kids sneaking off by wishing on a magic dragon scale when it glows and calls them to “Dragonland.” The parent figure present once in awhile is an elderly dragon. The children’s parents typically have no idea what their kids are doing.

I would encourage you to check out the show “Boohbahs” – which is Teletubby-like. This one is even worse than the Teletubbies from what I have seen and supposedly targeted to 18 month olds. Get 'em while they're young.

These last 4 shows I’ve mentioned (aimed at small children) also portray an unrealistic fantasy-land where everyone is always sugary-sweet and problems are always worked out without a fuss, or without a parent stepping in anywhere. Parents? Who needs those? My youngest daughter is certainly not more prone to sugary behavior after these programs; in fact she seems to become angry and more tantrum-prone from watching them, perhaps because small children do not distinguish well between fantasy and reality. In these shows, kids can do whatever they want. In my house, it is not that way and our lives are not sugary-sweet and unrealistic. But small children don’t know that and I believe this makes them very frustrated.

People are also afraid that their children will not have anything “fun” left. Isn’t it alarming that most “fun” seems to be associated with the TV? What about turning off the TV and finding other things to do?! We currently have a satellite dish but have made the decision that we will be canceling the service. Why pay for trash and the incessant advertising?

From Casey: I just read an article about Pokemon and Magic and your views on these two games.
While I can understand how you and others might view these things as occult practices, your point of view is very biased.

Yes, I can see why you would say that. We are Christians, and this is a Christian website. What is your bias?

I am not an avid religious person; I don't even go to church (and I'll explain why shortly), but I do believe in God. The way to look at these things, in my honest opinion, is from an unbiased view. I don't know if you have looked at these particular games from the view-point of them just being a game and nothing more, but from the way you write about them it seems as though you have not. I for one, can do this and I agree that some people would consider these to go completely against God's will, but I also realize that they are JUST games and nothing can change that. I am 20 years old and have played both games in my lifetime, I have played Magic for over 8 years and play D&D occasionally.

You cannot tell me that you have not watched a fantasy cartoon, or played any type of board game in your ENTIRE lifetime. Since you have, and it is a statiscal impossibility that you have not, you have commited the same sins you yourself have accused others of doing in your article. If you are an intelligent person, which you seem like to me, you would realize that these things are only games and parents should teach their children what is real and what is fake and let them know that these things are just games, nothing more.

I want to throw this at you for some thoughts. Did you know that the Christian Church has been corrupt throughout the entirety of its exsistance?

Casey, would you please read Biblical versus Cultural Christianity? Many people and nations have called themselves Christians but dishonored the One whose name they claimed. Those who truly know and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord will demonstrate His truth and love, not the corruption of the world.

If you did not then you must not have studied religion and religious history. The churces of old, and current are theives, and hipocrits. They have taken land, money, freedom, and the basic human right to choose away from people for centuries in the olden times. In this day, they are still theives, and I know this for fact. I quit going to church after my pastor sent a letter to each church member asking for "donations" so him and his wife could buy a brand new sports car and a mink coat. While I do agree that not all pastors are like this, that seems to me to be a very sinful thing to do.

If you believe in God, and truly love Him and keep Him in your heart, you will not need anyone to tell you about Him, or anything to read about Him as long as you know Him to be true in your heart. Please consider this before you post anything quoting the bible or its counterparts.

From Chase Peers: Ahhhh…. The debate rages on. Is Magic: The Gathering (this will be referred to as MTG from now on) and Pokemon evil?

Although you do put up a good argument for your point, I have to politely disagree with you on this subject. I have played both games and yet I am still a Christian. My reasons below will show you why.

1. MTG and Pokemon lead to occult activity.

        I didn't say it would. I said it could -- and that it was likely to distort a fan's view of Christianity.

In this case I believe that you are making an incorrect conclusion. Members of the occult are into fantasy games and therefore the games themselves lead people to the occult. This is a case of mixing up whether X leads to Y or Y leads to X. I have played both games and have not even thought of doing anything with the occult.

