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From Sandy O:  Please note the following e-mail from my son's history teacher. Cameron's an eighth grader in public school with straight A's. This indicates how they're now grading behavior. (And, the moral of the story must be: if you flip paper footballs --- you are a bad citizen.) Best regards, Sandy Onks

Mrs. O,

I just wanted to touch base with you in regards to Cameron's behavior. Today during class, while students were working on their reviews, he thumped a paper football to another student. I have sent home a letter to parents explaining my new Citizenship Grade Policy that will go into effect for the 2nd Six Weeks. Cameron did not receive any consequences today, but future behavior such as this will affect his citizenship grade. Cameron is a bright student and I know that this is not typical behavior for him. If you have any questions, please contact me at school.

Thank you,
Ms. Jones

No wonder girls are bypassing boys, Sandy. Boys are not allowed to be boys. The new standards for citizenship fit girls well but discourage and quench boys. No wonder boys quit school and girls now find it easier to get into and move onward in colleges

From Chris Nilsen: The irony of Mugabe's [president of Zimbabwe, former Rhodesia] statement may go unnoticed. He is a terrorist himself, and his party was one of the 2 groups who fought the long "bush" war in the 60's and 70's. I watched this war as a kid and young adult from the vantage point of the country to the south - South Africa. It was then called Rhodesia, today a despised name, but note that it was a net exporter of food at the time, whereas now it is importing food and may fall into the clutches of the IMF, which usually signifies the end of a country's economy.

South Africa is sliding down the same slope, under the Marxist president (Mbeke), all those economic ideas learned in Moscow are being put into practice, despite the evidence of the 70 year experiment that failed miserably.

Sorry if I sound bitter, and there were lots of terrible things that went on under apartheid, but the present situation is worse and looks to get even worse. AIDs treatment could take the entire SA health budget and not make a dent in the situation. And my mother (in Cape Town) tells me that despite excellent health at 81, she must pay ever increasing premiums as the govn't will not "discriminate" against AIDs patients by making them pay more than others.

But they have a democracy now, a democracy of poverty and misery for all.

Good point, Chris. Thank you. O, that we might learn from such tragic history.

From David Anaxagoras: "I usually read articles like those featured on your website ("Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft") with a mix of emotions that runs from amused to frustrated. The truth is, I don't find witches half as concerning as the likes of you.

But when I followed links to your page on "Mind Control" I had to laugh out loud. Especially at the bit about "Zero tolerance for fact and logic"--for a moment, I thought you were speaking of YOUR OWN RELIGION. Well, if the shoe know what to do.

"Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion-several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight."  Mark Twain

David, I will have to save my response until Sunday morning, since I will be away from my computer today and tomorrow.  Just keep in mind, God calls us to love each other but discern truth from error. Where do you see Andy or I show the kind of hostility toward people that our visitors show us?  The focus of our concerns is not the person, but the beliefs and values that surround the Christian family these days.  

From Connie: I am concerned about the zero tolerance... no mercy stance, that our schools are now promoting very strongly. I see a sort of "Hitler mindset" behind this.  Do you think that I am being too dramatic?  The children today are not even allowed to defend themselves.  

Our grandson always went to the Park Recreation Programs in the summers and the summer he was eleven, they began the zero tolerance punishment there.  Once a boy began calling our grandson names and the counsellor told him to stop, he did not stop.  Finally, my grandson called him a name

and this boy pushed my grandson who kicked at him and missed.  

Then my grandson turned around to see where he had gone and the boy was standing behind a picnic table and reached out and began stratching our grandson's face beginning on his forehead coming down past his nose along the side of his cheek where he really dug his nail in and ended by his mouth.  Our grandson's face was bleeding and both boys were suspended for about two weeks.  This boy had long fingernails, which is unusual for a boy, I think.  

Anyway, I took our grandson to the emergency room at  the advice of a lady that I know who is a doctor.  She said that if anything happened, we would have a record of this.  They said at the hospital that it was a 'nasty scratch.'  Our grandson still has a scar on his cheek where the boy really dug his nail in.  

This incident happened a year ago this past summer.  Our grandson never returned to Park Recreation after that and he had gone since he was about 6 years old.  The only thing the counsellors seemed interested in was their zero tolerance program and didn't seem to care at all about our grandson's face.  Although, someone had wiped it off a little, but his was bleeding slightly when we picked him up.

I just read in our local newspaper that our Senior High School has a new program working withour local police department on zero tolerance policies.  If you fight or I suppose even try to defend yourself, you are taken in a squad car to the police station where you are fingerprinted, photographed and are  charged with breaking a city ordinance. They don't even do this to people who are given a ticket for speeding and they are breaking a state law.  I am very concerned about this.  I would like

to write an article and put in the the newspaper; however, I'm not sure what to write... and wondered if you have any thoughts about this, or if I am wrong to be upset about it.  

I wish you would write that article, Connie. But I am praying that God show you His will and -- if the answer is "yes" -- that He would enable you to write a message that would encourage many. 

Second letter from Connie: They had a young boy on the television news tonight who who they were giving a peace award to because he did not fight back.  The schools suspend a child now if he tries to defend himself . . even if he just puts out his hands to block the other person from harming him.    

This young boy ran into a bully and the bully hit him several times.  The boy had bruises on each

cheek because he was afraid to defend himself because he knew if he did so he would be suspended.
They awarded him with a peace award in helping to stop violence in the schools.  I know the Lord tells us to turn the other cheek.  However, this is public schools that are telling  our children  not to try  and defend themselves if attacked because they will be suspended.  The police here have workshops where they teach women to defend themselves if attacked.  What is the difference?
What if the bully had put the boy in the hospital or even worse... would the school  have waited until he was out of the hospital to give him the peace award or maybe after his funeral and  then present his family with his award?  Something about this troubles me and I'm not sure what it is ... is it my thinking that is wrong?  


No, it's not your thinking that is wrong. This process is cruel, indeplorable and inexcusable. Children are being intimidated, confused, disoriented... and it's all part of creating a new kind of person: a global citizen who conforms to globalist visions and new ideals because he is too afraid to displease either his peers or his managers. Such instinctive compliance will serve the global workforce and the new management systems very well. (See Brainwashing in America)

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