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From T.J.: Terri Schiavo is dead. But a larger bell tolls for the death of true freedom in the world.

The lawless, tyrannical judges will now be embolden to do even more harm to shred the last remaining threads of the U.S. Constitution (which is the peoples last hope for true physical freedom). Repeated violations of the due process of just constitutional law has now become acceptable - Why?

1.) Because we have a vast majority of political bureaucrats in the executive and legislative branches of government, not statesmen who will uphold the law.
Those in the executive branch refused to do their duty and act with an executive order to stop the murder of an innocent. Those in the legislative branch continually refuse to do their duty to have these constitutionally treasonous justices impeached, because the judges haven't yet been caught committing lesser crimes, like bribery or bank robbery.
Apparently, if you are among certain people in government, treason is no long a crime. But I guess Bill Clinton already proved that when he gave our secret nuclear and rocket science away to the Chinese.
So, the liberal justices thinking must have progressed to, "if one lawless governing official can do it and get away with it why can't the rest"?

2.) The "lamestream" media is not held accountable for continual and purposeful disinformation. Reporting lies without consequence, like Terri Schiavo is "a vegetable" or "brain-dead", which was never accurate, to sway public opinion for her forced death. They never report the truth about the Constitution either, but continually distort its meaning, often 180 degrees. This is a subtle form of treason that has become wholly acceptable within the modern western culture, and sadly, the majority who listen to these socialist engineers are clueless and hopelessly brainwashed beyond any reasonable argument of the actual evidence that can be demonstrated to them.

3.) The Church is so compromised and weak that about all it does is say, "tisk, tisk wasn't that a shame".
But the real shame is the modern, lukewarm Laodicean Church, which stood by and watched it happen. If Jessie Jackson can bus thousands to Florida to protest an election result, why didn't the Church organize thousands, tens of thousands, to go to Terri Schiavo's rescue? They could have easily overwhelmed
(numerically) the Neo-Auschwitz soldiers standing guard to enforce her death and carried her to a place of safety, reinserting a feeding tube, in civil disobedience. But no, for modern "Christians" obey the "law", no matter how unrighteous and godless it may be. This was exactly the mentality only sixty-five year ago in Germany, where Nazi soldiers carried out the "law of the land" in the murdering of the Jews - and political dissidents, most of whom were real Christians who stood up to Hitler and the evils of the Nazi regime. It has now become only a short matter of time before those in the USA's new lawless government begin to do the same to Christians who would dare to stand up, or even speak up, for the truth of God's word. "Hate crime" laws are being passed to prevent sin from being called sin. It will not be long before speaking to the issue of God's holy character in relation to mankind will make a Christian an "outlaw and criminal" against humanity. But we should not be shock by it, for this dark day had to come just as Jesus said it would, "Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name" - Matthew 24:9.

And although this is a dark day for physical freedom in the world, we should rejoice for it is one of many signs that Jesus return, in which He will bring true justice to the earth, is very near.


From Jeff Wallace: Today I was listening to Shawn Hannity (He is a TV and Radio personality...actually a very well known one). He happens to be uniquely very conservative and somewhat supportive of Christian leaning orientations. He was interviewing the actor Mel Gibson about the Terri Shiavo case. Mel apparently has been in communication with her parents and has come out publicly in support of their efforts to save Terri. What struck me most, as I listened to the two of them....was their repeated statements of shock that this is going on now in America. More than once Mel Gibson said, I cannot believe we are at this point in this country where this could happen. They both concurred that there are more medical experts (than not) stating that Terri's condition is not totally vegetative, and that she actually interacts to some small extent with her family. Shawn asked Mel Gibson what he thought the reason for this happening is? Mel, indicated (as I would have as well) that it is part of a larger agenda pushing euthanasia. He said I don't see how else you can explain the conduct toward this on the level it is happening. He indicated as we probably all know, that other parts of the world are well ahead of us in this pursuit, but that "the powers to be" as he put it, are determined to bring this front and center here in the US.

Of all the things we see coming down now, I have not heard as much shock and angst over an event in America as this conversation revealed by mainstream people. At one point, Mr. Gibson, said "I have watched this with my mouth dropped open". At another point he said, "what is the value of human life now?" And in a very revealing comment he said "I have lost all of my confidence in our system."


Shawn at one point said "Don't you think the system at the top is now corrupted significantly?"

Gibson said, "I think you have to believe it is."


I really get the sense that now alot of mainstream people are becoming aware that there is an unknown, but significant force in America, with a hidden agenda, that is carrying out something pretty shocking and significantly transforming. Interestingly though, when I hear some of these folks on the conservative side of media, disclose that they see something alarming going on, they in turn often will ask, but why? One gets the sense they see this rolling tide now, that is way beyond randomness, yet they have very little clue who is behind it and what the ultimate agenda is. Often O'Reilly will put a spot light on something of this kind and really expose it, then say just that....but why are they doing this or that?


Those of us that have been studying the transformation movement (and/or globalization) for decades now -- and have coupled this with study and understanding of God's word (particularly prophecy) -- understand pretty well what all this is about and where it is likely heading. The world though, even if they are very pro American and conservative, really are sadly confused now, you can tell by their comments. These are amazing times we live in. Praise God for His revealing of Himself and His Truth to those of us so fortunate and blessed to know HIM.

Amen, Jeff. I, too, keep thanking Him for opening our eyes and enabling us to see!

From Jeff Wallace: I happen to catch an interview on O'Reilly Factor of one of Martin Luther King's nieces that is promoting strongly a pro life stance. She herself had an abortion when younger and kept quiet about it for many years but in the early 80's she came public with it, along with a strong voice for how really bad the entire experience had been for her.


She indicated that over the years as she has continued to speak out. Untold numbers of women that also had abortions and were suffering greatly have spoken to her and appreciated her going public with this.


There is an organization that she is apart of called Silent No More (


It might be really good for some of your readership to see and read about this as encouragement that there really are some strong voices out there speaking out against abortions along with also trying to help women who have already made that very unfortunate decision. Here also is a link about Alveda King (MLK's niece) doing a march regarding this whole subject matter.


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