You mention the playground incident where a group of children would "summon" the forces on the cards they collect by raising sticks into the air and saying, "'Spirits enter me.' They call it 'being possessed.'" 5

Should these kids be playing games like MTG? Of course not. MTG is a game that, like some video games, requires a good grasp on the difference between reality and fantasy. Should these kids have been playing a game like Pokemon? Maybe. Issues like this are up to the parents to decide. If their kid knows that it is a card game and nothing more, I see no reason why they couldn’t play a game like MTG or Pokemon, regardless if they were Christian or not.

Playing with Pokemon or MTG cards has nothing to do with real magic, witchcraft, wicca, et cetera. They are both card games in fantasy settings and I do not think they should be damned for that. This only becomes an issue when someone either never had a good grasp on reality or somehow let it become blurred with fantasy. This does not mean the cards are at fault as they did not make this happen to this person. Were they a gateway? Yes, but many other things (which are not evil and many healthy people do them) like Online/Offline RPG’s, and roleplaying games such as AD&D and Star Wars. I know some very devout Christians that go to Geneva college that play the Star Wars role playing game. Will they be led to the occult by this? Not in any way shape or form. They know that it is just a game and they love their LORD and do not let the game take away from him.

2. MTG and Pokemon cards lead to addiction.

Could this be true? Of course. Could this be true of nearly anything? Again, yes. Like what? Sports, work, your garden, your car, et cetera. Do children seem to go overboard sometimes? Definitely so, especially when the money is not truly theirs and therefore they have no concept of its value and supply. Is Wizards of the Coast trying to get kids to buy MTG and Pokemon cards? Of course they are! They are a prime example of capitalism in our country. This does not mean that they should not advertise their products because some children are out of control; that is and should never be their problem or concern. They are not making a product that will make every single person addicted, but a product that takes much thought to play and skill to master.

I play MTG and have a lot of fun. I find the game thought provoking and quite challenging. I also am a very good Christian and go to church regularly. I love my LORD and I feel I do him no harm by playing this card game. I have never felt the pull of the occult at any time by playing this game and I will never either.

I hope for a reply and will answer any questions you have. Thank you for your time and God bless.

You say you are a "very good Christian" and that "you love my Lord." But how well do you KNOW God, Chase? Are you taking time to read His Word so that you can understand His heart and share His values? He tells us to shun anything that has to do with occult practices. Nor are we to seek "pleasure" in what He calls evil. Please consider these verses:

"You who love the Lord, hate evil! " Psalm 97:10

"I will set nothing wicked before my eyes..." Psalm 101:3

"Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ."  Colossians 2:6-9

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things..."  2 Timothy 4:2-5

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9

From "Demonking": you people have got to be nuts. All that ___ about pokemon and magic being
linked to occult type stuff, what are you joking? You all need to seek help if you think Pokemon and Magic is gonna twist and warp the minds of children and teenagers. Magic happens to be celebrating its 10th anniversary. CELEBRATING. Not sacrificing goats or virgins. not parading around in cloaks with scyths. It's a fun game just like pokemon used only for entertainment. If you want to save your children, stop being retarded about Pokemon and Magic and stop letting them watch TV. People today are such morons!

"Morons" because they don't agree with your view of reality?

I'm curious about something. What do you mean by this phrase: "if you want to save your children..."? What do you think children need to be saved from? And what would "safety" mean to you?

From TM (age 13): if you get the chance read a book called "poke' fever" it will explain that the child needs his/her happiness for a good view on the world this is somewhat like David and goliath the small vs. the tall we must make an even decision on this pokemin thing .

were kids and believe me the "witchcraft" its a card and "summoning" mend in all games to "draw a card" this is all fantasy draw a line but bend the rules a little. once again a mail me at ____   ill talk later guys bless you both. ^_^ your friend

Thank you, TM. When you use the word "happiness", what do you mean? It sounds as if you might be referring to the kind of "fun" and "thrills" you find in today's occult entertainment. Such momentary "happiness" only builds craving for more intense thrills. It will never really satisfy you. Worst of all, it dulls your appreciation for the things that bring real and lasting happiness.

