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The Prince of Egypt

New August 17

Your responses to THE PRINCE OF EGYPT

From a concerned mother: When Prince of Egypt came out I did not allow my daughter to see it. I was glad to read your comments, in fact I copied them to use with my Sunday school class of 3rd and 4th graders. Some of my students had seen the movie, so I asked them about some of the specifics that you mentioned and we went to the Bible for the truth.

My daughter is now ten and as part of her Sunday school class the teachers wanted to show the video, Prince of Egypt and compare it with the truth in the Bible. I allowed her to participate. I regret that decision now because I have found that any time we read about Moses she is confusing what she saw with what she is hearing or reading. I cringe every time I hear Christians promoting the Prince of Egypt and I really am disappointed that the Christian bookstores jumped on the bandwagon with the large displays and promotion.

From Miss M: I had reservations about this. Spielberg is a very good director and in any movie he creates, values accuracy. However, as an ungodly trio(Lucas-New Age, occultic; Geffner-homosexual; Spielberg-adulterer) what do you expect as result of it? Do you honestly think they are trying to portray Truth or just a bible story according to the world's standards? I hear so many Christians glorifying that movie. Save the money and just read the Word to your children!

From Debbie Picarello: I had my reservations about the Prince of Egypt, because Hollywood distorts the Bible in movies. I don't want my children to get their concepts of the bible from misinterpretations in movies, so I am selective as what they watch, especially when it comes to biblical movies. I want what they see to be accurate. It's easier to teach our children the truth of the Word, than it is to weed out the misinterpretations in movies.

Anyway, I had borrowed the Prince of Egypt from a classmate of my son's. I decided I would scrutinize it with the closed captioning on my TV. To my surprise, not far into the movie, when Moses comes to challenge pharaoh to let God's people go, the Egyptian magicians come out. That is in the Bible. What the Bible doesn't do, which the movie does, is list all the Egyptian gods. The magicians actually name off MANY of the gods.

You know how impressionable children are; they say what they see and hear. Children are getting an indoctrination, through this scene, into the worship of Egyptian gods. The Bible tells us not to go after other gods. Of course the people of that day knew the gods' names, but they are not recorded in the Bible-we are warned to not go after those gods-period.

The movie, up until that point, was actually very good. I didn't watch anymore, I didn't need to. My first impression was right. This movie is not for Christian children. I have heard children repeat something to the effect of "hail Ra"-which is an Egyptian god. We Christians know that there is no god but God Almighty, and any other god is just a demon god from the pit of hell. That's what is behind other religions-deception of demons.

I guess we have to ask the Lord about EVERYTHING that our children watch and play with. I agree there are LOTS of good things out there for them. We as Christians have to be very selective, so as to protect the precious seed the Lord has entrusted to us. 

I'm not ashamed to be different from the world, because I know everything I do here will be brought up for judgment soon. I want to stand before my Lord and Savior and give a good account of what He has entrusted to me, especially His children. We have to remember that: our children are His children. As we have done unto the least of these, Jesus said, we have done it unto Him. What a sobering thought. The world thinks we're nuts anyway. Let's just remember that the world will perish, sadly, too many will. But we will give an account for even the choices of what we let our children watch. I believe that.

From MechamanF90:  "'We Christians know that there is no god but God Almighty, and any other god is just a demon...."  

Can I call you a Bigot now?  Lucas-New Age, occultic; Geffner-homosexual; Spielberg-adulterer -Miss M.  How a bout a gay hater? Maybe you should tie Geffner to the back of a pickup truck and drag him across Texas! (sarcasm)

You tell me, How ungodly is discrimination???

From Berit: I appreciate your willingness to write us, Mechaman, but you have quoted a visitor's comment, not my words.  I post a diversity of opinions, and only a few express my views or use words I would choose.

Now, may I ask you something: Where have I shown the kind of hatred for people that justifies the comparisons you make?  Where have I demonstrated the kind of hostility toward a  person as you have shown me? As far as I remember, my warnings focus on things (movies, games, television...) and ideas, not on people. 

God has made it very clear in His Word that we are equal before Him. When we come to the foot of the cross and acknowledge that we have fallen short of His goodness -- our particular sins don't matter all that much. His forgiveness covers them all. 

After all, He made us all with certain strengths and weaknesses -- traits that He chose for us according to His purpose for each of us.  Therefore I can say with assurance and humility, that apart from Him, I might have been like the murderers in Texas. But when I came to Him many years ago, confessing my sins and thanking Him for dying for me on that cross, He set me free, filled me with His Spirit, and changed my life. Only by His grace can I write or speak publicly. He took my weak and failing life, and gave me His wonderful Life -- with enough strength and wisdom for every task He had planned for me. (See Our beliefs)

In other words, neither I nor any other member of His family can boast of anything other than what He has done. Certainly, skin color makes no difference!  He calls His family from "every tribe and nation" to follow Him. In Him, we are all one! 

