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From Jeff W. [Letter to CFR concerning the killing fields in Darfur, Sudan. See also Genocide - Prevention, Sovereignty & Human Nature]:  I see you have some articles this time on Darfur. My question to you is, why has the UN, CFR, and the media in general, decided of late to come forth and show at least a mild interest and expose the genocide in that area of Sudan?

The Sudanese government, various militias I suppose, and various Muslim groups have been slaughtering, raping, enslaving various peoples (mostly Christians in the south and other religions too) for decades now. No one will ever know for sure, but the totality of victims has to be in the millions counting those put into slavery, killed, displaced, beaten, raped, etc. Most of this number probably happened (long term) in the southern region where it is mostly Christians.

A lot of people highly suspect that the international community (long known to be anti-Christian by the way) has ignored this along with the media, which is very much on board of course with globalization, as long as it fits population control desires and conventiently was against non Muslims (but instead against Christians). But now that its Muslims against black Muslims in Darfur, all of sudden the hand wringing in the media has begun. Can you explain this to me so I can make sense of it please?

George:  In response to Sowell's article, "Pacifists versus peace" my first reaction is to quote the words of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." (John 14:27).
The United Nations falls into that category of peace which Jesus said the "world giveth." Sowell's thinking is certainly not new, and very popular, and can be summed up by what former U.S. president "Teddy" Roosevelt said years ago: "Walk softly and carry a big stick."

Now it occurs to me that Jesus walked softly and carried a "Big Stick." As the Old Testament saint, Joshua, said: "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15).

From a concerned Christian: Regarding your posting of the article of the 3 girls beheaded in Central Sulawesi, something more than radical Islam is here. For several years I lived in Central Sulawesi and still travel there frequently. I have observed this conflict over the years and wanted to comment on it.

These beheadings may indeed have been done by "Muslims", since the majority in Indonesia are of that religion. There are a few small groups of extremist Muslim thugs willing to commit murder and mayhem and several such groups have apparently based themselves in the Poso area. No doubt they are useful tools. BUT, the ordinary people of Central Sulawesi, Muslim and Christian alike, have (finally) become aware that the conflict is being provoked and perpetrated by outsiders with the aid of local elites. Many strongly suspect the involvement of professionals, well versed in psy-ops. Whoever it is has done their homework very well. They have studied local fears and beliefs and expertly played on local tensions. Yet they manage to never get caught. (Well beyond the capability of the average radical thug who does not have access to the infrastructure of government and society at large to help cover their tails.)

This latest incident, innocent girls, the cruelty of beheading, heads left at a church and the police station. Designed to be extremely provocative and inflammatory. Previous efforts this past 2 years to provoke renewed conflict by shootings, bombings, etc (including last year's shooting in the head of a female preacher in church during her sermon) have so far not been successful. But how far will they go? Pity the poor people of Poso!! Something more than radical Islam is here.

People involved locally probably have different motives. At the bottom level the perpetrators and their bosses may hope to gain money, occultic power (killing virgins is said to bring great occultic power), or political power, or they may hope that the locals will finally flee and leave the rich chocolate-producing lands to them. Others may receive monetary recompense for closing their eyes. Corruption is deep and wide in this province, last year they were ranked number one most corrupt in the nation. A lot of money has been poured into the area for "refugees" and "rebuilding".

There's a lot that goes on in Indonesia every day but rarely does it make the main stream media. This particular story probably made it because MSM hopes that you in the outside world will believe it was done by radical Muslims. But most Indonesians believe that the radical thugs are not the "brain", that there is a bigger power behind them, that they are merely "useful idiots". Some suspect black ops military. Some suspect foreign influence such as Al-CIA'da.

Meanwhile the MSM can use this as a handy example to reinforce in the readers' minds the danger posed to western civilization from radical Islam. But it doesn't really explain these girls' deaths or what has happened to Poso. (I am not defending Islam as a religion, but I do feel we are being distracted and that after Islam has been thoroughly demonized, Christians will be next. Something more than radical Islam is here.)

Yes, the girls were probably killed because they were perceived to be Christian. And maybe for the comfort of their families and friends, that is the bottom line. But it wasn't really that simple. It was not a simple criminal act of 6 thugs who hate Christians. The girls' deaths and dismemberment were intended to provoke conflict on a larger scale. It is psy-ops. Criminals don't carry heads 20 kilometers from the body and dump at churches and police stations. The intent was to provoke a wider conflict which would kill both Christians and Muslims. (Perhaps the intent was also to demonize Islam.... not something radical Muslims would likely want to do.) And for their efforts the killers would receive money, occultic power, or whatever. That is bad enough but what I find even more difficult to deal with is the callous disregard for human life and contempt for the suffering of ordinary people on the part of those who are the brains behind this. Their greed and lust for power knows no bounds. They hold nothing sacred. They act like more like godless communists than like radical Muslims. Something more than radical Islam is here.

From Dennis Monroe: Your article "Deliver Us From Evil" is quite correct, especially the following:

"We realize that some key leaders who know God and want to follow His ways are constrained by the rules and expectations of a secular and compromising bureaucracy. For America is not a Christian nation. In spite of the well-spoken prayers and heart-felt sentiments, America looks at war and terrorism from a secular rather than a Biblical perspective."