If you follow the path of today's popular games and entertainment, you can't follow God. The two are not compatible. See Deut 18:9-12 and 2 Cor 6:12-18 and The Way.

I pray that God open your mind to see these things from His perspective. May He enable you understand all the wonderful things He longs to show us about Himself and His ways. Your friend, Berit.

From "J": I found your site tonight and just had to ask where you got the idea that these things are evil? Yes, the market is wrong to do what it does with Pokemon, but this is America and the business men who market that are allow to do it. If you don't like the way it is done then please move.

Second, how can a person's learning about other cultures be wrong? We want our children to be able to interact with other bultures, right? I'd just like to state that the Christian religion hurts itself through people who belittle other religions. Think about how you want your child to act when they meet someone knew. Do you want them to shun away form them if they are different? I would hope not, but as far as raising your own children I can't say that anyway is right or wrong as long as you teach them right from wrong.

Your last sentence is a little confusing, "J". Could you clarify what you mean?

From "Skillful": I found your article to be quite shallow and close minded. The propaganda that is used at church is far more influential than that used for any collectible card game. "If you do not believe you shall burn in hell!" I just don't think that's right. An all loving god would give sanctuary to those who didn't believe in him, this Christian God you speak of is jealous, and we truly were created in his image.

On another note, God's message is just as bad as the "Gotta catch em all!" phrase. "Worship me and I'll bring you salvation!" No one has seen this salvation that so many people speak of, it's a rather moot point actually. Salvation is something that someone makes for themselves, whether it be with Christianity or Buddhism or even Satanism.

I don't know where you get off saying that one person's god is false or evil, or just trying to tempt you. It's obvious that if you post my e-mail you're going to try and twist my words or use some technicality. In one of your responses you admitted that the Dalai Lama or whatever had power, but that you didn't want to get touched by it. Why not? If God's power is great he can just bring you back... right?

What is my definition of a true Christian? Someone who believes in the God within themselves and draws strength from their will... not from some idol. They don't need websites to spread their ideals, their actions speaking louder than words ever could. And do you know who said that? Confucious.

Well, I'm off to convert Christians!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  But who knows... Emerald_Warrior sounds demonic!!

Please remember that God says, "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap."  Galatians 6:7  

I realize that you don't like my God or His ways. But I hope you will consider this Scripture and the note that follows it: Psalm 50:21

From John: I have just read you article about how D&D, Magic, and pokemon are destroying our childrens morals. So i have to think that if a persons faith is so shaken by a dinky card game, something isnt right with that person. And if that person is to young to know what is right or wrong than the parents should be a fault not a company trying to make a living. And i have played each of theses games and i have not devoted my life to the game or its products. So you must think that you did false reasersh our maybe MY parent brought me up right so i would not belive that kind of stuff so i think that the Parents are at fault if there kids are taking the game to serious.

From "Pokemonlover-Godlover: Ok. I'm 13. I have one question. Are you people insane?!

I read your "dangers of roleplaying" page. It makes absolutley no sense. Pokemon isn't evil! The game teaches hard work and strategy. Thats all. It takes a lot of work to be a pokemon master.

You think kids are going to be corrupted by buying pikachu plushies and keychains? Give me a break! You extreme Christians give the rest of us, the normal ones, a bad name.

Seems like the only thing God put you on earth for is to find fault in everything He created.

From Jordan: [Subject: Soul Exchange] Your info on a Magic: The Gathering card is false: It says SE pictures spirits rising from graves and sacs a white creature. The attached pic (Virus-free) shows the card and what it does.

It removes a creature from the game, and returns another creature from the graveyard (discard pile) to play (with a +2 to both power and toughness if the creature's type was Thrull).

