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From Harry Girling:  As I am from Britain (and set under the curse of the BBC a body funded by a Poll Tax, with threat of imprisonment for non-payment) let me explain this piece of clap-trap.

The British media is - especially the BBC - in the hands of extremist liberal immoral atheistic fascists. Dont believe the lies about independence ; it is tied to the coat tails of the Labour Party, Labour/ Trades Unions and positive discrimination industry. This tide of effluent entered into all structures of the media, local and national government, Civil Service and Education during the 1980's when Margret Thatcher was in power).

Teletubbies is the simple outcome of Bolshevism, and the ideas of Leon Trotsky in particular.Trotsky implemented plans to remove the children of Soviet Women into enormous Kibbutz style training camps, to be raised by the state thus "freeing women" (by destroying their God given role as mother and their submersion into the workforce ).

Teletubbies removes the "child" i.e. Teletubby from any maternal or paternal influence with an entirely automated existence - the tannoy commands, "Noo Noo" the vacuum cleaner (with a life force of it's own) automated supply of "Tubby Toast" and Pink Custard and endless Brave New World style pre-pubescent hugging, kissing fondling and touching to fulfil self centred needs.

Further in "1984" George Orwell makes it clear in the future world government will use children to act as informers and furnish the Party/ State with unsullied ideologically (i.e.politically correct) future leaders. It is the children who must be perverted - literally and morally. In Animal Farm" the pigs (who become the Bolshevik dictators of the Farm after the revolution) breed a ruthless pack of dogs, all the way from puppies, raised and educated by themselves in secret, loyal only to them!

Teletubbies is evil. Teletubbies is only the start ... go see "Tweenies" , "Tikkabilla" and the other trash on

From Carolyn: I am new to this site and ... am glad to say that my family (husband and 2 sons) do not have a TV which is tuned in to receive channels. I have to admit that I have seen the Teletubbies on the BBC and was not at all impressed by what I saw. As a qualified nursery nurse I cannot see the educational value in it at all!

It is very disturbing when one hears about the new world order - it is basically a system for brain washing the general public. In the UK we have so much of this going on at present, especially in our schools, that my husband and I decided to withdraw our children from the state education system to home educate them in a manner which is pleasing to God. If our children are socialised without their parents values, then society will collapse, not the other way around - Bill Clinton had it all wrong!!

We see in the days of Israel that when the Israelites turned theirs backs on God things went from bad to worse. We feel that God has turned His face from the UK especially, because we are not seeing the blessings we saw even 100 years ago. Please keep up the good work and may God bless your endeavours to glorify Him.

Thank you, Carolyn. Yesterday I added some Old Testament passages to our Scripture section. They fit right in with what you are saying: Jeremiah 8:4-12 and Jeremiah 14:2-14.

From Melissa:  Long before I ever knew of your site, I stopped allowing my children to watch this show. Why? Not because (at the time) I made the connections that you have stated here in your article, but because after watching this show only once with my children, I could not find one single useful thing that it was teaching.

My first thought, and what I told my two boys was, "this is one of the most useless programs I've ever seen for children". I saw not one thing of any value on this program. I kept asking myself while watching, "are the creators of this garbage for real?" I found absolutely no educational value what-so-ever. (what ever happened to teaching them the ABC's and parts of speech?) To be blunt, I found it ridiculous and stupid. It is far beyond me why any parent, who cares about the quality of educational programs their allowing their children to watch, would tune it to this program.

And yes, I have raised my children from birth to grasp and uphold traditional biblical values and standards. But as I stated above, that was not the original reason I stopped them from watching. After reading this article, I am even more glad that I did so. Don't let the uninformed, negative comments from others, stop you from telling the truth. I have learned, in my walk with Christ, that many are willingly ignorant. Keep up the good work. 

Thank you, Melissa, for your kind encouragement and for sharing our concerns.

From "banyon bruner" (Re: Japanese sun goddess): I wanted to inform you that there is an inaccuracy in your portrayal of the story of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess. You said that the feminist group altered the ending of the story with her looking at her reflection in the mirror, that this was what caused her to leave the cave. They did not alter it, that is the way the Japanese myth really goes, she was enticed out of the cave by another goddess doing a seductive and funny dance that made the other gods laugh. Amaterasu was curious about the commotion and then was enticed by the brightness and glory of her own reflection. It was believed that the Japanese Emperors were descended from Amaterasu, this is why the mirror was one of the symbols of the Emperors and of authority.

The worksheet the kid brought home from school was probably a cleaned up version for children. Amaterasu's brother Susanoo (a storm and sea god) did various things to his sister. The event that drove her into the cave was him dropping a skinned coal into her room. And at the end Susanoo did not exactly feel sorry for what he had done. He was a representation of wild untamed forces who longed to be with his mother Izanami who was dead. I just wanted to clarify so it would not seem as though the story was being altered to advance an agenda. I am not accusing you of intentionally distorting their position, Japanese mythology is beautiful but unfortunately not as well known as Greek or Norse mythology here in the West.

From Vickie, a concerned mother and pastor's wife: When I was reading your article on the teletubbies, something came to mind, and I was wondering if you have ever heard about it. Some time ago I was going to buy my daughter a teletubby stuffed toy. I didn't think to much about it until this other child in the store was pushing on the red (I believe that was the one) one's belly. After a few sayings you could hear it say as plain as day, "fa_et fa_et" ( _ =g).

This really bothered me. I did go to the service center and complained and they told me that all of those were supposed to be removed off the shelf (I did not buy one needless to say and she no longer watches the show either). Well, the little girl actually bought this, so I asked the service center person why she was allowing this item to be purchased. She gave me no answer.

Have you heard anything about the teletubbies saying anything about this? This was around the time that the sign on the purple one was revealed. If you have any input on this I sure would appreciate it.

From April: Teletubbies are brain-washing our children??????  Thank you for providing me with a good belly-laugh this morning, I needed it!! This is tooo funny. If it wasn't so funny, I'd almost believe people were actually getting paranoid about children's cartoon characters!!!   Thanks again, you made my day!!

Anonymous: That teletubby article was a wonderful thing. If I hadn't of read that article I would have just still watch the tinky winky with my younger cousin. My mother was just amazed that the teletubby (tinky - winky) could show children that its normal to be gay or lesbian. I knew that  (tinky-winky) was gay, but I didn't think any thing of it. 

I didn't want to believe that my favorite show Pokemon was demonic. I thought my Mom just wanted me not have fun. Until I saw the drossy it was a hypnosis Pokemon,  then I read your article about ch'i with Pokemon. Thank you and have a wonderful blessed day.

Anonymous: Your site is kinda scary....  I lay 10-1 odds when judgement day comes God will disavow all knowledge of your actions. But anyway, I was wondering....

You say that the symbols on the teletubbies heads are occult signs. Just out of curiosity, what could they use that ISN'T an occult sign of some type. A square? (The perfection of a square figures quite promenently in some rituals, if what I've heard is to be believed.) You can take almost any imaginable shape and make it evil if you've got a bit of imaginiation.

Berit: I didn't say that the symbols "are occult signs." Please read the article again. 

From  tim, age 12: You make FALSE ATTACKS on telletubys. Will toddlers understand? No its to complex for them. I have a friend whos sister watches it and the dad dosent see anything wrong and hes a rev.

Toddlers may not understand the politically correct suggestions, but the images are stored in their minds. BBC and the producers do know what they are doing. They are bent on blending entertainment with learning, and they call it edutainment. The two main purposes are to make it fun enough to please their audience and to teach the new social values needed for a politicically correct global ethic. 

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