This is correct, and I hear it loud and clear every time I watch the evening news.  There are two things that could be even more emphasized in the article.  First, this country is no where near showing any form of true repentance that will find favor with God.  What one hears on the evening news clearly shows that there is no repentance in this nation as a whole.  As soon as things were "settled down" to some more or less "acceptable" level in New York (the city that never sleeps from it's SIN!), the Manhattan night clubs, bars, and strip joints all reopened. 

I have no intent to minimize the bravery and dedication that a large number of people have exhibited throughout the tragedy that took place.  However, very few seem to see another truth, which is that everyone is running around applauding themselves and do not realize they are still spitting in God's face!  Never mind that all of this is bad enough, what about the Christian community?  There is still no repentance there either! 

I went to the usual Wednesday night prayer meeting at the Baptist church I attend, which is touted as a "solid" fundamentalist church.  One of the questions that was asked last night was where is everyone?  This church has a membership of 500+ people, and there was not even TWENTY bodies there willing to come out and pray to God.  Woe be us!! 

The second thing is that even the Christian community is not believing the truth which is that this is the beginning of God's JUDGEMENT, because of how so badly this nation has fallen away from God, is actively eliminating Him from our society, and still refuses to repent from our ill-gotten ways.  Notice I used the word judgement.  I am finding that this word is a "dirty" word even within the church I go to.

One of the Christian newsletters I get in the mail is from Dr. John DeBrine.  His ministry is Songtime, USA.  In his Sept. newsletter, Dr. DeBrine stated that he believes that this country will have to go through even the last phases of divine judgment as described in Leviticus 26 beginning with verse 14.  I grabbed my Bible and read this passage.  It literally smashed me in the face, as it perfectly describes what is happening in this nation at this very moment.

Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Dennis.

From John and Fabienne Durdin:  In "Deliver Us From Evil" you so rightly point out the need to recognize the evils of deception as much as the evils of destruction. Believers and right-minded people everywhere must join to combat the forces of evil, first of all by pointing to the only true source of peace - Jesus Christ - but also, in the case of nations, by the use even of armed force if needed. And there is no doubt that some kind of military (or police) action is necessary, not for revenge, but to protect and defend our own societies against terrorism.

Yet President Bush's analysis of and response to the present situation is disturbing, and even more disturbing is the way it has been echoed on so many Christian web-sites (e.g. WorldNetDaily). According to Mr. Bush, terrorists attack because "they hate our freedoms -- our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other."

While it may be true that they hate the freedoms of western (and especially

American) society, few people outside the US really believe that such a hatred is the basis for their recent horrendous attacks. It is surely significant that the targets of the September 11 violence, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, were the supreme symbols of United States economic and military power, not of freedom. The Statue of Liberty was *not* a target.

We live in a country that was showered by free America with billions of dollars' worth of bombs that were aimed at the Viet Cong, back in the Vietnam War. Those bombs (especially the cluster bombs) are still killing and maiming large numbers of innocent Lao people (especially children and poor farmers) decades after that war ended. The USA has spent millions of dollars searching for remains of MIAs in this country -- while leaving most of the work of clearing the bombs to volunteers from the UK and European community (the USA has what is perceived as a token role in the defusing work -- training *Lao* people to do the actual dangerous work of defusing American bombs rather than taking the risk themselves). The USA has the second biggest embassy compound here, but has the smallest aid input. The value of the kiip, like the value of just about every other currency on earth, is at the mercy of the American dollar.

We cannot speak for terrorists, but we have seen the USA from the point of view of people from many other countries that are at the mercy of, for example, American Free Trade agreements, or American military might. They do not hate the freedoms of America -- in fact many of them long for the freedom that Americans have -- they hate the abuse of that freedom that is so patent to them and so invisible to Americans.

The perception of many outside the USA (including many who love the USA and its people) is that these attacks are a direct response to the policies of successive US governments that have contributed to much misery, suffering and death around the world, and especially, perhaps, in the Middle East. It is ironic that Mobutu, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Pol Pot (to name a few) were all at an earlier time strongly supported by the US as agents of what can only be regarded as state-sponsored terrorism - "in America's interests". American freedom also allows Americans to support the IRA.

But surely the best analysis of the underlying cause of the violence comes from such people as David Wilkerson, who see such attacks in the biblical perspective of God bringing judgement on a sinful people, and calling for true repentance as a means of seeking protection by God, rather than in military might, which can only ultimately fail.

As you know there are too few Christians even in free America who hate America's materialism, "the corrupting influence of her exported culture, outrageous entertainment and pornographic images... decadence in our post-modern culture". And as you also know, those characteristics are found throughout the so-called free West, of course, not just the USA -- in other words, throughout the countries perceived as *Christian* by non-believers. It is in the hearts and lives of God's people (us) that there must be change. As you quote, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

The attack on the USA was not an attack on freedom and democracy -- it was a warning from God, not only to Americans, but to all Christians, that only God's ways are the right ways, and the idols of Money and Power are but crumbling stone in His hands. Keep on raising His banner!

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