It doesn't matter, Jordan. My point is that children -- especially the elementary children in the Pokemon article -- are open to these occult suggestions. Even if they don't play the game, they can read the words and exchange the cards. The occult images and suggestions are planted in their minds and imagination. They stir a craving for more occult thrills. See The Power of Suggestion

From John Cross: I am 15 years old [and "a devoted Christian"]. I started playing Magic at the age of 11. I got into it mainly because my friends were playing it and I thought it would be cool.

I have grown up with role playing games. I have played Dungeons and Dragons for five years, and I have also owned many different groups dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Recently I haven't played D&D, as not many people here play it. I have defended the game many times against parents who were against it and didn't want their children participating in the group. I have also talked to many parents who had questions about the game. In the end I had a 30 person group, including 5 people over the age of 18.

I recently read one of your topics: "POKEMON and Magic affect the minds and values of our children." In this post it was stated:  "He told her that during recess on the playground the children would 'summon' the forces on the cards they collect by raising sticks into the air and saying, 'Spirits enter me.' They call it 'being possessed.'"

1) Obviously, the kids are too young to be playing the game in the first place. Yes I started young, but I also had an older person (My cousin, 19 years old) helping me and guiding me through.

2) If anyone raises sticks into the air and says "Spirits enter me." they are obviously in need of some serious psychological help.

Are you sure?  What about children who are Star Wars fans and pretend to duel each other using light sabers? Or girls who cuddle their dolls because they pretend they are babies?  Remember, exciting stories or images -- whether in ads or in cartoons, occult cards or a book -- will stir the imagination, inspire values and prompt certain behavior. See Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons: Like Peas in a Pod?

I listen to music most people don't consider "normal". The bands I listen to include: Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, etc. I do not listen to Marilyn Manson, as I simply believe he is sick. But anyway, onto the point. Judging someone for Music, Dress, or even a card game is silly. I believe that if you look that up in the dictionary it is called "Bigotry". I am also a devoted christian. However, I do not attend church, but, that does not mean I am any different. I will quote an ICP song:

"I'll never question the book, but lets say I lived by the book: I never ate meat on Tuesdays, how much bigger would my wings look?"

My interpretation of that line: Just because someone doesn't follow EVERY single word in the Bible, or any
other religion, will God actually like you more?  Honestly. God forgives, everyone has sinned, and our God is a forgiving God. I don't care what type of Christian anyone is, the only thing it all comes out to is faith in God.

Faith in what kind of god? Being Christians means knowing, loving and following God -- He who has revealed Himself in His Word -- the Bible. People have always tried to re-invent God and create a permissive deity who fits their lifestyle. See Psalm 50:21. But the true God can't be molded to fit into a popular box. And, while He does offer us both forgiveness and a wonderful relationship with Himself, His gifts are for those who do repent (choose to turn their lives around) and follow His way -- which is not like the world's way.

It's not a legalistic way, for our aim is not to succeed by following a set of rules.  Instead, God changes our hearts so that we want -- more than anything else -- to know and do what pleases Him. He becomes more important than anything else. Please see Seeing the world from His perspective and What it means to be a Christian.

Magic is a game. Games are for fun. It was made in 1993 by a very smart mathmatician. The game involves intellectual skills and also helps with reading and mathmatics, as well as encourages good sportsmanship and fairness in games and the real world alike.

Wizards of the Coast is a business. Buisness need to make a money. People work for the buisness to make money. Players buy from the buisness to get cards. The players play and trade cards for money or more cards. Thus the economic cycle goes on.

Without Magic, many people would be out of jobs, a lot more people would be on the street, and a lot of kids would be trying to find escapes from the real world.

If this is your rule of life, then do you approve of the monstrous pornography bussiness -- or similar marketing systems that seek success by addicting consumers to their products?

Now answer this question: Would you rather-
a. Your child be sitting in your kitchen, with a couple of friends, drinking sodas and eating pizza, playing a fun, friendly game of magic and be Christian, honestly believing in God.
b. Your child be sitting in the local crack house, shooting up, and having premaridal sex and be Christian, honestly believing in God.