Again, I ask you to help me by pointing me to any statement I made that shows hostility toward a specific person or that dishonored my Lord. Thank you.

From Frogknighx: Well, I'm e-mailing you this because I just dove deeper into the site, and have once again found several untrue things. The nice concerned mother who says all other gods are demons from the pits of hell? OK, let me tell you people something - you are a majority now. Your doing, on a downsized scale, what the Romans did to you. Demonize other religions. No, Ra (that was an inaccuracy, by the way, by the supposed time of Moses Ra was actually "Amen-Ra") is not the devil is disguise. He is the deity of the Egyptians, which predates the Hebrews by several hundred years.

His supposed 'miracles' can be very easily and readily explained. There is a mention of a slave revolt, I suppose this is what comes of it. They greatly exaggerated Moses' supposed 'miracles'. The "fog of death" was just fumes from a volcano that was recorded erupted not only by the Egyptians, but by several other nations as well. The frogs and locusts were caused by a huge mudslide further up the river, destroying their food supply, and another side effect was the "blood red water." This was also recorded by other nations. 

It's really a bunch of exaggerated tales of this amazingly smart person--Moses-who was wise enough to keep his mouth shut when people said it was the angry hand of their god.

From Berit: It's easy to imagine alternative scenarios for just about any part of history, but your explanation for Moses' miracle isn't all that persuasive. Where did this supposed volcanic eruption occur? If you claim to know something that contradicts God, you had better be sure of your facts. But let's follow your idea for a moment.  

Let's say this "fog of death"  -- I assume you are referring to the angel that killed the first-born sons of Egypt -- was caused by a volcano that spewed its caustic fumes sideways rather than up into the stratosphere. This undiluted stream of poisonous gas, having an intelligent mind of its own, inexplicably selected its pathway through the land, searching out the oldest child in each Egyptian family. It ignored all other children and "passed over" the first-born of Israel if the home was marked with the blood of the passover lamb. 

No small miracle, that story of yours!  To me, the Biblical version makes more sense.  

Lot's of skeptics have designed new answers and natural alternatives to God's miracles. Each one I have heard requires more faith than the original story. But there is no need to explain away His miracles. They happen everyday, and are simply part of serving a God who loves and cares about His people.  Because of your questions, we will start a page telling the wonderful stories of God's miraculous interventions. Here is a starter: Flight across the country.   

See, since your own belief in rooted in untruths, exaggerations, and misconceptions, how can you dare accuse other religions of the same? It's purely ludicrous. You demonize other religions because they do not follow the same path as you. This supposed 'holy bible' is nothing more than a collection of stories. Stories that, if believed, give you purpose and direction. However, you'd practically have to blind yourself to facts to believe it.

Such as the notion that everything started with god. If that was true, then there would be something predating the polytheistic cultures that believes in the jewdiac god - your god - but it doesn't. 

There was!

Can you not see the writing on the wall? People made the bible out of stories to impress the ignorant citizens of medieval towns into joining their religion. They explain everything people then did not understand. They do this with the marvelous power of god. Christianity is a cult - all religions are. You say something is occult, it is not an insult. Look cult up in webster's dictionary and see if I'm wrong. It says (I'm shortening it here) that a "cult" is any collection of people who worship in any particular way. Period. No "except Christianity" or anything. Just that.

Another thing - Shame on you parents teaching your children about the Christian god and only him when they are very young. As you said, young minds are impressionable, and they will believe this for the rest of their lives, if only because they were taught it at an age where they absorb everything as fact. You have taken away something Americans value above all else - freedom of choice. There is no choice when a certain cult view is driven into your mind from day 1. No, that is more of a crime. I had the fortune of my mother not introducing me into any religions seriously until I was old enough to think for myself.

I challenge you - all of you, Christians and webmaster alike - to discredit these accusations. Do it, I would welcome comments. One thing though: please base your comments on ACTUAL FACTS and not the 'truth' of the bible. I have already pointed out all these things that discredit the bible, and relying on it will only make yourself look bad.

God told parents to "Train up a child in the way he should go...."  This meant teaching them His truths so they would follow His ways.  Parents who did so were given a promise: "...and when he is old he will no depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)  If Christian parents ignore this wise counsel, the world around them will -- through its alternative beliefs and values, immunize most children against Christianity.  The warning is clear in Psalm 1:1-2,

"Blessed is the man

Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

Nor stands in the path of sinners,

Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;

But his delight is in the law of the Lord,

And in His law he meditates day and night."

From Frogknighx  again: How do you think that archeology and history proves the bible to be true?

This is such a big topic that I couldn't give a brief answer that would convince you. Instead I would like to recommend an excellent book on this topic: The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel. The publisher is Zondervan.


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