John, you sound like those manipulative classroom surveys that offer only the answers the "change agents" want you to consider. You leave out all the right options.  That's neither fair nor honest.

I'm not saying these are the only choices, but honestyly, which sounds like a better life style?
Anyone in their right mind would pick a.  But, some parents decide to take away the things their child enjoys, or wants to be interested in, and this only makes a worse problem. If you want your children to be completely unaware of the real world and have a good, clean, fun time with friends and meet new people, and you want your child to do all the things you find "unjust" then by all means, pick b.

As of right now I run a 12 member Magic: The Gathering group. From what I know, we all make good grades, believe and God, and are drug free. Also, from what I'm aware of, we have no mental illness either.

If someone wants to wave sticks in the air, attempt to summon fake monsters, sacrifice their best friends cat, or thinks about constantly evil things, then you shouldn't be wasting time writing articles against games, you
should be writing articles on helping children in need of psychological help.

John Cross, Creator of Magic Marauders League

From Psyco Sakura:  Why are you saying that I shouldn't watch Pokemon? I love it! I love God more though and so do most people that watch Pokemon. If anything Pokemon has taught me more about life than any religion class that trails on and on about hidden meanings and metaphors.

That's why I am concerned, Sakura. When the Pokemon myths fill a child's mind and imagination, that child is likely to base both beliefs and values on those enticing stories and characters. Many Pokemon fans have built their world view (their understanding of  the world around them) on a foundation of myths and stories rather truths and reality.

Even so, I am not telling you or others not to watch Pokemon. That's your choice. I am showing some reasons not to watch and hope that this information will help you make better decisions.

It has also taught me to love everything and everyone equally! And why do you say that that quote from Mewtwo isn't real and not Christian? It was written by a real person with real feelings and a real heart! He or she couldn't have written something that powerful without feeling that it was right.

I don't know which quote you have in mind.

Believe me I want to be a writer. I go to a Catholic school, I am a good Catholic, I watch Pokemon and other anime every day, and you have no right to tell me what to believe! Most of you're statements are false. I am telling you this from my heart. I was wondering why Christian people like yourselves don't accept other religions for what they believe?

Remember the first commandment, Sakura: "You shall have no other gods...."

I mean we might not agree with them but we still respect them and we would let a Buddist or a Shinto worshiper into our church anyday and be glad to have their company! And what's this about us having to do what God wants and not what we want? If we want to be something that we weren't meant to be does it matter?

When you go your own way and turn your back to God, you miss out on all the wonderful things He wants to do in and through and for His people. Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than living each day with Jesus and seeing what He wants to do.

My little book, The Invisible War, may help you understand what I am talking about.

 If it's not hurting anyone we can do whatever we want to do. Or we can at least try. It's of our own free will. God created us to be individuals and be ourselves. He created us to make our OWN decisions without His help. He wanted us to grow and have different thoughts and feelings. If we all acted like God no one would ever do anything different or do anything out of the norm. We would be robots all ruled under the all mighty with no will but to be more like the one who's controlling our will. I don't want the world to be like that. I don't think God wants His world like that either.

You have misunderstood God and His ways, Sakura. Maybe all those myths and contrary messages have confused your understanding of His truth.

 If God wanted a change He would have the power to do it. But He wants us to make our own changes and I for one don't think cancelling and protesting Pokemon is one of them. Truth is I REALLY DON'T THINK GOD CARES IF WE WATCH POKEMON OR NOT!!! I THINK HE CARES MORE ABOUT HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES AND TREAT OTHER PEOPLE!!! THANK YOU!!!


From Christopher:  I am a non Christian and I have read articles about Pokemon, RPGs and how the "occult" use of magic in these games are evil. If you feel this way, so be it.

In RPGs, the main reason many play these games are not because of the "occult thrills", but because of a captivating story. The "magic" you see in many games does not play an integral part in the story. They are just
there to add a level of strategy in the gameplay. In fact, although significantly harder, it is possible to go through many RPGs without the use of "magic".

However I warn you about another danger in playing RPGs. It is the storyline. You see, in many of these games, although magic does not play a big part in the story, religion does. And most of what they say about religion is negative.

Even as a non christian, I am surprised at the obviousness of anti christian references in some of these games. In Breath Of Fire 2, You control a Dragon-Human half breed investigating the "Church OF St. Eva". The Church has priests, nuns, paladins, zealots, apostles etc. Later they find out the Church is nothing but a massive conspiracy that sends the peoples prayers to an evil demon, "Deatheaven", and its followers have been deceived to feeding it. The disturbing thing is how Christian-Like the fake religion is, like how the priest say "Praise the Lord!" and "There is no use going against God, in the end you will submit to Him. (yes the G and H is capitalized)

In another game, Xenogears, God is actually an alien weapon, Deus, coming to destroy Earth, I have not played that game so I don't know all the details. All I know that it also involves evil churches as well. Final Fantasy 10 also mocked religion with their in-game made up religion, Yevon. Yevon is a religion which is a mix of Hinduism (Multiple Gods), Islam (Way of dressing) and Christianity (Teachings of Yevons unchanging truth).

In the world of FF10, the citizens are plagued by a monster, Sin. The "Yevon" church preaches against the use of machines, which, to them are satanic. Later they find out the Church is corrupt in every possible way and
they contradict their own teachings.

I do have a theory on why there is such an anti christian stance in these games. Please take note that all these games are from Japan. It could be because how American culture sometimes mock "eastern mysticism". Therefore, Japanese use these games to mock western culture. Of course another reason could be that it makes a good plot device as no one would expect a religion resembling Christianity to be evil.

In all three games, the final enemy is God. You may want to check out these games. Although I risk having some of my favorite games criticized, I just thought I should let you know.

Thank you, Christopher. I really appreciate your warnings.

From Darius: I am a new born Christian and have been playing Poke'mon sence I was in the 8th grade, im a senor now in Highschool. I see no need to slander Poke'mon in such a way.

I have basicly three things id like you to think about... 1 What if Poke'mon really did exist and people used them to battle...? Would you still think they were worshiping

That's a hypothetical question that I can't logically answer, Darius. The Pokemon myth isn't true and the Pokemon world isn't real. I wouldn't want to put myself into your fantasy and give an answer that treats it as real.

But many do take its suggestions as real lessons in life. That's one of the problems with anime. The myths become idealistic illustrations of reality to those who love them. But the simplistic solutions they offer are based on illusions, not real life. 

2nd. Do you know how Poke'mon came to be...? The creator of Poke'mon used to go in his back yard in Japan and he would take 2 bugs he could find and put them in a ring and have them battle it out... Im sure you must have done somthing like that when you were a child... and

3rd, I just want you to read this quote... 'I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.' Do you know who said this? Mewtwo... A psychic Poke'mon who at first thought that the human race was a waste and should die for what they did to Poke'mon. But through Ash's love for all, Poke'mon and human alike, Mewtwo realized what he was doing was wrong and he realized something that even some grown Christians still need to know... And that is that regardless of outside influances, a person will still grow to be what THEY want...

Remember, Darius, a human (with leanings toward Buddhism and Shinto) wrote Mewtwo's script for him. That little cartoon cat is only acting out the author's philosophy. And that philosophy is not Christian. Where in the Bible does God promise that people will "grow up to be what THEY want"?  If you belong to God, you will seek His will, not your own. But you will love Him so much that it will be a delight to follow His plan.

If you do not belong to Him, you will still be what He had planned for you -- for He is the sovereign Lord of the universe. His purpose will be accomplished whether we cooperate with Him or not. But those who reject His way will be sorry.

Poke'mon teaches morals, problem solving, and love for all. I learned a great deal from watching the TV show and playing the Gameboy game, the things it taught me will not go out the window just because you say that its against God's will. I absolutely refuse to let your slander hinder my path that God has given me...

What is your definition of slander, Darius? And how might I hinder you from following God?

One more thing... Do you believe that God has a plan for everyone? If you do then realize this... God may introduce these children to Poke'mon in order to help them... Parents may be going through a divorce and they need somewhere to turn in a time where they have knowone to go to. I personaly learned Courage, Compassion, Love for everyone and everything, and I gained skills that I use today, problem solving skills that were easier to find in a game, than to learn them from some Pastor speaking Cryptic messages... thank you

From Crazy Ash: Hello? Anybody home? Thought not. You are INSANE!! You people are more scary than satan himself!! [runs around in circles screaming sarcastically] OH NO!! I WATCH POKEMON SO I'M EVIL!!! GOD HATES ME!!! You people are seriously messed up and disturbed. I mean what kind of people are you? You have no clue about what you're talking about. Do you even know what a pokemon is? DO YA? HUH? DO YA? No of course not. If you did you would be watching the anime rather than figuring out how to make little children feel bad.

You guys must of had a hard life at home. Do you think all tv is evil, or is it just Japanese anime that will send you to Hell? If it's just cause it's Japanese then I personally don't think you are as wholesome and God loving as you think you are. And if it's just because it's tv, than well, by all means curse everyone who watches the weather channel!! Did you people ever watch a popular tv show when you were young? Say, like Spiderman? Is that show about a superhero defending the world, or about the devil coming to earth through the form of a radioactive spider?

Do you hate cell phones? Or maybe, maybe you hate pie? I-is pie evil? What about birthday cakes? With Pikachu sprinkles and icing that has a Psyduck on it? Do you know what a Psyduck is? Well, of course you know what it is since you know so much about the "poke craze" right? When your studying cartoons, do you ever watch them? Wouldn't that make you evil? I think you should watch Yu-Gi-Oh my furry little friend. Start preaching about the heart of the cards. It's much more interesting....oh, wait, satan is trying to come out of my Dark Magician. The darn thing just won't stay still....

By the way, I'm a 15 year old girl who was brought up in a catholic school, on the honor roll in highschool, I go to church on Sunday (also the Pokemon League because I'm so evil), I don't drink or do drugs, and after school I watch Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, & DBZ.

Ya know DBZ? The show with the fighting and violence. That show is so awesome. You people are boring. I think ya need to watch some tv. Well, please e-mail me back. I just think you people are so funny to listen to. Your a big joke that everyone laughs at online. Bye bye! Lots of PokeLove:) Remember JESUS LOVES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!  The one and only, Crazy Ash

God tells us,

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."  Romans 12:2

"I say... to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly...." Romans 12:3

"Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good." Romans 12:9

Second letter from Crazy Ash: Post it! I know people will agree with ME! Good luck with the angry mobs!!!!

From Magic Man: Personally I am not christian and I am happy with my religion. I have just as much respect for your religion as mine but I dont have a drop of respect for you.

Magic: the Gathering is just a card game! There is no religious meaning in it! Your stupid for even thinking that.

May I suggest you read the dictionary meaning. It usually shows the accepted use of any particular word. Here is the Merriman-Webster online definition for "magic." Keep in mind, the magic and images promoted in "Magic: the Gathering" game fit the first two usages, not the third:

1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces b : magic rites or incantations
2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source b : something that seems to cast a spell
3 : the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand

Magic: The Gathering is just another reason for you to get upset! You can be into the bible as much as you want, just don't start generalizing a group of people because of a card game! Please respond on your site of messages so I can see what you have to say. Don't take the text on some card seriously! Thats why it is
called a "GGGAAAMMMEE"!

Dear Magic Man, tell me who is upset: you or I? I'm not angry or upset by those who rage at me personally because of my impersonal critiques and warning. I am used to it, and -- as a Christian willing to take a stand -- I have learned to expect it.

Get a life. Stop trying to tell other people what they are supposed to do! The only reason why people come to your site is to laugh at you! You are giving so much advise it seems like you are try to play god. Am I not right? Thanks for you time and please respond on your site!

Again I wonder: who is telling who what to do?  Please think about it.

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